React Redux React-Router: From Beginner to Paid Professional (

learn React, Redux, React-Router, ECMAScript2015(ES6) by creating many applications such as Todo List, YouTube and Imgur

Created by: Leonardo Daniel

Produced in 2016

What you will learn

  • Building your amazing web applications with React JS and Redux
  • Getting a high-paying job as a front-end developer
  • Getting experience through doing many exercises. Re-enforcing your knowledge of ES6, advanced JavaScript, Redux, React through attempting a lot of quizzes. Practice makes perfect.
  • Becoming familiar with the technologies supporting React, including NPM, Webpack, Babel, and ES6/ES2015.

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Overall Score : 88 / 100

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Course Description

  • Building many examples such as To do list, YouTube Search API, Imgur Search API...
  • Showing how an application can grow from simple DOM/jQuery app to Redux/React/ES6/React-Router app.
  • 60 lectures (6.5 hours of content) cover the knowledge of ECMAScript 2015(ES6), Redux technology and React framework from basic to advanced levels.
  • There are many exercises and quizzes in each section, which help to re-enforce your knowledge before continuing the next section.
  • Using visual teaching aids such as mind-mapping, colorful drawings stimulating animations and mockups to help you master even the most challenging concepts of React and Redux. Have you ever struggled for several months to get familiar with a new framework in other courses? Do you wonder why few developers can easily adapt to a new technology while others need to put in so much time and effort? In my course, you will be able to work with Redux-React just after 2 WEEKs. The modern teaching and learning method really helps you realize how you will be able to improve yourself and go through the rest of your IT career more comfortably.
  • You will receive support for whatever questions or issues you may have within 24 HOURS!!!!!

This is a well-organized course. The curriculum has been created in such a way that learning Redux-React has never been so easy! It is divided into 9 sections:
  • The three first sections focus on Redux technology. These sections cover both of basic and advanced knowledge of Redux. You may wonder why I don't focus on the React project first. The reason is that I need to stress that Redux has no relation to React. You can write Redux apps with React, Angular, Ember, jQuery, or vanilla JavaScript. Redux works especially well with frameworks like React and Deku because they let you describe UI as a function of state, and Redux emits state updates in response to actions. These first sections only apply Redux into plain JavaScript and jQuery. Applying Redux into React immediately will cause you feel hard to distinguish between the knowledge of React and the knowledge of Redux.
  • The fourth section focuses on ECMAScript 2015 (ES6). In fact, you can work with a Redux & React application without using ES6. However, an experienced React developer usually tries to apply ES6 as much as possible to make his project much more concise and clear. Getting familiar with ES6 will help you go through the next sections more comfortably.
  • The fifth section focuses on React framework. This section also shows clearly how to use React Developer Tools. It is an Chrome extension which helps debugging and managing React components, component's state and props.
  • The sixth and seventh sections illustrate how to apply Redux technology and ES6 efficiently into an React application. After the 6th section, you will know a basic way to use Redux in a React framework. You will also know how to use Redux Dev Tools. It is an Chrome extension which helps debugging and managing Redux state and action. After the 7th section, you will know how to use "React-Redux" library which is an advanced way to handle interactions between Redux and React, and make your project a lot shorter and concise.
  • The eighth section guides you on how to manipulate URLs with React-Redux-Router library
  • The last one give more advanced knowledge.

  • React is a JavaScript library for creating user interfaces by Facebook and Instagram. We built React to solve one problem: building large applications with data that changes over time.
  • So many companies are adopting React.js every day. Some examples of big companies using React are Netflix, Yahoo, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Atlassian. Mastering React framework and Redux technology will offer you a lot of opportunities for the highest paying jobs

  • Managing state in an application is critical, and is often done haphazardly. Redux provides a state container for JavaScript applications that will help your applications behave consistently.
  • Redux is an evolution of the ideas presented by Facebook's Flux, avoiding the complexity found in Flux by looking to how applications are built with the Elm language.
  • Redux is useful for React applications

  • Exploring many features of ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) such as Let, Const, Import, Export, Arrow Functions, Cass, Object Destructuring, Array Destructuring, Spread/Rest Operator, Template Strings, Object.assign().
  • Using many advanced JavaScript features which help make your Redux React project more concise such as, Array.prototype.filter(), Function.prototype.bind().
  • Applying the related technologies supporting React such as "React/Redux Developer Tools, NPM, Webpack, Babel,
  • Using JSX syntax to make the React project more elegant.

