Kyle Simpson

Mentor, Founder, Teacher

Most Recent Review

I personally found the courses on Udacity/Coursera to be much more engaging than the frontend masters courses. I would have prefferred to have paid a higher subscription fee but get overall course experience (take better videos, edit them well, provide course materials like code examples etc.).
- Review by Shrinath Balakrishnan

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Instructor Bio

Kyle Simpson is Director of Web Futures at Getify Solutions, where he envisions and evangelizes what�s next for Open Web technologies, especially JS. He writes, speaks, teaches, and codes OSS. Developers have watched over 700,000 hours of Kyle�s courses here on Frontend Masters!

Instructor Background

  • University: Texas State University
  • Degree: Bachelor of Science (BS), Computer Science (2004 - 2008)

Kyle Simpson's Core Subjects

  • javascript