What you will learn

  • Know a lot about Node,Express,Socket.IO
  • Build cool new web applications like Dynamic Websites, Chat applications and many more
  • How to use Node,Express and MySQL together
  • How to working with MongoDB with Node
  • How to Deploy web applications on Heroku,Azure and Amazon EC2
  • How to Install Node on Windows,Mac and Linux
  • Understand MEAN Stack
  • How to implement Authentication using Mongoose,Express and Passport

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Overall Score : 82 / 100

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Course Description

This course provides you with a practical approach to Node.js. The main focus of this course is to get you familiar with Node and ensure that you are ready to build cool new web applications using Node in no time.

In this course we will be covering fundamentals of JavaScript first so that it becomes easier to understand the different concepts and syntax that one uses in Node.JS

In this course we will covering following topics
  1. Fundamentals of JavaScript and HTML 5 Communication API
  2. Fundamentals of Node.js
  3. Creating and Publishing Modules
  4. Using Node Package Manager
  5. Creating a Webserver using Node
  6. Learning how to use Express
  7. Understanding how to work with Databases like MySQL and MongoDB
  8. Deploying our Web application on Heroku, Azure and Amazon EC2
  9. Learning how to make use of Socket.IO
  10. Creating a cool chat application
  11. Learn how to implement authentication using Express,Mongoose and Passport
  12. A brief introduction to MEAN Stack and creating a hello world MEAN application

    So what are you waiting for let's get started with Node

Who this course is for:
  • Those who have experience in programming
  • Those who want to learn Node.JS
  • Those who are into web development
  • Those who would love to learn programming

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si fue una buena eleccion

Debera tener subtitulos en Espaol, para que sirven los subtitulos en ingls? o poner en la descripcin del curso los idiomas de los subtitulos disponibles

till now good, good to know basics how web page interact with javascript and intoduction about V8

Too slow. Too pedantic. Rather than just covering the best practices scenario he covers all. Most of which aren't worth learning in the first place. He could've spent more time showing how to do it right.

This is a great course, the pace is a little slow at time but I think it is the right one for most viewers. I would highly recommend that you take the course, but you have to do the exercises to get the best benefit from the materiasl.

This course is good for experienced as well as beginners. Teacher explains each step very clearly.

Overall an interesting coverage of how to use Node and packages from its ecosystem to build web applications. Slightly marred by the spelling mistakes in the slides. I wonder if the title would have been better described as "Building Web Applications with NodeJS" instead?

It is hard to listen and the content is boring. In Some first session, just reading the slideshow

Articulate and makes subject seem easy to understand so far - but this is a little early in the process for reviews.

I feel that this was a pretty awesome course. Thank you skillbakery!