Sending email with PHP: from Basic to Advanced (

Learn how to send emails from your PHP website, including best practices.

Created by: Dave Hollingworth

Produced in 2018

What you will learn

  • Choose the right tool for sending email with PHP
  • Send emails from PHP to multiple recipients
  • Send emails from PHP containing non-English characters
  • Send emails from PHP containing images and with file attachments
  • Use HTML and CSS in your PHP emails to add formatting and layout
  • Use Composer to manage third-party code packages
  • Create an asynchronous queue from scratch to improve browser response time when sending emails
  • Use the RabbitMQ messaging server to build an asynchronous email solution
  • Use Mailgun to send, track and receive emails

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Overall Score : 96 / 100

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Course Description

Learn the basic concepts, tools and functions that you will need to send emails from your website or web application in PHP.
Learn to Send emails using PHP in this Comprehensive Course.
  • Learn basic email concepts
  • Discover the best tools and methodologies for sending emails using PHP
  • Learn best practices to make sure your emails arrive as intended
  • Improve response time in the browser by sending emails asynchronously
  • Use third-party email providers to track what happens to emails once sent
Add Sending emails to Your PHP Toolkit

If you're creating a website or web application in PHP, sooner or later you'll want it to send emails to your users, for example:
  • a contact page
  • an account activation email
  • a monthly report
  • an invoice
  • a password reset email
  • a newsletter
  • email marketing
and so on.

Sending email from PHP can be a tricky thing to get right. From making sure that your email is readable in as many different email clients as possible, to sending the email asynchronously so that your website responds as quickly as possible.
This course will teach you the basics through to the advanced techniques and tools used by professional PHP programmers.
Content and Overview

I designed this course to be easily understood by programmers who know PHP, HTML and CSS but don't have much experience sending emails from PHP.
Starting with the basic concepts of how emails work, such as senders, recipients, file attachments, using HTML and CSS and so on, this course will take you through all the steps needed to have your PHP website sending emails to its users.
Once we've covered the basics, we'll move on to advanced techniques like sending emails asynchronously and tracking emails using third-party email services.
New concepts are explained in detail as and when they're introduced, with full explanations of all the code used with detailed examples.
At the end of the course, you will be able to swiftly and reliably send professional-looking emails using PHP.
Complete with working source code at every stage, you'll be able to work alongside the instructor and will receive a verifiable certificate of completion upon finishing the course.
Who this course is for:
  • This PHP email course is for those who already know PHP and who want to learn how to send email from their PHP scripts.
  • This course is NOT for you if you don't already have some basic PHP and HTML knowledge.

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Instructor Details

Dave Hollingworth

Hi, I'm Dave Hollingworth. I'm an IT trainer and web application developer. I've been programming for over thirty years, and teaching IT since 1999.
I've developed enterprise-level applications on platforms ranging from mainframes to mobiles: from my first web application, a quotes system created for a major insurance company back in 1999 - the first of its type in the sector - to interactive learning management systems for online language learning.
I've taught courses ranging from basic use of email to advanced web application development, both online and in-person. I've been teaching on Udemy since 2012.
I'm passionate about technology, and love teaching it! I believe it's possible to explain even the most complex subjects in a simple, straightforward way that doesn't confuse the student.
I look forward to welcoming you onto one of my courses!



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Dave gives a good explanation of not only how to send emails in PHP but as well as other technologies that can be used. He does a good job of explaining the advantages and disadvantages of using the different technologies in this course.

More than what i expected on how to do email in php.

It was a good tutorial that has given me more insight onto the endless possiblities of asynchronus emailing

The course is very thorough and teaches you all you need to know about sending emails the right and safe way using PHP and other third-party packages. I havent completed the course yet but It's extremely great from the start

Over-all Great course.I'm building a system with php and needed to add a mailing component to it. This course gave me the knowledge to do it.Thank you Dave, well done.

Dave is an excellent teacher. I believe he is the most considerate instructor in Udemy. He really helps his students when they have questions or issues. And is always very prompt in answering questions to the point that I sometimes even feel guilty using up his time. After this course, I will be looking for another course he offers.

Very high quality. Could use a little more guidance with composer. Overall, I would recommend this course. I learned a lot of new details pertaining to email functionality in php. Thank you

I recommend this course. It begins with phpMailer and concludes with very advanced methods, demonstrating a panorama of possibilities from SMTP to HTTP email. Dave packs a lot of information in each lecture. His style is more professional than conversational. He doesn't use lecture time to type code. I like to type, so I pause the video frequently and write code. If you use PHP mail() method reluctantly but haven't had the opportunity to learn a better way from a great instructor, this course might be your answer. Dave's follow up on questions is remarkable. He demonstrates his desire to help his students learn in deed, not just word.

I really eenjoyed this course as an A to Z for email sending. a plus for this course is the other things about PHP you will learn. The instructor is also very friendly and ready to assist.

Overall, a very good course. The first 4 sections will do well to teach you how to use PHPMailer. I was very happy to see Mailgun included, but then very disappointed when the same elements (such as cc, bcc, file attachments, inline image) were not taught in the Mailgun section as they were in the PHPMailer section. Was also disappointed when the trainer simply showed the API test url instead of explaining how to bring the API information into your web app. I could have done with wicked less talk on Queues, which is more suited for a class on mailing LISTS, and much more focus on PHPMailer and Mailgun. I learned a lot though! And you will too.

Dave shed a lot of light the intricacies of the process of sending emails with PHP. The part about automation and queues was a brave new world to me. Thanks a lot!How about another course on some opensource mail marketing platforma like eg. PHPList (or one of Dave's choice) which seems to be a popular alternative to Mailchimp.I would definitely signup for such a course.

Great course! In addition to sending/receiving email with PHP, includes good overview of some flexible 3rd party services for message queing, etc. Highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to send and/or receive email in PHP apps.