Learn to use the Pen Tool in Affinity Designer (Udemy.com)

Get to know the pen tool & its options inside out to draw anything.

Created by: Isabel Aracama

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • How to use the Pen Tool in Affinity Designer + how to use it in combination with other tools to get the most out of it, and finally be able to draw with it once and for all. I'll show not just one method, but three, so the students can choose the more convenient for them or, even better, combine them all.

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Course Description

In this course, you are going to learn to USE THE PEN TOOL FOR GOOD, with 3 different methods I prepared for you, so by the end of the course, you will be able to control it in such a way you won't be frustrated by it anymore.
I prepared the course in such a way that, if one method does not feel good to you, you will still have two additional methods to find your way and finish the exercises and final project. However, I am pretty sure that, with just a bit of practice, you will master the 3 very soon, and combine them in your designs.
You'll learn about segments, bezier curves, the pen tool, nodes and the node tool. You will also learn how to combine them to get the most out of their powerful possibilities, and master the most important and pivotal tools in vector drawing. For this, we will do some easy to follow exercises, to finally end up creating a more complex one, focusing in how to use the pen tool and a few more tools we will see in the course.
We will use Affinity Designer, but once you've learned how to use it, you'll have a much easier grasp on any other pen tool on a different software, since, even though each one has their own particularities, in essence, they are very similar.
This class is for anyone wanting to learn how to draw with vectors, especially beginners, but also those who having some knowledge, still don't have a good understanding on how the pen tool works and what are the logics behind it. Who this course is for:
  • People wanting to learn the pen toll inside out. It's both for beginners and intermediate users who still do not fully understand and struggle using and controlling the pen tool

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Instructor Details

Isabel Aracama

Hello, I'm Isabel.
I am a designer and illustrator from Spain. Get on board and I will going to teach you all I know.
I specialise in digital art and specially stand out in vector drawing, although as a Fine Arts graduate and also Scientific Illustrator, I also use and love traditional techniques.
You can check some of what I'll be teaching you in the images below or in any of my portfolios in the links, to see if you'd like to join me.
Additionally, you can also follow me on Youtube (link below my profile picture), for more free tutorials, updates, and news.
Cheers, a kiss and let's draw!



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This is a very good course and I've learned important and handy technics by watching it. The instructor explains the tool and its functionalities very well. I just wish the course would be a little longer and offered more exercises, for instance: how to vectorize a human face from a picture, or how to trace pieces of clothing, etc. That's the only reason why I don't give it 5 stars. However, I surely recommend it!

I really enjoyed this course! I had some basic self-taught knowledge with Illustrator over the years but, learning about how to speed things up with e.g. the node tool and the corner tool will be indispensable for my future work so thank you Isabel for the excellent instruction and easy-to-follow tutorials! They were great and I learned a lot!Cheers

Great course for explaining and demonstrating the functionality of the pen tool. I appreciate the instructors effort in providing good practice exercises and explanations. This haas been very helpful.

Great class. Lectures are well organized and the teacher makes it enjoyable and easy to follow along. I really have learnt a lot with this class.

Indicaciones y explicaciones claras. La Pluma es una de las herramientas que ms intimidan a los principiantes, as que los conceptos y tcnicas explicadas ayudan a minimizar la frustracin al aprender su uso

Good intro but really needs some documentation as many things are hard to follow

She keeps it light and fun, but direct on her directions.

Useful information explained well. Probably needs updating as my version of Affinity Designer has some additional tools on the context tool bar (eg 'preserve selection when creating new curves' in Mode and 'perform construction snapping' in Snap) not covered in this course.