2 Best + Free Figma Courses & Certification [2020][UPDATED]

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💻 Which Figma Course Provider is best for me?
  • Udemy and Eduonix are best for practical, low cost and high quality Figma courses.
  • Coursera, Udacity and EdX are the best providers for a Figma certificate, as many come from top Ivy League Universities.
  • YouTube is best for free Figma crash courses.
  • PluralSight, SkillShare and LinkedIn are the best monthly subscription platforms if you want to take multiple Figma courses.
  • Independent Providers for Figma courses & certificates are generally hit or miss.
💼 What is Figma used for?
Become a master of the most exciting new UX & UI design app. Figma will change the way you design, collaborate and develop forever. Discover how to use Figma, an online UX design and collaboration tool, for projects you create or projects distributed across a team.
💰 How much do Figma developers make?
$17,500 - $26,999
17% of jobs
$29,500 is the 25th percentile. Salaries below this are outliers.
$36,500 - $45,999
18% of jobs
The average salary is $51,826 a year
$46,000 - $55,499
11% of jobs
$61,000 is the 75th percentile. Salaries above this are outliers.
$65,000 - $74,499
5% of jobs
$74,500 - $83,999
4% of jobs
$84,000 - $93,499
3% of jobs
$93,500 - $102,999
2% of jobs
$103,000 - $112,499
1% of jobs
$112,500 - $122,000
1% of jobs
US National Average$17,500 $122,000$51,826/year
📃 Is a Figma Certificate worth it?
Yes and No. Certified Figma developers on average make more money. Having a Figma certificate greatly increases the chance of landing an interview and can open otherwise closed doors. Coursera, Udacity and EdX offer excellent certificate options for impressing your future employers. Eduonix, Udemy and several other providers offer certificates, but they aren't as reputable. If you have a Computer Science Degree, certificates are not as important. Still, many employers won't care about certificates, but rather your interview skills, experience and/or skills assessment.
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The Complete Figma UX/UI App Design Course For Beginners

2 )

The Complete Figma UX/UI App Design Course For Beginners (2020)

Learn how to design engaging mobile app, website with Figma for UI/UX designer tool. All hands with real world projects

iconWhat You'll Learn

  • Learn how to design stunning app, blog, or website using Figma
  • Learn design principles
  • Understand fundamental concept of Wire Framing
  • Leann shortcuts and techniques for creating an effective App design
  • Learn UI/UX design essentials
  • Learn Interaction Design Vs Interactive Design

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