PHP for Beginners 2022 Part 2: PDO, MySQL, phpMyAdmin (

Every line of code explained. Learn PHP, PDO, MySQL & phpMyAdmin to create data driven websites. Award winning teacher.

Created by: Patrick at Coding.Academy

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Create a database
  • Create database tables
  • Populate a database table manually via phpMyAdmin
  • Populate a database table via a CSV file
  • Populate a database table via a SQL dump
  • Connect to a database using a PHP PDO connection
  • Understand the CRUD acronym
  • Create records in a database table via PHP
  • Read records from a database table via PHP
  • Update records in a database table via PHP
  • Delete records from a database table via PHP
  • Use HTML forms to create, read, update and delete records
  • Use Bootstrap to style forms and tables

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Course Description

Welcome to PHP, PDO and MySQL for Beginners!
This course is intended for those who wish to develop their understanding and skills in PHP and MySQL in order to develop data driven websites.
Every line of code is explained as I teach. The lessons are kept short and to the point.

STUDENT REVIEW: "Patrick is an excellent, thorough and easy to understand teacher. I bought this course as soon as it was available because I was so impressed with his first course. Thank you Patrick!" 5 STARS
STUDENT REVIEW: "I learned a lot in this "close to real live" education. It was very helpful to get into connection with some important things close to PHP. By taking a look at bootstrap, emmet, SQL and little bit of CSS and other things was very helpful to get an overview of the most important tools and languages around PHP. I really love to listen to and learn from Patrick. He is giving very good and easy to understand comprehensive explanations, he is setting tasks that are a challenge but feasible and he is showing the solutions. By listening to all that and writing the code myself in the tasks I really learned a lot. Great Stuff !" 5 STARS
STUDENT REVIEW: "An amazing course. Very good for beginners." 5 STARS

The unique difference about my courses is that you are given exercises to complete after each section. This enables you to try what you have learnt with my full support. Students who have taken this course appreciate the level of clear explanation and strengthening of their skills.
The course has been developed following years of teaching students in a real classroom environment and watching and analysing their reactions to new concepts. Therefore, each lesson has been designed to quickly help you understand the processes involved in connecting to and actively using databases within websites.
At the end of the course you will be able to:
  • create a database using phpMyAdmin
  • use a SQL dump to create a MySQL database table and populate it
  • use a CSV file to populate a MySQL database table
  • change database user permissions using phpMyAdmin
  • connect to a MySQL database using a PDO connection
  • understand the acronym CRUD
  • create, read, update and delete records using phpMyAdmin
  • create, read, update and delete records using PHP
  • create an input form using HTML
  • create, read, update and delete records by using a HTML form and PHP
  • use Bootstrap to style the input form
  • use Font Awesome to add some icons for edit and delete actions
  • present database table records in a table and style it using Bootstrap
IMPORTANT: Please read carefully
You are free to use ANY development environment including the one that you are already using (if any). Otherwise, I highly recommend using CodeAnywhere to write your PHP code. However, please note that CodeAnywhere is a PAID option. Again, please note that using it is OPTIONAL.
If you have never coded PHP before then you may not be aware that the code needs to be run by the server engine prior to being displayed on your browser as HTML. You therefore need to set up your server environment correctly. If you do not have experience of setting up a server environment then simply use CodeAnywhere.
Due to the huge number of possible platforms and editors I cannot offer support for third party development environments. However, I will happily support you if using CodeAnywhere as it is the editor I use throughout this course.
There are many additional benefits of using CodeAnywhere including:
  1. there is a free 7 day trial if you would like to test the environment. If you do like it then you can get the paid version for only $3 per month (or $1.50 with 50% off voucher code). Otherwise feel free to use any alternative PHP development environment.
  2. it is cloud based so you can use any computer to login
  3. if you are having any issues with code during the course you can share your code easily with me
  4. if you need additional help with your server then I can log in and help (provided you are willing to allow me)
  5. if you wish to upgrade CodeAnywhere to a professional account later then you can (otherwise just use the free version)
If you experience any issues with setting up your PHP for Beginners coding environment on CodeAnywhere then please let me know via a private message and I will happily help you out.

As a registered teacher (yes, I teach in a real classroom every day) I strongly believe it is my job to ensure you feel totally supported when taking my classes. I therefore promise the following:
  • to respect you as a student and individual with your own learning needs
  • to be courteous and polite in our interactions
  • to answer your questions promptly
  • to fix any issues you may encounter with the lessons
  • to respond promptly to feedback
I really do look forward to welcoming you to this course. I am confident you will enjoy the approach of learning what each line of code actually means.
Join the course today.

Who this course is for:
  • Absolute beginners to using MySQL with PHP or those wishing to refresh their basic skills.
  • This is NOT a course for advanced users.

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Patrick at Coding.Academy

Patrick has over 30 years of coding experience. If you want to learn PHP then his PHP for Beginners course has been followed by over 5000 students and is perfect for beginners



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I took the Part 1 as well and i must say- best instructor so far. So pleasant to listen and the explanations are very much understandable. Very easy to follow. Took theese courses as i couldn't understand and follow my college course on web technology (html, css, php, pdo, mysql, oop, crud). I could do about 75% of my school project with Patrick's course, but I would really love to see course by You for so called advanced topics (creating php class for user inputs, php functions for crud, simple front controller pattern, PRG pattern, security etc) as those topics are crucial. I'd recommend this course to anybody who wishes to learn the basics how to do simple tasks, but not necessary a webapp for publishing to internet. Hope to see more courses from You!

It was kind of an accident that I came across this course, but it happens to be exactly what I needed right now to fulfill my client's needs really quick! I'm so glad he is going over a lot of great info as well as exercises.

By Ron on

Excellent course. Clear concepts, good examples to highlight the concept and each lesson builds on the previous. Well done!

Continuing from the first course(pt.1), so a repeat customer. Love the step by step guides. Very informative and totally worthwhile.

Patrick's explanations are really very clear and it's very easy to follow his style. Thank you :D

This course gave me a lot of understanding on databases. At my job they are extensively used and I initially had zero understanding on how the connection was achieved or how they were interacted with. Now that I know this it will definitely help with my interpretation and creating code for SQL queries.

Excellent course no wasting of time and lots of good info...

I took his first course, and I took this course, both are some of the best PHP courses you can get on not only Udemy but the internet. There is a lot of explanation but not much hand-holding. The Instructor is very clear and explains things really well. By far the best course I have taken here. the link was change and i don't find souce code... can some one help me?

well instructed !!all the sections are really valuable.good course structureThank you for making this course - Really Help full !

Overall very good course for beginners. Easy time understanding the PHP. Got a decent understanding of HTML and CSS even though that was not part of the course. A bit of a bonus there :)

Good basic course, helpful for anyone who is looking to start fresh on Php.If you are looking for brush up on Php it is a good one. Would have been good to add how can one take the Php live using any of the Cloud service.