Learn Arnold - Fundamentals of Shading and Lighting (Udemy.com)

Become an expert in Shading, Lighting and Rendering with Arnold for Maya, Katana, Cinema4d, Houdini and other 3D render

Created by: Arvid Schneider

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Fully understand the principles of shading and lighting and how to apply it to your own work.
  • Have better chances to land a job in the VFX industry by becoming more versatile and efficient.
  • Be able to create photo-realistic renderings which stand out in the community.

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Overall Score : 82 / 100

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Course Description

Arvid Schneider is an established artist, who has been working in the professional VFX industry for more than 10 years. He has worked on big blockbusters like Ready Player One, Jurassic World, Transformers and more.
With his knowledge and expertise Arvid has prepared a detailed beginner and intermediate course which helps you to skip the line and become an experienced lighting and shading TD in today's competitive industry.

Learn the fundamentals of Arnold
  • Apply the knowledge to any other software package like 3DsMax, Maya, Cinema4D, Katana using Arnold.
  • Understand the most important shading nodes, like Curvature, Noise, Occlusion, Surface and a lot more.
  • Be able to use best practices in terms of stylized photographic lighting.
  • Create physically correct shaders, which look appealing and render efficiently.
  • Setup complex shading networks with advanced light rigs.
What this course is NOT
  • Not teaching how to work within Autodesk Maya.
  • Not about modelling, texturing or animation.
  • Not providing source files.
Who this course is for:
  • Students, industry beginners or mid level artists who are willing to go the extra mile and stand out.
  • Students who are always looking for a new challenge and want to improve their skill set to become more versatile in the industry.
  • Students who want to learn from an industry expert with more than 10 years of professional VFX experience.

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Instructor Details

Arvid Schneider

Arvid loves being creative and technical at the same time, that is why he has been working in the industry as a technical director for leading VFX companies like ILM, MPC, Cinesite. In his 10+ years experience Arvid has worked on several big shows like Transformers, Ready Player One, Jurrassic World, James Bond - Spectre, to name the most recent.

Arvid is specialized in the look development and lighting field, where all the pipeline departments come together to create the final rendered image. Technical and artistic expertise is needed to compete in the high end industry of VFX.
For this reason Arvid is very keen to share and help other artists, new comers or even advanced artists in the look development and lighting field.
Arvid is also developing pipeline optimizations tools to improve efficiency of artists and production. Most of the code is written in python, a little part is C++.
Apart from developing third party tools for rendering packages, he also develops applications for iOS and macOS using Swift.



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I wanted to update my review because Arvid was super helpful in his response to the problems I was having in the course! I really appreciate him taking the time to respond! I also continued watching the courses and I am learning so much about shaders and lighting. It is really hard to find Maya courses that go deeper into the technical side of things, so I am very thankful for these videos.So far I am not enjoying the course. The videos are glitchy and I can't see what he is clicking on in the menus because they are disappearing? I don't know if this is just with me. I haven't seen a lot of other people commenting on this. When I made an AiImage node, it also doesn't appear in my Hypershade editor so I haven't been able to follow along. They nodes appear in my attribute editor but I can't hook it up to my Aiflat node because the AiImage node doesn't appear. And the resources I downloaded for the course were a .7z and a .json, so it was troublesome to convert them into a folder I could open. When I finally managed to extract the files, the images I got to follow along with were .tx files. I haven't found a way to convert them into a different file format, so I haven't been able to use the images provided in the course. I am still going to try to follow along and if the videos and my experience get better, I will update my review.

flickering makes it annoying to follow along

It's an excellent course, learned a lot of things I expected to learn. Arvid is such a nice instructor, I would recommend him anytime.

Very well detailed content in an easy-to-understand workflow. I'm still in the middle of the course, but I've already learned many important things and, with each class, I'm demystifying rendering!

El contenido es excelente. Es una lstima los problemas del frame rate al grabar el video que hace que no se vea del todo bien y no sea del todo cmodo de ver. Pero Arvid es un gur de Arnold y sus conocimientos son exhaustivos

I had previously given this course 3 stars out of 5 but that was because I jumped into the chapters I needed to learn without watching the prior videos and blamed the areas I didn't fully understand on the author, which is not really fair. This is a very thorough and course. I did my final using the video on the glass shading. It's a great course.

Very good explanation of the subject and also with good workflow.

apart from the the screen recording at the beginning has some glitches the overall quality of the tutorial is excellent! I regret did not buy this last year. Otherwise I could be already working in an animation company.

very well explained and detailed course.very well recorded and presented, will update review after I complete the course

This course is literally one of the best. The explaining is really clear and understandable and the techniques are cool too. As someone who works in the industry it's still really useful and fun to learn. Thank you, Arvid.

Siento que podra explicar cosas como la forma de poner el acomodo de las ventanas de Maya, y que el video no parpadeara tanto, parece que tiene errores de grabacin .

Very usefull information. Great Lectures!