The Best Courses to Learn Redux in 2020

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Best Free Course

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React Router and Redux (2018)

This Microsoft course takes students into the world of React. It covers complex applications while remaining accessible to aspiring developers. With roughly 16 hours of coursework, it gets students through routing with React, state management with Redux and integrating Reux into React applications.
    • Course combines several complicated topics to prepare students for routing in app development.
    • Standalone course has an available certificate. No extra classes are required.
    • Course stays focused on a streamlined topic to empower students with a specific skill set.
    • Intermediate level means students need pre-existing proficiency with React and Redux.
    • Course puts a lot of information into only three modules.
    • Course will not leave students with proficiency in basic networking.
Getting Started with Redux
Best Practical Course

2 )

Getting Started with Redux (2018)

This course is a comprehensive look at managing React application states with Redux. It focuses on minimizing bugs and maximizing user experience.
    • Deep look at front-end development teaches students a valuable lesson at length.
    • Covers all of the basics of Redux.
    • Taught by a renowned instructor, Dan Abramov.
    • You better already know React before starting this course.
    • Course is made of sub-five-minute lessons. It could combine some of them for efficiency.
    • Teaches a lot of tricks rather than a comprehensive approach to app development.
Best Crash Course

3 )

Redux Crash Course With React (2018)

This hour-long YouTube video teaches beginners how to use Redux with React. It covers building an app from scratch with React and then adding redux states and reducers to expand the app.
    • All tutorial code is available on Github.
    • Provides a concise introduction to Redux and React app development.
    • Successfully simplifies one of the hardest aspects of front-end development.
    • There is no direct help for students who get lost along the way.
    • Course assumes substantial familiarity with coding and app development.
    • There is little explanation for subtle coding decisions.
Best NEW Course

5 )

React Redux Tutorial (2019)

React Redux is the official React binding for Redux. It lets your React components read data from a Redux store, and dispatch actions to the store to update data.
A Complete React Redux Tutorial for Beginners (2019)
Best Text Based Course

6 )

A Complete React Redux Tutorial for Beginners (2019) (2019)

Trying to understand Redux, its really confusing how it all works. Especially as a beginner.So much terminology! Actions, reducers, action creators, middleware, pure functions, immutability, thunksHow does it all fit together with React to make a working app?You can spend hours reading blogs and trying to sift through complex real world apps trying to piece it together.In this Redux tutorial Im going to explain how to use Redux with React incrementally starting with plain React and a very simple React + Redux example. Ill explain why each feature is useful (and when you can skip some).Then well look at the more advanced topics, one-by-one, until you understand all of it. Here we go :)Quick warning though: this tutorial is compleeete. And by that I mean looong. I turned this into a full-fledged free course, and I made a nice-looking PDF you can read on your iPad or [whatever Android device is cool these days]. Drop your email in the box to get both right now.
Full-Stack Redux Tutorial
Best Advanced Course

7 )

Full-Stack Redux Tutorial (2015)

Redux is one of the most exciting things happening in JavaScript at the moment. It stands out from the landscape of libraries and frameworks by getting so many things absolutely right: A simple, predictable state model. An emphasis on functional programming and immutable data. A tiny, focused API... What's not to like?Redux is a very small library and learning all of its APIs is not very difficult. But for many people, it creates a paradigm shift: The tiny amount of building blocks and the self-imposed limitations of pure functions and immutable data may make one feel constrained. How exactly do you get things done?This tutorial will guide you through building a full-stack Redux and Immutable-js application from scratch. We'll go through all the steps of constructing a Node+Redux backend and a React+Redux frontend for a real-world application, using test-first development. In our toolbox will also be ES6, Babel,, Webpack, and Mocha. It's an intriguing stack, and you'll be up to speed with it in no time!
Redux Fundamentals

8 )

Redux Fundamentals (2017)

Application state is the central and crucial piece for any single-page web application. When your app starts to become confusing, this is generally where things go wrong. Painful and confusing bugs start creeping in and you can't seem to keep them out. In this course, Redux Fundamentals, you'll learn how to transform an existing web app to use Redux. First, you'll explore a React app with state problems and look at whether you should use Redux to fix these state problems. Next, you'll discover how to apply Redux piece by piece and analyze the basic building blocks of Redux in simple terms. Then, you'll delve into migrating your React app to Redux. Finally, you'll learn how to add Redux to any web app. By the end of this course, you'll be able to add Redux to an existing app or a brand new web application with confidence, and be able to exercise good judgment to choose when, how, and if using Redux is the right choice for your team.
Redux in Action

9 )

Redux in Action (2018)

Redux in Action is an accessible guide to effectively managing state in web applications. Built around common use cases, this practical book starts with a simple task-management application built in React. You'll use the app to learn the Redux workflow, handle asynchronous actions, and get your hands on the Redux developer tools. With each step, you'll discover more about Redux and the benefits of centralized state management. The book progresses to more-complex examples, including writing middleware for analytics, time travel debugging, and an overview of how Redux works with other frameworks such as Angular and Electron.
Redux - The best way to learn Redux

10 )

Redux - The best way to learn Redux (2018)

There's no better strategy for learning a new technology than building your own version of it. In this course, we'll take that to the extreme. First, you'll start off by building your own Redux. Then, once you understand the ins and outs of Redux, you'll look at how to hook that up to a vanilla JavaScript UI. Then, you'll see how React and Redux work together by swapping out your UI with React. After that, we'll address the issues between our React and Redux implementation which will lead us to building our own version of the react-redux bindings. After all of this, you'll take your knowledge of the Redux ecosystem and build a real world application.Pre-RequisitesYou'll be tempted to jump straight into Redux when you first start using React. Don't do this. If you're already familiar with React and modern JavaScript (ES2015+), this course is perfect for you. If not, this may not be the right starting point for you. Check out our 'React' and 'Modern JavaScript' courses which will be a better fit.

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