Javascript Tutorial and Projects Course (

Basic Introduction to Javascript by Building Many Interesting Projects

Created by: John Smilga

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • students will know what is Javascript
  • students will know how to add Javascript to their projects
  • students will know the basics of working with Javascript
  • students will build few simple projects using Javascript

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Overall Score : 98 / 100

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Course Description

Three fundamental languages of the web are HTML, CSS and Javascript.
Html is used for structure, CSS is used for styling and Javascript is used for functionality.
Reasons to learn Javascript
Number One - Javascript is the most popular programming language in the world.
Number Two - Javascript is de facto language of the web
Number Three - Javascript is Easy to learn
Number Four - Knowing Javascript provides great opportunity to get a job
Number Five - Javascript is Everywhere.Javascript is not web-exclusive anymore. Its on the servers (NODE.JS), cross-platform desktop-apps etc...
This step by step course is intended for everyone who wants to start working with Javascript.
We will cover what is Javascript, how to add Javascript to our projects, how to start working with Javascript and at the end we will make few simple projects. A basic knowledge of HTML, CSS would be preferred.Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to start working with Javascript

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Instructor Details

John Smilga

Hello, I am John Smilga and I am a web developer. I live and work in Los Angeles, CA. I spend most of my day, experimenting with HTML, CSS and Javascript (and it's endless list of frameworks). I enjoy coding and the challenge of learning something new everyday. You can also find me at youtube channel Coding Addict.



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I've followed John for sometimes at youtube before taking the course, so of course i wouldn't enrolled for it if he is not good. He is an excellent teacher.

This tutorial is awesome. it explains everything with nice way and honestly this is the first time that i understand what i am doing in javascript and what i am writing, Also it gives a nice way to understand how javascript works and i can write my own javascript code.

yes its a good course for me, but the speaker should improves its speaking ability little bit.

John takes project-based learning to another level!! AND that's a very very good thing. He not only covers the theory but then tactfully implements in real-world examples. 2 thumbs up! Keep making all of your courses like this with 15+ projects!! Thanks, Brennan

From beginners perspective, course is easy to follow: John takes time to explain everything in details not only in sections referring to theory but also in coding part. You do not only watch the Instructor writing the code but with each method used John provides reference and in depth explanations. Biggest advantage of this course is the number of projects so the course is not based on theory only and you can easily reference how JS is used for certain web functionality and absorb the logic and methods behind. Some projects are similar but different methods are used what is also huge benefit. I totally recommend it. Thank you.

This course defines the basics of Javascript. The instructor takes your hand, and helps you cross the javascript bridge without any issues, dmaged brain cells etc!I am waiting for next level javascript tutorial

The course content is well organised - a combination of learning and implementation. The projects help in building a solid foundation of the concepts taught.

I am being able to be morre confident with this javascript course, actually very grateful.

Good opportunity to learn JavaScript.

Really Great Course!!! There are tons of JS courses out there, BUT if you want to have your hands dirty with practice THIS is the right course for you! TONS of practice for learning and understanding. I have already done other most famous courses on Udemy and there are really great but this has what it sells: PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! I am dong his REACT Course too and it is the same: tons of practice. This is what I paid for and this is what I get. Really satisfied! Congrats to the teacher!

I have not completed the course yet and may update my rating and feedback later. But as of now, I am very happy with this course! John is a wonderful instructor. Very good pace for beginners like me. I bought 4 different popular courses on javascript and I keep coming back to this course. The instructor has a talent to explain difficult concepts in a very accessible way and I love his practical approach. Thank you! I am definitely going to consume any courses John is going to release in the future.

This is a comprehensive JavaScript course. I am learning a lot.