Memory Based Learning Bootcamp: Node.js (

Prep for Node.js Certified Developer Exam or employment quiz or test. Memory Based Learning is best for memorizing code

Created by: Mr. Lesly Revenge

Produced in 2018

What you will learn

  • You will understand and memorized node build in modules without installing external modules

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Course Description

Why Memory Based Learning?
Bootcamp that focus on Node.js and ES6 JavaScript using the same technique as Rosetta Stones, Insanity, and Pimsleur Method .

This week, we will take your coding to a higher level by focusing on node.js. I need you to memorize them. Therefore, I will force them upon you. Respect the process and you will be alright.

Node.js Certified Developer:
Since I cannot add a link on the description, I will copy and paste the certification information from the node.js website.

About the Program
The Node.js Foundation offers a certification program that allows users to demonstrate their competence in a hands-on, command-line environment. The purpose of the Node.js Certified Developer (NCD) program is to provide assurance that NCDs have the skills, knowledge, and competency to perform the responsibilities of an intermediate Node.js developer.
It is an online, proctored, performance-based test that requires solving topic domains from a command line.
Node.js have published the outline around which the NCD exam has been created for the benefit of companies offering training and individuals preparing for examination.
Exam Details
The online exam consists of a set of performance-based items to be solved in a command line and is expected to take 3.5 hours to complete.
The Certification focuses on the skills required to be a successful Node.js developer today. This includes these general domains and their weights on the exam:
  • Unit Testing 5%
  • Diagnostics (Basics, Debugging, Performance) 5%
  • HTTP(S)/TCP 11%
  • Events 9%
  • Child Processes (Basics, no IPC/fork) 7%
  • Buffer and Streams 9%
  • Error Handling 7%
  • File System 7%
  • Control flow (Async tasks, Callbacks) 10%
  • CLI (-E, -R, etc) 3%
  • Package.json 5%
  • JavaScript Prerequisites (Closures, prototypes, var/let/const) 6%
  • Security 5%
  • Module system (Scope) 6%
  • Process/Operating System (no IPC) 5%
The cost is $300 and includes one free retake if unsuccessful.

Memory Based Learning Boot Camp Method Statement:
Our method is to focus on what you may consider as difficult first. That is why we start by teaching the back end side of programming. Then we slowly progress into teaching you the front ends. It is important that you follow our learning process. Because, many students are used to first learning html, css, etc. You become a master at those basic part of programming and you start to fear the rest. Our method asks you to face your fears. We will be with you as you do.
Our Curriculum is as follow:
Memory Based Learning: JavaScript References
Memory Based Learning: Node.js
Memory Based Learning: Express.js
Memory Based Learning: MongoDB and Mongoose
Memory Based Learning: Git and Github
Memory Based Learning: React and Redux
Memory Based Learning: NPM Open Source Projects
Memory Based Learning: Python
Memory Based Learning: Blockchain and Bitcoin

Here are a few problems with learning with online tutorials:
  • Course, Sections, and Lectures are too long, therefore students loose interest quickly..
  • Few hands on challenges.
  • unfamiliar territories.
  • too much explaining
  • not enough repetitions
here's how I tackle these challenges.
  • Sense of Completions: My videos are as short and precise as possible. I try to break each section per day and each day is about 1 to two hours long. I keep my "everything" short because I need you to have a sense of completion. That way, you know you have finish and you can start on something new. This also makes it easier for you to take the course over and over again.
  • Challenge after each video: that's right, I challenge you to apply what you have learned after each lesson. I used the same technique as Pimsleure Method and Rosetta Stones... which is called the space repetition technique. This technique allow you to learn new things in portions, then I consistently ask you to recall what you learn while the time lapse between each lesson grew longer.
  • Place you in familiar territories: you learn new things surrounded by other things you already learned. This is very important because you can now relate new topics with topics that you already understood. This makes it easier to relate the material. For example, I teach you plenty of function statements, which make it easier to understand function expression, which makes it easier to under arrow functions, etc.
  • Teaching programming shouldn't be persuasive: If I start by trying to explain the "why" in programming, you will be lost. Some people may not agree but it is true. Imagine explaining why to a child... they will not stop asking why. And after they exhaust all their why's, they will ask why am I not asking why? Therefore, I make sure you see it in perspective. I make sure you use it and you know when to use it. Then, later, you can learn "Why", and when that time come... it will be easier for you to say... I understand.
  • Recall, Recall, Recall: that's right. In this course, you will be writing more codes then you would from any other series. Because, this entire bootcamp is all about recalling what you learn previously. Just like a baby, you must see your mother, your toy, your dog, your bed, your bottle constantly. then you will start understanding how to climb the stairs, how to open the doors, etc.

As you can see, this course is a challenge. I will challenge you to set aside the norms. And focus on my strategy. Respect the process and you will be alright. Who this course is for:
  • Students who have taken Memory Based Learning JavaScript or any other JavaScript course and who are interested in exploring the power of node

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Instructor Details

Mr. Lesly Revenge

Hello Friends,
My name is Lesly Revenge but I go by the name Mr. Lesly and I am here to instruct you. There are many ways to learn and teach. My goal is to teach you as if I was a student. Many instructors think like an experience instructor. If you can excuse my Haitian accent, you will be able to master my courses because I do not quit. I will focus on teaching you the best way possible.

Here is my boot camp course list:
Memory Based Learning: JavaScript Reference
Memory Based Learning: Node.js
Memory Based Learning: Express.js
Memory Based Learning: MongoDB and Mongoose
Memory Based Learning: Git and Github
Memory Based Learning: React and Redux
Memory Based Learning: NPM and Open Source Management
Memory Based Learning: Python
Memory Based Learning: Block-chain and Bitcoin

Hope this course list help you better plan your learning process.
Mr. Lesly



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ok goooood.

Great course! What a wonderful method to teach something! This teaching method will really get the information to stick in your head.Another great thing is that this course focuses of Nodejs without Express. It is a great way to get a good understanding of how Nodejs works before diving into Express. Everyone interested in Nodejs should take this course.

Hi Lesly ,You did great job. I need to tell you something your voice audio is not that much clear. You explained as per the organization trainer level.I need one favour from you ,One Example is not working for me. I tried lot of times its not working , if possible can you share me the documents in github or bitbucket.Day 4 & 5 => Routing, is not working as expected.Thanks,Jegadees

The method itself is very good, and the way the tutor explains it also.I reduced one star for the low sound quality - a better microphone or less echoing surrounding could help to improve further lessons.The course claims to cover the topics of the Certified Developer Test, but just scratches less than the surface - until the course is expanded like promised, it looks more like a teaser than a real course. If the course is expanded in future and covers MUCH more topics I am happily willing to reconsider the rating, since the teaching method itself is great!