SEO For WordPress [Beginners]: #1 Step-by-Step SEO System (

"SEO For WordPress: Discover How to Easily Get Your Website on Page #1 of Google, Yahoo! & Bing ..Fast!

Created by: Kent Mauresmo

Produced in 2018

What you will learn

  • Easily rank your website on page #1 of Google, Yahoo, and Bing!
  • Increase website traffic by 97%
  • Increase online sales by 43%
  • Dominate your competition in the search engine results
  • Choose web hosting that will improve your ranking on Google, Yahoo, and Bing!
  • Write articles and blog posts that will rank high on Google
  • Set up WordPress plugins optimized for SEO
  • Perform advanced keyword research the easy way
  • Analyze and audit your entire website for free in less than 5 minutes
  • Instantly set up over 50 business listings in less than 10 minutes
  • Discover the difference between white-hat, grey-hat, and black-hat SEO
  • Save money on SEO services
  • Start your own local SEO company

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Course Description

"Introducing My Simple Step-by-Step SEO System For WordPress!"
"The No Filler, No Fluff, Step-by-Step SEO Game Plan Designed to Take You From Zero SEO Knowledge to The First Page of Google in 60-90 Days!"
Everybody knows that getting to the first page of the search engines is going to bring them more traffic, more prospects, and ultimately more profits.
My simple SEO blueprint is your opportunity to get those results without spending a fortune on consultants, or being frustrated with the complexity of SEO.
Here's what makes my simple SEO blueprint different from everything else out there:
- No technical knowledge is required, so it works even if you can't spell SEO or know what it means!
- Learn my step-by-step process for getting on the first page, so you know exactly what you need to do every step of the way.
- Maintain your first page rankings when everyone else's is panicking about an algorithm change. This isn't a temporary trick, so you never have to worry about Goggle banning your site.
"Here's What You Get When You Enroll in our Simple SEO Blueprint Today."
You'll discover:
- How to choose an SEO optimized domain name.. (you're going to kick yourself for not figuring this out on your own.)
- How to easily set up your hosting account to outrank your competition! (screw this one up, and you'll set yourself back 12-14 months!)
- Advanced keyword research & buying keywords.. (this simple trick will save you at least 2 hours.)
- Keyword analysis ..(discover how to easily analyze your competition without using complicated tools that require a steep learning curve.)
- How to use simple, yet effective WordPress plugins that'll boost your rankings with a few clicks.
- How to easily write SEO optimized articles and blog posts that'll rank fast on Google, Yahoo & Bing.
- How to set up your permalinks to blast past your competition... (common sense trick.)
- Do you know how to use H1, H2, and H3 tags? Its easy! This simple trick will increase your chance of reaching the first page by 83%.
- How to structure the first paragraph of your articles for optimal results.
- Do you know how to optimize your images for the search engines? I'll show you how to get all your images indexed by Google, Yahoo & Bing within 48 hours.
- Discover one small change that you can make to your categories & tags, and you can kiss your competition goodbye... (why didn't you think of this?!!)
- What's a tag cloud? Should you use one? Where should you place it? Not to worry; I'll show you exactly what to do to boost your rankings... (this could be the difference between landing on page #1 and page #10.)
- Why pay an SEO company $800 to analyze your website when you can do it yourself for free? I'll show you how to analyze your entire website with a few clicks in less than 5 minutes... (you'll be shocked at how easy this is.)
- Off-page optimization: Do you know how and where to get quality backlinks for your website, fast? I've completed the research for you... (I'll even show you how to outsource this process for pennies on the dollar.)
- Do you know which type of backlinks are the safest for your website? I'll give you our 100% safe backlinking system that'll survive any Google update ..(get this one wrong and you could get your website sand-boxed 90 days, flagged as spam, or removed from the search engines entirely!)

