Selenium Java : Beginner to Advanced [Live Project] (

Includes Selenium 4, 217 in-depth and organized sessions (136+ hours), Real time Live Project and Interview Questions.

Created by: Arun Motoori

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Selenium,Core Java, Frameworks, Selenium Live Project and so on

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Course Description

  • In detailed, easy, step by step, practical, well defined and real time video tutorials on Selenium Java
  • Not required to have any prior Java programming knowledge, as all the prerequisites such as Java are explained in detail before covering Selenium topics
  • Interview Questions and Answers (Recorded Videos and Notes)
  • Different topics covered in this course include: (Includes Videos and Notes for every topic listed below)
    • Introduction
    • Firebug/Firepath Alternatives
    • Selenium IDE
    • Locators
      • XPath Expressions
      • CSS Selectors
      • Others
    • Core Java for Selenium
    • Selenium WebDriver
    • Handling Multiple Windows
    • Waiting Mechanism
    • Handling Frames
    • Handling Lightbox
    • Selenium & Different Browsers
    • Selenium 3
    • Framework Concepts - Properties Files
    • Framework Concepts - POI API
    • Framework Concepts - Log4j
    • Framework Concepts - TestNG
    • Framework Concepts - Maven
    • Framework Concepts - Extent Reports
    • Framework Concepts - Taking Screenshots
    • Framework Concepts - ANT
    • Data Driven Framework
    • Cucumber and BDD
    • Page Object Model and Page Factory
    • Jenkins
    • Git
    • GitHub
    • WebDriverManager
    • Live Project (Real time)
    • AutoIt
    • Sikuli
    • Robot Class
    • Actions Class
    • DOM
    • JavaScript
    • JavaScriptExecutor
    • Java OOPS Concepts
    • Handling XML Files
    • Handling JSON Files
    • Database Testing using Selenium
    • Browser Configurations - Firefox, Chrome & IE
    • Handling Calendar
    • Handling WebTables
    • Select Class
    • Handling Random Activities
    • Handling Cookies
    • Downloading Files
    • Password Encryption and Decryption
    • WebDriver Listeners
    • TestNG Listeners
    • StaleElementReferenceException
    • And many more
  • Selenium Grid
  • Interview Questions and Answers
  • Along with videos, notes having the session details and links to download the code/frameworks/other files are provided
  • Huge list of real time and practical examples are provided throughout the sessions
  • Installation/configurations of various software are also explained in detailed in this course
  • After watching all the videos, you will be able to answer most of the interview questions, as all the topics are covered from basic to advanced level
  • Framework concepts are explained before showing how to build different frameworks
  • Sessions covering the development of different frameworks are also covered in detailed
  • Includes Selenium 4 Videos
Who this course is for:
  • Beginners and Advanced Selenium Members

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Instructor Details

Arun Motoori

I am a passionate blogger and trainer having 12 years of experience in Software Testing field. My aim is to provide the best, in-detailed, easy, step by step, practical and organized software testing courses in the market for affordable prices. The following are my strengths:
- I have a very unique way of teaching, which doesn't include much of technical jargons and helps the students understand Software Testing concepts in the easiest way possible.
- Through out my experience, I did a lot of work on various aspects of Software Testing, which I will be using in my courses to teach in the best way possible.
- Through out my courses, you will find the content with in-depth explanation assisted by good number of hands-on coding demonstrations, which will help you to not only just learn the theoretical concepts but also apply them in your day to day job needs.
- I can confidently say that you will find my courses worth your time and a rewarding experience.
- The content in my courses is finalized after taking numerous off-line/on-line training sessions including feedback from all my students.
- I regularly update the content and add more topics on a frequent basis, so that it is up to date with the market requirements.
- Throughout the course, I will always be available to guide you so that you can make the most of it.



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Amazing class and Perfect match for my knowledge level. The tutor is very nice and teaches really nice with step by step process and repeats the new thing 2-3 times so that everyone will understand.Really appreciate and looking forward to learn more and will keep learning the next chapterThank you

Very detailed explanation and lots of advanced topics are covered in the course . Anyone can learn java and selenium after completing the course.

Best trainer for selenium with well organized course structure

By L K on

Hello guys, this is one of the best course on Udemy. I have taken few other courses but nobody has put that much effort like Arun in Creating resources and interaction with students makes like your are in real class...very nice Arun i am expecting few more courses...Please Arun add a viedo regarding how to explain the projects being freshers..even though we know the code but still sometimes they ask questions like how many browser you tested the application,how did you do cross browser,jenkins, and virtual environments ..please explain how to tell the project with fresher and 2-3 years.

I'm very satisfied with this course. Instructor clearly explains everything well. I was able to create my ownselenium automation framework by following this course.

Great course...Instructor is amazing he is explaining each and every point in selenium..I will highly recommend this course...:)

The overview session was very good. There were so many topics which they have promised to cover.Hope It will be great

Course Introduction part only you have explained very well. I'm very much excited to go through the other course video's . Thank you for helping people to understand in a easy and better way.

very detailed

This course is good match for my needs