You Don't Know JS: Up and Going

A Free JavaScript eBook written by JS legend Kyle Simpson. Part of a 7-book series on JavaScript. Excellent for those with a little bit of JavaScript experience under their belt.

Created by: Kyle Simpson

Produced in 2015

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Course Description

It's easy to learn parts of JavaScript, but much harder to learn it completely or even sufficiently whether you're new to the language or have used it for years. With the "You Don't Know JS" book series, you'll get a more complete understanding of JavaScript, including trickier parts of the language that many experienced JavaScript programmers simply avoid.

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Kyle Simpson

Kyle Simpson is an evangelist of the open web, passionate about all things JavaScript. He writes books, teaches JavaScript, speaks, and contributes to the world of OSS.



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By Lucasl on 5/18/2018

In depth books on JavaScript, very good content and well written. Would highly recommend for anyone that wants to get a strong understanding of how JavaScript works.

By Leuljam7 on 3/10/2019

I am a beginner but I find the series quite good to get into I am on the third book. So, 3 of the first books are good so far. But, maybe it depends on your learning style.

By Matt Lane on 11/15/2016

You Don't Know JS is an incredible book series, and I highly recommend it if you want to deeply understand JavaScript. However, I don't think it's a great resource for beginners, simply because there aren't many exercises, and it explores the language in depth right out of the gate. In order to really appreciate what the book is doing, I think you need to have some prior experience working with JavaScript.

Its an amazing series of books but if you are a total beginner I would recommend you to take some basic Javascript course first because it wont be easy to understand that books if you have no fundamentals. Also practicing your course knowledge can be helpful.

By D.N. on 3/16/2018

As a first book on JavaScript, it is everything that I thought it could be: concise, tightly written, absolutely disciplined, and devoid of the dead-tree filler found in much thicker programming books. I cannot recommend this series highly enough for anyone interested in JS. Instead of learning just enough to be dangerous, if you work through this series (preferably open in your browser of choice while writing and running all the code examples in your Developer Tools console), you should emerge with an understanding of closures, coercion, scope, hoisting, and the this identifier.

By Robson Castilho on 5/27/2016

It's a nice introdution to Javascript. The only bad thing about the book is the fact that the author recommends using comments in the code to get it well explained/documented (he says comments should tell why and not what but it's not what it's shown in code!)

By James on 12/27/2015

In general, this was a good introduction to both JavaScript and what will be covered in the other books in the 'You Don't Know JS' series. Thank you to the author (Kyle) for dedicating their time to writing these on a relatively small budget (if the Kickstarter is anything to go by), and for making these free to read on GitHub (great for those who want to learn how to code, but can't afford to).Unfortunately, I take issue with some of the language used in this book.- but JS developers seem to stand out from the crowd in the sense of typically not learning very much of the language- Terribly mistaken.- just keep following what the crowd say

By Victor on 7/3/2016

This book seems to me too simple for other programmers trying to get into JS and too difficult for beginners. I feel like it's trying to be a happy medium between the two.

By Furkan Sakar on 10/30/2017

It seems I really don't know the JS. The book is not just reference book for ES6, it also explains the why the feature exists and the common pitfalls when using them. I will need to read some parts again to understand better.

By Raul Pegan on 4/4/2018

Fantastic series. Explains everything within JS, and not just the good parts ). Being able to most efficiently utilize a tool requires a good understanding of the underlying technology. This series does a good job at explaining just that, in a very quick manner.

By redreaper99 on 1/13/2019

I used the books before I knew anything about JS and found them really helpful.I especially liked the fact that the books cover quite a lot of not-so-popular features of Javascript and suggest an alternative programming paradigm when working with JS.

By Veuxdo on 11/26/2017

Read it, and I'm not a fan. The author is too in love with Javascript he focuses too much on language details and not enough on using it effectively.