JavaScript30 - 30 Day Vanilla JS Coding Challenge

Build 30 applications in JavaScript using pure JS with no frameworks or libraries. Get practical hands-on experience creating projects. Ideal for learners that already understand Javascript fundamentals.

Created by: Wes Bos

Produced in 2016

Instructor Details

Wes Bos

Wes Bos, a full stack web developer and designer from Hamilton, Canada. He love to share what he know through his training products, teaching and speaking at conferences. He have been creating on the web for around 9 years and have become pretty good at it. He hang out on Twitter and would love to meet you!



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By Toby Osbourn on 3/1/2017

I loved this course. I learned a tonne of stuff (covered later) and enjoyed myself the entire time.Wes is excellent at explaining concepts and more importantly you can hear the excitement in his voice as he creates something that I have to assume he has practiced 3 or 4 times before recording. The excitement is infectious and makes you want to play with the code more.The course contains 31 videos in total, averaging out at about 15 minutes per video and you get access to both a starter file a solution file for each project.I wasnt able to stick to doing one a day because of other commitments, but I did see a lot of folk on twitter moving through them daily, which was inspiring.A transcript for each episode would have been nice, I sometimes enjoy reading something even if I have just watched it.What was really nice is the videos do have captioning included. Not something I needed but Im a huge fan of captioning.

By Connor Leech on 3/31/2018

So much cool stuff! I didnt watch all the videos or read through every single line of code but from what I could grasp there is some pimp stuff in here. I learned way more than 30 things and am for sure going to use some of these examples for implementations in current and future projects.

By PositivelyLinda on 10/28/2018

I thought it had a good mix of building fun/interesting things, and covering some basics that aren't always used in beginner/learning sites. And given that it's free....I think it would be worth doing

By Liz Lam on 5/28/2019

The course is fantastic. Every lesson, Wes takes the viewer through building pure vanilla JavaScript projects. No React, no Vue, no jQuery or Angular, just JavaScript. This approach really helped me with learning about the fundamental building blocks of web development. Having only React development experience in a professional capacity, I was actually amazed how much I could get away with not knowing and still be a React developer (perhaps that is more of a testament to the React framework than anything else).

By JORDAN WU on 12/15/2016

I enjoy watching the tutorials and learned a lot from this challenge. I recommend anyone who is interested in learning more about JavaScript to do this challenge.

While going through this course, I had issues understanding how certain code blocks were working behind the scenes, though Im sure it was due to my minimal Javascript knowledge. Even though a beginner can get value from this course, as I learned many new things, I think a sound foundation of Javascript basics is in order.I recommend this free program to any beginner to intermediate web developer looking to sharpen their JavaScript skills and knowledge. It is a fresh breath of air by making learning JavaScript fun and interesting, as opposed to many tutorials and courses where the fun factor is very limited.

By monsto on 12/9/2016

I like the fact that this is a HIGHLY Varied set of tutorials. At the end of it, it seems you'll have a much rounder, more robust body of work than any other single resource.

By not-throwaway on 8/20/2018

Definitely a good course to come back to after someone has the basics under their belt.

By somazx on 12/10/2016

I'm actually really impressed with the courses. I do web development for a living, and I've learned some things from his courses (somehow I didn't know about CSS variables yet!!).I've been trying to get a friend's kid into web development and I think this javascript30 is about as good as I could hope for in terms of being fun, engaging, educational, and cruft free.

By zephyrtr on 5/27/2018

This is a great course because it's fun and you get to see results immediately. It doesn't teach you a ton, but it does keep you excited about JS