Node.js Express Project - CMS and Shopping Cart with Paypal (

Learn how to use node.js and express with mongodb to create custom applications by creating a comprehensive project

Created by: Vojislav Kovacevic

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Build apps with node/express

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Course Description

An in-depth, practical course teaching you how to build web apps with node.js and express using mongodb as the database.
After finishing this course you will be able to build almost any kind of an application using node/express.
NOTE: You should have node and mongodb installed on your machine before starting this course, I do not show how to install either.
NOTE 2: If the current asking price is too much for you feel free to message me for a discount!Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to build apps with node/express

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Vojislav Kovacevic

Hi there,
I am a web developer with years of experience and with great practical knowledge of various languages and related technologies ( C#, PHP, Java, JavaScript, CSS, HTML etc. )
My goal is to create courses that I wish existed when I first started learning the topics I teach. You can be sure that my courses are always concise (as much as it is possible), to the point and practical.
You cannot go through a course of mine and not have practical and real world skills at the end of it.
I strive to teach practical and real world examples that can be of benefit immediately and can be built upon to further your knowledge of the subjects covered.



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awesome course , no nonsense and amazing amount of info in here and practical hands on skill thanks a ton !!!

Really good. Only reason it is not a 5 is because today most of the backend is done as a RESTful API. Just be aware of this fact since most web development today decouples the client from the server.

This is a very good course for anyone interested in building an eCommerce API based on Node.js, Express.js and MongoDB. I have learned several new concepts and web development tools which have been new for me, such as the use of Fancybox tools, Dropzone form for adding images, as well as automatic reordering of elements within the html lists.This is course is straight to the point without extensive explanations. Thanks Vojislav!

I love the project in this course. It is very relevant and teaches many basics of web development. A little more explanation about some of the features, packages, and the workflow would have been nice, but the instructor explained that this is intended for developers who are already familiar with the tech stack, so no big deal.

I subscribed to this course since it was of the shortest course duration and when I read the description of the course found it be exactly what I was looking forFor me the biggest con was the course is basically the programmer ,coding and talking about what he is coding and without explaining in detail about the stuff he is showing us.This course would be very hard to follow for people who has no idea about node or expressBut if you decide to stick to the course and use google and learn the stuff yourself , what you would get to understand is a basic understanding of a simple fullstack nodejs siteAnd instructor was very late in responding to the queries and even when he responded he was unhelpful .But I still rated this 3 and half stars purely because of the content .This course is for people who likes to figure out stuff by themselves and just need a reference or a walkthrough in case you get lostsomewhere .Add to cart functionality video is flawed and changes are there in course file but video was not updated

Vojislav Kovacevic is simply the best!! He cuts to the chase and gets you up and running very quickly. If you need to be spoon fed with every single detail about how/why something works then he's not your guy. If you need to quickly see how a technology works and then build on that knowledge then Vojislav's courses will do that and more.

This course was great, exactly what I needed for a starter template as still being a newbie to coding. Gives everything needed for someone in my level of skill, by the end of it i understood coding a little more, i know there are a plethora of languages you can learn but they all follow the same concept. Informative and Skill + only problem was what most will have is typo's. "Curse these sausage fingers."

Really good overview to build a site.

The course actually helps me out for my ongoing project. I encounter some language accent problem but behind that everything works absolutely great for me.

I liked the course for it introduced me to CKEditor, dropzone.js, and fancybox on the client side and resize-img, fs-extra and express-validator on the server side. The project is really good at covering a lot of ground in terms of functionality. Whatever the author lacks in his speaking style , he makes up for it by providing really useful code.

The course so great if your want to build a shopping cart, with this is enough I thing, everything is explained and the instructor makes it so simple to understand, thank you so much, I enjoyed it.