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Course Description

This 1-week, accelerated on-demand course builds upon Google Cloud Platform Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals. Through a combination of instructor-led presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on labs, students learn how to carry out no-ops data warehousing, analysis and pipeline processing.Prerequisites:- Google Cloud Platform Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals- Experience using a SQL-like query language to analyze data- Knowledge of either Python or JavaGoogle Account Notes:- Google services are currently unavailable in China.COMPLETION CHALLENGEComplete any GCP specialization from November 5 - November 30, 2019 for an opportunity to receive a GCP t-shirt (while supplies last). Check Discussion Forums for details.

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Google Cloud Training

The Google Cloud Training team is responsible for developing, delivering and evaluating training that enables our enterprise customers and partners to use our products and solution offerings in an effective and impactful way. Google Cloud helps millions of organizations empower their employees, serve their customers, and build what's next for their businesses with innovative technology created in-and for-the cloud. Our products are engineered for security, reliability, and scalability, running the full stack from infrastructure to applications to devices and hardware. Our teams are dedicated to helping customers apply our technologies to create success.



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By Viktor H on 9-May-19

I wish labs give more instructions and more tasks to the student. Meanwhile, some labs are poor and limited to copy / paste code and press enter, without letting students to think how to resolve a problem by himself.

By Eric L on 12-Dec-18

The combination of Java and python is sometimes a bit confusing. Maybe it would be better to split the course in a java and a python version so all the Beam concepts are taught in a single language.

By Alan D on 13-Jun-19

Several lab bugs

By Joose R on 11-Apr-19

The mix of Java and Python is a bit weird. There was some repetition in the labs. Otherwise nice resource to learn Apache Beam and BigQuery.

By Indrasena R J on 20-Jan-19

The Labs related to Java are showing as not completed even though I have completed them. Rest all seems to be good enjoyed the learning

By Edgar L on 10-Jan-19

The first quiz included a question for the second part, which of course, it was repeated in the second quiz. Some times the quizes fails, but you retake them and then pass using the same answers. Some videos didn't show the intended slides, that is, it's showing the title and the presenter is referencing content that isn't there. Some times the presenter does "small demos" showing all his crap in his desktop.Lak (the main instructor) seems knowledgeable in the subject matter, but he needs some training and experience as an instructor. Also, he keeps referencing and bringing up a "third party project" that does some basic analysis, which of course, he himself did. Thus, the shameless self promotion goes from "google only" to "google and this dude"

By Kishorekumar B on 29-May-19

I feel that the content is old and not updated according to the newer format of the certification requirement.

By Farshid A on 6-Dec-18

I would seriously consider to use all the time Lax has during his lab videos. There is far too many periods of silence, which to me is a golden opportunity to explain 1-2 lines of code in more detail. Given that the language and lingo is heavy, it would help if the instructors slowed down, or added a line of explanation.

By Wolf V on 4-Jun-19

Questions are a bit incoherent because the second to last quiz contains questions about subjects discussed in a later stage. Also the java/python doubling creates some confusion at times. It appears you switched to Python as the main language after have Java as a first language for a while, some of the explanations are about java whilst the examples are about python.

By John J B on 9-Mar-19

I prefer some challenges within the labs

By Hari D on 19-Apr-19

The labs were mostly cop/paste. It'll be good to have some actual exercises

By Paul C on 24-Jan-19

this course feels more like a advert for all the services that GCP has to offer than a course you can do to get usable skills for the workplace