MEAN project with Angular 4 (and 5) - Creating a CMS (

Learn how to build a MEAN app with Angular 4 (and 5), Node/Express, MongoDB and Bootstrap

Created by: Vojislav Kovacevic

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Build custom apps using Angular 4 and node/express (or any other backend api)

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Overall Score : 86 / 100

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Course Description

A no-nonsense and to the point course that shows you how to create a real-world application using the MEAN stack with Angular 4.
This course is for everyone that has some familiarity with Angular 4 and Node/Express and wants to learn how to combine the two technologies to make a real-world application.
NOTE 1: I do NOT explain Node/Express in this course, if you are not familiar with Node/Express I suggest first taking my other course - Node.js Express Project - Cms and Shopping Cart
NOTE 2: You should have MongoDB installed on your machine before starting this course
NOTE 3: If the current asking price is too much for you feel free to message me for a discount!Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to develop apps with Angular 4 and node/express (or any other backend api)

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Instructor Details

Vojislav Kovacevic

My goal is to create courses that I wish existed when I first started learning the topics I teach. You can be sure that my courses are always concise (as much as it is possible), to the point and practical.
You cannot go through a course of mine and not have practical and real world skills at the end of it.
I strive to teach practical and real world examples that can be of benefit immediately and can be built upon to further your knowledge of the subjects covered.

I am a programmer with years of experience and with great practical knowledge of PHP, Java, C#, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS and HTML.



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If you have good basics of angular and node, then you will love this course, because Vojislav gets straight to the point and the final app is growing nicely without any delays caused by unnecessary explaining of the basics. It puts all the theory together resulting in a practical app - the knowledge can be reused in many other projects.

Very useful course, totally hands-on. Even those with a basic understanding of programming will not be disappointed with the end result (probably will have to spend a little more energy, but really I don't know any other way of coding without some sweating).The course is very clear and concise, delivers what it promises, a MEAN-based cms.Thank you, Vojislav, great course.

Very good course to get a good understaning of the MEAN stack. Vojislav was to the point and showed how to build key components for a CMS. This was an excellent course.

The instructor answers question very fast and very helpful. I wish the course would be extended with token-based authentication and authorization.

Ein ganz guter Kurs um in kurzer Zeit sich mit Anguar und Node vertraut zumachen. Kann den Kurs wirklich empfehlen. Ich gebe etwas Abzug weil man gewisse Sachen am Anfang falsch macht, und erst ganz am Schluss des Kurses korrigiert. Der Lerneffekt mit Fehlermeldungen wird aber dadurch verbessert.

hasta ahora hemos trabajado con este curso y nos han llevado con exito a las pruebas deseadas

I enrolled for the course by looking at this "A no-nonsense and to the point course". I will be extremely honest while writing this review. This course is for beginners who have just learned the technology and want to implement it by doing some project. Instructor is good, normal paced and soft toned.But if you are coming from a background where you already have knowledge about details of Angular 4+ then you might be find yourself disappointed looking at the folder structure. components could have been nested, *ngIf-else could have been use most of the time (which never used, only ngIF is used), and many more points like that.As a learner, one would like to see how these concept are implemented while finding himself at the stage of middle of beginner and intermediate level.Now about course which has offered, really good content and CMS project idea. In the end of the course, you will get a boilerplate like project which can be used in real-world projects. Instructor is knowledgable and has maintained a specific paced throughout the course. As mentioned in description, he doesn't go into the basic of Angular or MEAN, but his lecture style explains it all if you have some knowledge about it.Recommended to those, who have just learned Angular and MEAN stack or in the phase of learning.

This is one of the best Angular courses that shows how to share data across multiple components seamlessly, which is a pillar in web app development. Good use of services, Subjects, 3rd party add-ons, routing and bootstrap. I still have another 30% to go so will come back to this.Update after I completed the course.Like the author says, this is a "no non-sense and to the point" course. It's good for advanced Angular students who know all about components, services, routing and all those pillar Angular constructs, but want to put the knowledge to build a decent web app. Indeed, building a CMS takes more than meets the eyes and the author makes it seem easy, but it isn't. In several occasions I asked myself "why is he doing this"? But the answer comes clear and concise in the subsequent video so everything makes sense at the end.The course is decent because it shows how to:- use 3rd party add-ons like CKEditor- make use of local storage to keep of track of user ins and outs- nicely communicate with Mongo through the REST callsBecause the course is short (too short maybe), the following subjects could have been (or, could be for the future) expanded on to make for a worthy longer course:- password encryption- email forgotten userIds/passwords to complement to wonderful logic therein already- file/image upload- maybe a search tool to search for and list documents with certain text, where the powerful MongoDB text queries and dynamically fetched documents using http requests are exploited- use HttpClient/HttpClientModule instead of their Http/HttpModule.Many thanks to the author for showing how to do CMS sweetly.

It's a great course! Direct to the point, ideal for who's just learning about Angular and never worked with it before, bur it also require some previous programming experience and a bit of in-depth research on topics that go beyond the course.

Overall this is really nice for beginners.If you already have some experience working with Angular you can tell it's actually kind of simplistic.I'd like it if people would consider more real world problems (even if it's a simple beginner's CMS). Like how to properly handle errors, typings and good practices.It was good but too simplistic for my taste.

O curso muito, gostei bastante. Eu n�o precisei de ajuda em erros, eu sempre corri atrs dos problemas. Obrigado!