PHP: The Complete PHP MVC Course (

Learn to master modern PHP MVC core development step-by-step, and build your eCommerce store in less than 30 days

Created by: Devscreencast Elearning

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Build Your Own Modern PHP MVC framework
  • Build a Fully Functional and Secured Admin Panel
  • Organize your PHP code into models, views and controllers
  • Build a Shopping Cart With PHP OOP and VueJs
  • Build and Deploy eCormmerce Website to Production
  • Process Payment With Stripe API and PayPal Express Checkout API
  • Build Apps with Laravel Eloquent ORM for Database Manaipulation
  • Build a Responsive Website With ZURB Foundation
  • Querying Data For Dashboard Reporting PHP & ChartJs
  • Build Front-end Apps With VueJs
  • Registration and Login (OOP User Authentication)
  • Work with JSON data returned from Any API
  • Autoload Classes Using PSR-4 (Namespaces and Composer) to Autoload PHP Classes Automatically
  • Error and Exceptions Handle Based on the Environment
  • Save Development Time By Leveraging Packages from PHP Ecosystem
  • Build Apps with Laravel Blade Templating Engine
  • Become A

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Course Description

COURSE UPDATED ON 16th DEC 2018 - New Section Added: "Solutions to Assignments"

COURSE UPDATED ON 06 OCT 2018 - New Section Added: "Upgrading to Nodejs 8 And Webpack"

PHP "The Complete PHP MVC: Build a Modern eCommerce Store"
In this series you will learn how to build a responsive PHP MVC eCommerce website from scratch using modern and techniques such as ZURB Foundation, SASS, Composer, Gulp, PHP Laravel Elixir, VueJS, Eloquent ORM, Laravel Blade Templating Engine, Axios for HTTP Request, Stripe and PayPal APIs for payment processing and lots more.
Are you a full-time working developer, or a professional freelancer? Then you should buy this course now. Why? Over the years I have come to understand few things about Web development and IT in general; things change so rapidly such that if you're not keeping up with latest trends you will be so surprised how much has changed in few months. Companies want to move fast and get things done, they need developers who can write stable and scalable code with speed and efficiency. This is how your value is measured.
With an initial 21 hours on-demand videos, your PHP workflow will change drastically, you will learn how to write clean and stable code, use the tools that working developers use to get things done in a fast and efficient manner. Some of the tools you will learn how to use are:
This PHP MVC course is intensive, comprehensive and practical oriented.
You will learn how to write code using PHP MVC pattern, create components that you can use in other projects plus you will build an eCommerce store from scratch
We'll go through the entire design and implementation process from start to finish, and learn how to build a modern, stable, secure eCommerce web application using PHP MVC Pattern.
After completing this PHP MVC course, you would have developed a more thorough and efficient workflow and be well equipped to take up any web development project; do more in less time.
This course covers all you will need to compete in the job market as a full stack web developer.

Awesome right? Give yourself the competitive advantage and tools to become a true, well-rounded PHP developer. You won't regret it.

What You need to know

There is only one main requirement for this course which is asolid understanding of the concept of Object oriented programming. Ihave noticed that most students still struggle with understanding OOPfor that reason I have put together a resource on Devscreencast "PHP Object-Oriented Bootcamp"

P.S. All those enrolled in my PHP MVC course will get the "PHP Object-Oriented Bootcamp" course for FREE.
In this series I will introduce the concept of object oriented programming using PHP. You will learn about:
  1. Classes, objects properties and methods
  2. Constructor & destructor
  3. Protecting access to your class properties and methods
  4. Using setters and getters
  5. Object Inheritance
  6. Static methods, properties and late static binding
  7. Method chaining
  8. Object abstraction and Interface
  9. PHP 7 type hinting and return type, etc

Who this course is for:
  • PHP Web Developers
  • Anyone who want to learn modern PHP

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Skill up, learn practical, modern web development, through professional screencasts.
Lots of your peers think DEVSCREENCAST is doing a great job producing concise and engaging screencasts, come see for yourself, and extensively level up your skills in the process.My passion is inspiring people through online courses. Since 2015, over 30,000 students have taken my online courses - and I'm so grateful to every single one of you
I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Software Engineering from University of East London, and I'm also a certified Oracle Database Professional (OCP). I'm passionate about teaching and sharing my knowledge on various platforms.
I facilitated high-end trainings in Web and Software Development, Oracle Database, Linux Operating System, and Oracle Financial 11i.



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The course itself is too old, a lot of dependencies are not working, this causes a lot of research and googling to fix. If this would be my first language that I should learn I would definitely drop from this course.

Excellent course, I highly recommend for anyone who wants to dive into modern php development.

Excelent way to understand MVC concepts for people that dont use a framework. I love that somehow mimic the Laravel structure about controllers and routes and uses blade templates and eloquent.

I am loving this course so far!! Terry is a good instructor and what I enjoy most about this course is...not only all the new php knowledge!!!! But also how responsive Terry is to questions. Other courses I have taken, the instructors can take 3 days to even a couple of weeks to get back to your question, which hinders learning a bit because the student stays stuck on an issue for that long (despite trying to research issues on our own). Thank you for this course Terry, you are really helping me grow my PHP/Blade/Composer skills!

This course is excellent. It teaches how to make use of the most important plugins in developing a professinal mvc application.The instructor has a unique talent of explaining concepts that make difficult concepts clear and easy to understand.

Terry made huge effort on this course but I was not able to configure his virtual host and setup the environment. I gave it three separate shots but I was not able to learn anything from this course. That's not meaning that it's worthless, you may give it a shot. Everythig I worte depending on my personal experience.

It looks to be a great course.

Quiero resumir este curso en una palabra y es... "Gracias" es un magnifico curso que me esta enseando un buen desarrollo con PHP y otras tecnologas en combinacin. Aunque es un nivel muy avanzado en cada clase nueva voy aprendiendo mas y mas. Como deseara que este curso fuera traducido a espaol. Muchas gracias Terry

This course is very help me to master how to make php project with real world project.The explanation is very clear, step by step and Terry always helping in Q/A section.This is real modern php project that I look for. This course gives me more confidence using php to make another project. Many concepts that can be used in future. I wish join this course ealier.

The course looks incredibly exciting at first as you will be exposed to so many tools in a professional web developers toolkit, but is so woefully out of date that the multiple dependencies cause a massive amount of errors and code/install fails as you progress and you will see that all the questions in the comments, on nearly every lesson, are people running into this repeatedly. I would revisit this course if it was brought up to date but after just 7 videos, I have asked for a refund.

It is a good course, it is well explained so that anyone can understand it. The course is a long one, there are many to learn, it is long lasting. Good work.

By ??? on

The content is very good.