- What if you don't have time to work on your SEO? No problem! I'll show you exactly where to go AND exactly who to use to accomplish all the tasks outlined in our simple SEO system.... (why reinvent the wheel? I've already spent countless hours finding the best affordable freelancers for every task imaginable...DONE DEAL!)
"What Else Do You Get?"
I'll also send your my custom SEO worksheet. This is the same SEO worksheet that I use at my live seminars in Los Angeles, CA. This will allow you to easily create a personal SEO blueprint that you can implement yourself; or outsource to one of my recommended freelancers.
Enroll now and I'll see you on the other side!
Who this course is for:
  • This "SEO For WordPress" course is meant for small business owners and bloggers that want to get on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • This SEO course is designed for beginner and intermediate WordPress users. No technical or HTML coding knowledge is required.
  • This course is probably not for you if you're a web developer, HTML coder, or an SEO consultant.

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Instructor Details

Kent Mauresmo

SEO & Web Design Consultant: Kent Mauresmo grew up in Los Angeles, California. He attended UCLA college and majored in Computer Information Systems and Business Marketing.

Kent worked as an Account Executive at an Investment Banking firm from 2006-2009. Bored with his career choice, in late 2009 he went back to school and took a crash course in Graphic Design and Computer Programming.

In April 2010, he launched his first website at Read2Learn which encourages people to read books to learn new skills.

He tries to read at least one book per week. He used to be one of those people who would never pick up a book because he thought they were boring.
Everything changed when he discovered "How To.." books on Amazon which he finds very interesting. Now he's officially a book nerd, and he's always learning something new.

Based on his experience, he's believes that anyone can learn how to do anything if they truly have the desire to learn and succeed.

With so much mis-information being passed around the internet, Kent Mauresmo teamed up with Anastasiya Petrova (another book junkie) and decided to write their own books.

Kent and Ana's books are created out of frustration. Simply put, they've had to read countless blog, countless books, and have watched countless videos to find solutions to their problems.

They simplify everything that they learn from multiple sources, and then combine the most useful information in their books



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By Amit Kharche on a week ago

This is the first course which kept me engaged. I enrolled few SEO courses, but within few minutes I cancelled the subscription. I really liked the way kent explained and proper step by step. it cleared most of my mistakes , I have done on my website. Really thanks a lot.

By Tin Ko Ko Naing on a month ago

This is a great course! I didn't know how to improve SEO for my website before I watch this course. Now I learned a lot about SEO. Thank you so much Kent

By Jan-Ove Johansson on 3 months ago

I thought I knew a bit about SEO, but after taking this course I realize I didn't know as much as I imagined. I am very pleased with the course and the course leader. Now it's all about turning everything into reality.

By Anonymized User on 8 months ago

Overall feeling the trainer is constantly selling their services instead of delivering a course. Will expect that on Youtube, but for Udemy I have to rate it as poor.

By Kenneth Poettcker on 8 months ago

We are a small local business with a very small marketing budget. I've been through all 100 lectures and have learned that I will be able to do almost all of my SEO on my own, so I won't have to break the bank. This course has been extremely helpful. Now all that I have to do is implement all of the SEO tips! (And there are way more of them than I ever imagined.)

By Christopher Lawhon on a month ago

It was filled with a lot of good, useful information that I have been able to implement into my SEO strategies at work. Thank you, Kent!

By Vicky Ndlovu on 5 months ago

Amazing course. All the extra bits made it for me. I worked as I was learning and saw results immediately. Kent is so easy to understand too. Thank you ?

By Saingsamnang on 2 months ago

Good from the beginning till the end. I recommend this course for you all who want to become SEO person.

By Fsmc 1 on 6 months ago

The course was definitely helpful. Kent is an excellent communicator and his explanation was very easy to understand. Thanks, Kent

By Abdullah Hamad on 3 months ago

The is course is great and better than I expected, it is arranged and easy to understand , very useful for my current work

By Jay Villanueva on 4 months ago

This is very Educational specially for a newbie in SEO like me.

By Vinaykumar on 5 months ago

SEO Training simplified & made very easy to understand.