JavaScript Masterclass 2022: Modern and Comprehensive (

Zero to Hero: ES6 / ES2015 + ES2016 + ES2017, Object Oriented, Functional, Asynchronous JS + Interview Prep

Created by: Hemil Patel

Produced in 2022

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Course Description

This a modern and comprehensive JavaScript course that focuses on the latest version of JavaScript. We will cover some of the latest features of javaScript. Features such as Async Await, Array.from(), Array.Map() that were recently introduced. One of the best feature of this course is its simplicity. All the coding samples are very easy to understand. I prefer to use real world use cases to explain concepts.Who this course is for:This course is for people who want to learn the latest version of JavaScript from scratchThis course is for people who want to make a career change or want to make an entry into Front-end developmentThis course is for people who have some JavaScript experience and want to strengthen their fundamentals and become an expert

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Hemil Patel

Hemil is a Front-End UI Developer with 20+ years of programming experience. He has deep knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, HTML, React and Ember JS, and loves to teach programming using vert simple and real-world example. He also loves learning new technologies regularly and making youtube videos.

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By Antony Faris Guerrero on 2 months ago

This is the best course for javaScript Developer

By Suman Panigrahi on 6 days ago

Amazing Course Hemil is a great teacher, he give great explanations and he usually anticipates the mistakes that students would make and clears them up. He quickly respond to our questions in the QA section and provide solutions and even tell where the mistakes are and tell how to solve them I learned a lot of useful JavaScript fundamental knowledge and experience Even though, I still study this course again lol. Thank you

By Srinu Majji on a month ago

Detailed Content, Helpful hints for everyone (Novice to Expert level developer). Truly five star session(s). I simply enjoyed the course so far.

By Yugandhar Pathi on 2 months ago

Amazing course, very detailed and it covers everything you need to know to get going with JavaScript. Author is doing his best to explain everything in details and knows very well how to deliver even the toughest concepts in the simplest way. This is one of the reasons why Im also following this instructor on Youtube. This course deserves more than a 5-star rating

By Alex kreinis on 2 months ago

A very well explained course on modernA Javascript. I have been following Mr. Patel's tutorials onA YouTubeA for a while which helped me a lot in understanding some of the harder core parts of Javascript. It is great to haveA anA inA depthA and complete set on javascript in this course now.

By Azimul Huq on 2 months ago

Hemil is a beyond amazing instructor, He teaches in a way where ANY one can understand, hes always been my go-to instructor on YouTube, he now offers a BEYOND in depth guide on udemy which is sweet Its modern and fool proof. If you're actually reading this review, I'd HIGHLY reccomend buying this course and any others.

By Mithilesh Pradhan on 4 days ago

It is a great course for people who want to understand javascript thoroghly

By Israil Karud on a month ago

very well explanation.

By Soorena Sahraian on 2 months ago

very well explained

By Caleb E Taylor on 3 days ago

I loved this course. The instructor has great knowledge. I've taken a few Udemy technology courses and this was one of the best. This was very well organized, detailed and well delivered. Hemil Patel is the best THANK YOU very much from the bottom of my heart.

By Samuel Vicente on 6 days ago

After watching many videos on Hemil's YouTube channel techsith, I was sure that this course would be great. And I do not regret it. Excellent way to explain, either if you are a new or an experienced developer, you will learn a lot.

By Anshuli Gupta on a month ago