Note again: We're very confident, that is why we are giving you a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, no questions asked, so make sure to Enroll Now!Who this course is for:
  • Programmers who want to work with React & Redux effectively
  • If you need learn Redux in short time for your projects, or for an interview or to launch your own business.
  • If you have a little knowledge of React & Redux and still feeling hard to work with them, this course is absolutely for you. There are a lot of logic drawings which helps you figure out the best way to apply features of React and Redux. Some extensions of chrome will also make you comfortable when working with them.
  • If you want to transfer the React & Redux knowledge to your colleague efficiently, this course can be used as a reference.
  • Do you feel sleepy and lose concentration because only speaking and writing code is available in other courses? Then, you will be interested in the stimulating teaching method in this course. What's more? I respect your precious time so that I spent two months to edit this video course carefully. I also removed all CSS to make every example as concise as possible. I know that CSS styling makes the applications look beautiful, but it may cause examples to become complicated, and disturbing. Using CSS is not helpful for your knowledge in this course at all. All you need is to absorb the l

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Instructor Details

Leonardo Daniel

5 years of experience in web development, 3 yearsof experience in training, and 1 year in game development. I have a strongbackground in designing code structure and know how to learn and teach thelargest amount of information in the shortest possible time.
I have worked with many languages and frameworks such as Java(struts, spring), C++ (game development), Android (game development) andJavaScript (Nodejs, Angular, React...). In each area, I just need a very shorttime to learn before working well with it. The reason I can learn quicklyand efficiently is because I know how to apply many modern learningtechniques such as mind-mapping, note-taking tools, colorful drawing andhow to choose the best keywords when researching solutions on Google.
I put all of my experience into my courses to help you reducetime and effort in learning new technologies.



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The videos are not good. The video copy and pastes in vs-code all the time covering up code that needs to be seen by the student. Makes it very hard to follow along.

OMG i love it thank you for helping me i learned a lot in short time.

great lesson, knowledgable instructor, thoroughly lessons prepared, right to the point.

Does not explain the core concepts in a meaningful way. He writes the code without any discussion about what react really does.

This is the best course on React-Redux, it is much easy to understand and pleasant to learn thanks to the Leornado Daniel's great efforts on graphical/visual explanation, step by step instructions. I have bought several courses related react, redux on udemy, but nothing is comparable to this course. I do not pay much attention on how much the instructor's knowledge but I care how much and how easy the knowledge can be transferred to me. I am looking forward more courses with the similar teach style. Thanks.

Not even a mention about the tests.The form of the course was not so good for me - i preffer live coding to copying and pasting from one place to another.To much space were invested in pure vanilla es5 / jquery. I would rather put more emphasis on react + redux with es6.Other concepts explained quite nice though, thx.

the way you use console.log really make me confusing at video 3

First course out of many i've been through which is that much complete with modern learning techniques and knowledge level

content should be more like adding, deleting, update data in table

I'm glad that I finaly came accross a simple and consise explanation of the redux framework. When most of the scattered resources you'll find on different sites will introduce redux together with react, the instructor has done a great job of separating the concepts and keeping things as simple as possible by focusing on the learning objective each time.

The course is just amazing, the techniques used to explain every concept are amazing. The course builds up really well step by step. This is one of the best ever courses I have seen so far. Highly recommended for everyone who does not have much prior knowledge at all about Javascript, Redux or React. The flowcharts, tools, linking covered concepts together just love it.

Very good, step by step intro to react and redux. Instructor filled in many gaps in my knowledge of how to assemble a react-redux project.