Node, SQL, & PostgreSQL - Mastering Backend Web Development (

Boost your Node, Express, SQL, PostgreSQL and Backend Development Skills! NodeJS, Databases, Express, JS, ES6, + more!

Created by: David Joseph Katz

Produced in 2017

What you will learn

  • Build full Node and PostgreSQL applications.
  • Discuss the backend Web Development with fellow software engineers.
  • Apply various web requests to their custom backend applications.
  • Use and build Node middleware, for error handling as well as parsing incoming data.
  • Use advanced es6 concepts to write more concise code.
  • Extend Node applications with third-party libraries.
  • Have an understanding of the Node event loop.

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Overall Score : 88 / 100

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Course Description

Become an in demand software engineer by taking this course on Node, SQL, PostgreSQL, and backend web development. As one of the most popular web development stacks today, learning Node, SQL, and PostgreSQL is a must. Knowing these languages and frameworks will open doors and jobs for you.
In this project-based course, you'll learn how to build Node, SQL, and PostgreSQL applications by building three full projects. You'll discover some techniques widely used in the industry today. And you'll find out how to use notable libraries like Express and Pg.
You will skyrocket to the top of the talent pool because you can build backend web applications. The backend is the heart of services and products. So knowing how to write the backend is the other highly crucial skill looked for by top software companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and more.
In this course, you'll get familiar with Node by building an application from the start. First, you'll learn how to use the native Node modules to build a server.
Second, you'll build a more in-depth application with Node and Express to learn how to a build an api with a complete set of http request methods.
Next, you'll dive into SQL and PostgreSQL to build a solid foundation around these tools. After, you'll build an api that combines all the previous concepts with Node and PostgreSQL so that you understand how to create Node apps that work with advanced databases.
If you've already gone through the the quick JavaScript and web development tutorials online, then this course will take you to the next level.
Ready to step up your coding game? Excited to boost your skills? Then what you are waiting for? Let's get started coding!Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to create Node and PostgreSQL applications.
  • Someone with experience in JavaScript.
  • A developer who wants to refine their backend skills.

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Instructor Details

David Joseph Katz

David is a software engineer at Zendesk, with a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of San Francisco.
David has gained valuable experience from the tech industry. By incorporating the best practices he has learned at work, he hopes to create the highest quality learning experiences possible.
Feel free to connect with David! He is always curious about the cool project you're working on. And he loves to discuss ideas on how to build impactful technology.



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Good course with entertaining examples. Ran into some issues with newer versions of packages (different requirements within the code).

Great crash course on development of API's with express. :-)

This is a decent course but it is slightly DATED especially for Linux users but I've gone slightly grey trying to simply set up PostgreSQL 11 on my system I bought this item in Nov 28 2018. Please update this baby your style of teaching is not bad but please help later users.

Very good intro for people not familiar with web application design!

Excellent explanations, easy to follow. Took this course as a refresher from other courses I had taken in the past and learned even more!

The lack of a deployment section makes the course feel incomplete.

Very basic introduction. Some interesting nuggets (Middleware, Routes) but mostly things I could have learned more in depth and faster elsewhere.Instructor is good. Enjoyed his pacing. Content was just more basic than I really wanted.

This isn't a bad introduction course but is far from "Mastering Backend Web Development". The instructor needs to add slides to the course with details on using windows rather than mac where required.

Fast and Easy! Everything is clearly laid out and you learn by doing. Good introduction to PostgreSQL as well.

Nice and fast and to the point. The teacher is a Mac user, but as a Windows user some command line stuff didn't work and was quite frustrating.

Very limited on PostgreSQL knowledge I learned. Didn't feel like I got a good grasp but completing the course.

I'm not really like this course