Mobile E-Commerce with Flutter, Redux, and Stripe (

Build an online marketplace for your mobile apps!

Created by: Reed Barger

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • How to make impressive, functional, mobile e-commerce projects with Flutter

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Overall Score : 66 / 100

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Course Description

Looking to build impressive, real-world e-commerce apps with Flutter? This is the course for you.
A full-stack e-commerce mobile application from scratch, with a complete shopping cart for authenticated users as well an entire customer checkout.
It will be a complete app with an eye-catching UI using the Flutter Material Library, Redux for global state management, Redux Thunk for async actions, a complete API with custom controllers with the help of Strapi, with our app data stored in a cloud MongoDB Atlas database, User Authentication with Register / Login.
This course will give you the core structure and techniques to build any sort of mobile store with Flutter, no matter the product or service you sell.
  • Redux for global state management in Flutter Apps
  • Asynchronous actions in Redux with Redux Thunk
  • Processing Payments in Flutter using Stripe
  • Using the Stripe Node Library to Execute Charges, Add / Manage Customers and Credit Cards
  • Async / await functions in Flutter, making authenticated requests
  • Rapidly building a highly functional REST API with Strapi
  • Managing / Storing API Data with the MongoDB Atlas Cloud Database
  • Designing Attractive Flutter Apps with the Material Widget LIbrary
  • Persisting data locally in Flutter with SharedPreferences
  • Decoding/encoding, serializing/deserializing JSON data with Dart
  • Navigation / Routing in Flutter
  • Using Themes in Flutter to Share Color / Text Style Across Apps
  • Constructing Forms / Managing Form State in Flutter Apps
  • Securely Register / Login Users with JSON Web Tokens
  • Form Validation / Error Handling in Flutter
  • Displaying Notifications with Snackbars
  • Multi-Child Layout Widgets; i.e. ListViews, GridViews, TabBars, etc
  • Custom Material Theme Styling
  • Formatting Dates in Flutter with the Intl Library
  • Working with Maps, Lists and Essential Map/List Methods
  • And much more!
This course is truly for anyone looking to use Flutter to build real-world, production-ready mobile apps, beyond the level of an introductory course.
It is ideal for new Flutter developers looking to get their hands dirty with a real-world project by building a sophisticated, full-scale app as well as for JavaScript / React developers. The material is centered around teaching you practical techniques, not dry, abstract concepts, devoid of any actual application. My goal is to show you how to get things done, while giving you a solid understanding of why we do it and how it is helpful along the way.Who this course is for:
  • Developers looking to make mobile e-commerce apps with Flutter
  • React / JavaScript developers looking to transition to mobile development with Flutter

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Instructor Details

Reed Barger

I am a professional developer with a passion for learning and teaching everything I know.
I believe in learning through doing and this philosophy is present in every course that I teach.
I love to explore new web & mobile technologies and my courses focus on giving you the edge in our fast-moving industry.
Looking forward to seeing you inside one of my courses!



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Some of the content is little out dated but once you go through a little hassle to fix those issue. It's really helpful and informative.

This course covered very complex topics, got an overall idea of the full technologies used for an e-commerce app. Tutor is very talented.

This course should be in the running for top Udemy programming course of the year. It contains all of the framework for how the professionals code. Definitely have a few simple Flutter apps under your belt first - but then dive in! You'll be glad you did.

This was a good course, though a little outdated and needs more features that mainstreamecommerce apps have, like having a sellers section , being able to add products from the app, ratings of products, how to purchase more than one of the same product, guess we gotta figure it out yourselves.Also, I wish more explanation of the Strapi API, he leaves you a bit in the air, but hes a good guy, love his pace and atleast he tries to respond, thank you very much for putting us one step forwardI suggest he adds more maistream features and updates a little the code, and explains a little more the Strapi apibut overrall good experience

a very good course.thank you reed

By Diaa on

The Instructor way of explaining is bad, it was as if just reading, in addition the course need update as some tools used in, are get change and they are not working anymore with current configuration. After all the instructor response on students questions is Zero, he is not answering at all just in very few cases he is answering after one month even if you tag his name in the question. In general the course was not what I expected.

Doesn't know how to teach very terrible instructor and unhelpful and rude, I would never take his course ever again.

I never met this type of instructor who never helps to resolve the errors faced by students.I asked many questions but there is not reply by instructor.

Excellent! I love Reed's style of teaching. It is exactly the right pace for me. I love that I am right from the start learning advanced features that are really useful: login form, validation, create cloud database. And the app looks really great! I took 2 other flutter courses before, the 2 top rated ones. They are really basic. So around 20-65% of completion I paused them and switched to this one. This is the most professional and advanced of all, once you have a basic understanding of Flutter and want to move faster.

Great course and the most useful content in flutter till now

It has been a great experience, the sound is so clear , the content is very clear and deep as the Main topic of this course, Thanks so much

Not so well choice going strapi framework as most of the was not working.