Jeremy Graham

Registered Architect and Compuational Design Leader

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Instructor Bio

Jeremy Graham is a registered architect specializing in stadium bowl and computational design.

Jeremy's expert ability with 3D modelling applications such as Autodesk Revit and Rhino has led him to master visual programming tools Dynamo and Grasshopper to produce faster, smarter design. His passion for design technology has led him to mastering the Python and C# programming languages, allowing him to develop plugins that extend the functionality of both Autodesk Revit and Rhino. Jeremy contributes to the Dynamo community with his personal blog- " "where he teaches practical Dynamo workflows, aimed at automating common tasks in Autodesk Revit, by utilizing Python.

Instructor Background

  • University: The University of Western Australia
  • Degree: Master of Architecture (MArch)

Jeremy Graham's Core Subjects

  • c#