Python 3 For Offensive PenTest: A Complete Practical Course (

Updated Python 3.7 / Windows 10 & Kali 2. Learn how to use python for ethical hacking and penetration testing

Created by: Hussam Khrais

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Learn how to code your own reverse shell [TCP+HTTP]
  • Learn how to exfiltrate data from your target
  • Make anonymous shell by interacting with [Twitter, Google Form, Sourceforge]
  • Replicate Metasploit features and and make an advanced shell
  • Learn how to hack passwords using multiple techniques [Keylogger, Clipboard Hijacking]
  • Learn how malware abusing cryptography by adding [AES,RSA,XOR] encryption to your shell
  • Privilege escalation on windows with practical example

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Overall Score : 88 / 100

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Course Description

When other's tools fail, writing your own makes you a true penetration tester!

Before You Enroll !
The knowledge which you will learn from this course is literally a weapon. My goal is to make you a better warrior in penetration testing. Consider the consequences of your actions, be smart and don't go to jail.
There are quite a lot of people who call themselves hackers but in reality few have the solid skills to fit the definition, when other's tools fail, writing your own makes you a true hacker!
Why Python?
  • Easy to learn
  • Cross platform
  • Unlimited third party libraries
  • Get your job done with few lines
  • Ranked as #1 for the most popular programming languages
  • Plenty of open source hacking tools are written in python which can be easily integrated within your script
How To Use This Course?
  1. View the course in order, start from module 1 and move on.
  2. Before you see the video, download the script, read the inline comments, run the script in your home lab, then finally see the explanatory video, if you still got any question, post it in Udemy forum.
  3. Don't skip the exercises, Google is your best friend.
  4. Fall in love with Python, go for extra mile and start writing your own weapons!
How to reach me?
  • Udemy forums in case you have ANY question or technical problem.
  • LinkedIn if you have ANY questions prior taking the course, Ideas and collaboration are welcomed.
Who this course is for:
  • Ethical hackers and penetration testers
  • Students preparing for OSCP, OSCE, GPEN, GXPN, CEH
  • Information security professionals and cyber security consultants
  • System and network security administrators
  • Programmers who want to get their hands dirty

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Instructor Details

Hussam Khrais

Hi, My name is Hussam and I'm just a guy who loves cyber security and Python :)
Favorite quotes:-
"anything is possible, if you try hard enough"
"failure inspires winners, failure defeats losers"
"Amat Victoria Curam"
"What stands in the way becomes the way"



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By Chems-eddine DAHMANI on 3 weeks ago

Awesome! Pentest on the wild! One of the best instructor I knew

By Ronaldo LEGASPI on 3 weeks ago

I am primarily a .NET developer and loving the ease of python development

By Jean Lafitte on 2 months ago

Very good technical and explanatory content. Could incorporate more assistance on the exercises.

By SAM NIVETHAN on 3 months ago

It would be great if u add some basic points to the lectures

The course was more than expected. The only 2 flaws were the constant slow streaming, with very long intervals and the many zoom outs and in did not allow for clear views.

By Jason Gardner on 2 months ago

The course was very informative, easy to follow and I learned a lot.

By Vineet Kumar Dash on 8 months ago

Lectures were to learn lot of new things..Only two sections I was not able to understand that was related to weak service file permission and firefox

By Drone on a month ago

very informative, i learned a lot

By Aniello Lombardi on 6 months ago

Great course, available and super capable teacher. I really enjoyed it. Not for beginners though! I already had a lot of experience with python

By Dan on 5 months ago

I was not bale to get a certificate at the end

By James on 6 months ago

Not a good match. A lot of the work was already done and not thoroughly explained. Very hard to follow and catch up.

By Joey Malinowski on 8 months ago

Hussam explains basic concepts very clearly and provides working real world examples.