What you will learn

  • Learn Complete Data Science skillset required to be a Data Scientist with all the advance concepts
  • Master Python Programming from Basics to advance as required for Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Learn complete Mathematics of Linear Algebra, Calculus, Vectors, Matrices for Data Science and Machine Learning.
  • Become an expert in Statistics including Descriptive and Inferential Statistics.
  • Learn how to analyse the data using data visualization with all the necessary charts and plots
  • Perform data Processing using Pandas and ScikitLearn
  • Master Regression with all its parameters and assumptions
  • Solve a Kaggle project and see how to achieve top 1 percentile
  • Learn various classification algorithms such as Logistic Regression, Decision Tree, Random Forest, Support Vector Machines
  • Get complete understanding of deep learning using Keras and Tensorflow
  • Become the Pro by learning Feature Selection and Dimensio

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Overall Score : 90 / 100

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Jitesh Khurkhuriya

Learner and knowledge seeker for life with 20 years of technology experience.
As a Data Scientist, my first experience with "Big Data and Analytics" was in 2008. It was not called so during those days. :) Was member of the high-profile team to suggest tax reforms and amendments in VAT, Customs and Income Tax based on fraud pattern analysis, countrywide data mining and analysis, business process security analysis. This not only contributed to a revolutionary change in the tax processes but also reduced the tax and customs frauds.
As a seasoned leader in Digital Transformation, I develop, negotiate and execute strategies that generate high top and bottom line revenue streams. I have worked with fortune 500 companies as well as multiple government agencies.
I have always believed that technology need not be a big hammer but simply an enabler and problem solver.
We are Jitesh's Data Science and Machine Learning Assistant team. We are on a mission to help you understand the Data Science and Machine Learning in the simplest possible way. Jitesh has over 20 years of Technology experience and more than a decade of Data Science and Machine Learning experience with various Fortune 500 companies as well as few governments across the globe.
We help create various courses in the Data Science domain and one of the leading training providers.
You will hear from us socially and during the Q&A.
See you in the class and enjoy learning Data Science and Machin



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I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in Data Science. The course is well organized & complete. The instructor is very skilled at making tough concepts easy to understand. All aspects of Machine Learning are touched on including the mathematics & statistics behind the algorithms. Great examples & hands on projects. Additional material has been added since I began the course which shows the instructor is engaged. Thank you Jitesh your course was time well spent!

All related topics are covered from basics and briefly.

He is hard to understand, and its pretty annoying that his constant use of "she"....

While I already had some decent experience in machine learning and data science, I was missing some theoretical knowledge on these topics and this course gave me exactly that. As a graduate, I felt way more confident with my technical and theoretical skills for interviews after I completed the course.

The course content is very appropriate and covering many concepts use in data science and ML. Also gives insight of different methods, modules of python.

Ignore any review that does not give this course a full 5 star rating. Jitesh delivers what he promises and more. He must have put a staggering amount of effort into this course.I mean this with all affection: Jitesh's voice is like a 1940s/1950s radio announcer with a mild Indian accent. It's very charming and engaging.Do yourself a favour and take this course.

The Best Course I have covered in Data Science and Machine Learning. Loads of Information.Covered all most all the topics required in an excellent manner. Expecting more courses from you.

I think this course in one of the best courses for Machine Learning.

Absolutely, a good recommendation. Instructor is clearly able to put forward the concepts that are easy to grasp by students.

This course explains the concepts thoroughly, I am looking forward to applying the learning in my day to day work environment

the course contents are useful

Jitesh Sir has done a fabulous job in teaching all the difficult topics. This is a complete course on machine learning and every topic is covered in great detail. After finishing the course one can easily tackle real-world problems. If you want to get better at machine learning then this is a course you cannot afford to miss