The Complete Modern Javascript Course with ES6 (2021) (

Learn JavaScript with the most Comprehensive JS course on the market! Covers ES6, OOP, Hoisting, Closures, and more!

Created by: Development Island (UK)

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Go from Zero Skills to a job ready JavaScript Developer
  • Learn JavaScript fundamentals as well as advanced concepts
  • Master tricky JS concepts like Closures, Execution Contexts, Scope, etc.
  • Understand how JavaScript works behind the scenes
  • Master the modular design pattern and use it to write professional and well structured code
  • New ES6 features: Template literals, Arrow Functions, Classes, etc.
  • Build a fantastic fully functional typing test app
  • Secure a JavaScript Developer Job in 2019
  • Downloadable Source Code for all projects

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Overall Score : 94 / 100

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Course Description

***** This is Udemy's most comprehensive JavaScript course in 2019 *****
***** Save ~$10000 compared to an in-person Bootcamp*****

Did you know that JavaScript is 2019's #1 web programming language in the world?
Did you know that Mastering JavaScript (basic & advanced) will make you a highly sought after web developer in the job Market?
"The Complete Modern Javascript Course with ES6" is your best asset if you want to become a professional JavaScript Developer in 2019.

What Students say:
"This course covers far more ground than any other JS course I've done. If you take this course you can start knowing nothing and finish with some really advanced knowledge, a professional standard application that can be used as a portfolio piece to present when applying for jobs and an appetite for more study.
I will buy any future courses from this tutor" Rob Masters

"This is one of the best javascript courses I have taken. The examples and explanations are clear and to the point.
What I really like about this course is that for each video, you can download the starter code as well as the completed code. Open the starter code in the code editor and you can follow along with the instructor as he completes the topic. If you have a problem, you can always open the completed code file that is included to see where you went wrong.
I look forward to more courses from Development Island." Steven Wellman

"Fantastic Course..!
Issam's teaching method is very clear and concise. He builds concepts from the ground up to the advanced very smoothly and steadily.
The Typing Speed App is huge and consists of many advanced techniques to explore.
I've already taken Issam's "Complete Web Development Course - Build 15 projects". Both his courses are amazing and suited for all levels. There's always something to learn even if you are an advanced students.
Taking both of his courses are the best thing ever happened to me in my Web development learning experience.

"Very comprehensive course that takes you thru every step of the JavaScript language, then leads you to and thru a practical professional project" Konan Houphoue

Is this the course for you?
Whether you have no programming background, or you have some experience with JavaScript, but admit that you struggle with advanced JavaScript coding or feel intimidated when you come across "weird" JavaScript concepts like: Closures, Encapsulation or IIFE, this is the course for you!
This course follows a robust structure and a result driven approach based on "learning by doing" which helped our students secure web development jobs in the past. It is the most Comprehensive JavaScript Course in the Market. With 21 highly structured sections distributed over 31 hours of content and 254 lectures, including crystal clear presentations, detailed explanations, coding challenges and a full professional real life project.
In this course, you will go from a beginner to a job ready JS Developer. We will prove to you that concepts like closures, hoisting, IIFE, encapsulation, are as easy as drinking a glass of water. And you will gain so much power you will use those "weird" concepts to build a fully functional ~10h Typing Test App which will make you proud of yourself.

This is what you get:
1- Friendly Direct Support from the instructor as well as the active community in the Q&A area.
2- Illustrative Graphics used to explain advanced topics (as if you were 5 :) ).
3- All source code used in the videos.
4- Code as you Go when building the Mega Professional Project so that you never get lost. We developed this new concept based on students feedback.
5- A step by step methodology where we teach you the logic of things and how to think before diving into writing code. This is what today's employers and clients are looking for and value the most!
6- Super strong foundations which will prepare you to learn JS frameworks after you finish this course: AngularJS, React, Node.js, etc.
7- A deep focus on Object Oriented Concepts you would very rarely find in online JS courses (Class Augmentation, Object Cloning, and much more)
8- Highly respected Experience building a Full Advanced Javascript Application which you can customise and add to your CV.
9- A comprehensive covering of Modern JavaScript using ES6.
10- Extra content added at no extra charge (extra applications, )

We are confident that you will enjoy this course! We also offer you a full money back guarantee for 30 days. So this is an absolute no-brainer!
So what are you waiting for? Enrol in Udemy's most comprehensive JavaScript course today.
See you in the course :)Who this course is for:
  • Students who would like to go from Zero Skills to securing a Javascript Developer Job.
  • Students who know some JS and how to use it, but do not master advanced concepts like IIFE, Closures, etc.
  • Students preparing JS interviews with top Web Development corporations.
  • Students interested in learning top JS frameworks (after finishing this course) used by companies like Facebook, Instagram, Paypal, etc: Angular, React, Node.
  • Students interested in learning beyond coding: thinking and Functional Design.

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Instructor Details

Development Island (UK)

Hi, I'm Issam. I am the founder and director of Development Island based in Bedford, United Kindgom, specialised in providing the best Technology Courses on the internet.
I have two Master Degrees in Engineering and Management from Cranfield University (UK) and Ecole Centrale Paris. I worked for many world class companies in the past including Amadeus, Ford and Airbus in different roles including: Web Development, Consulting, Simulation and Teaching. I have a solid and successful track record of Teaching Mathematics and Web Development.
I LOVE TEACHING. That's why I spent thousands of hours to bring you "THE COMPLETE WEB DEVELOPER COURSE": The most comprehensive web development course on the market. It encompasses everything you need to start a brilliant career in Web Development. I will teach you over 10 Web/Mobile Technologies from scratch. You will also build a portfolio of 15 Real Professional Websites, Games and Mobile Apps and get ready to take the Best Web Development Jobs in the Market.
Web Developers earn 55,542$ on average and up to 85,605$ annually.
(source: Payscale, USA.)

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One of the most descriptive Javascript course I've seen. This is Great, I used javascript and angular in past but I never knew how Javascript works internally, and thanks to this course It sheds some light. A lot of other Javascript courses only show what the syntax do, but this course also explains how the syntax works and why it does what it does :D . This Javascript course is for absolute beginners, for people who do not understand how Javascript works, and for people who has the dedication and patience (a lot of it) to learn Javascript. If you're not one of the above mentioned this is not for you. I only gave 4 stars because this course lacks the built-in HTTP functions and localStorage but still a great course.

The best course on JS that I have ever seen here in Udemy. I am really happy with the course. What I like the most is how detailed he is and he really takes his time to teach you everything. I just learned many things I didn't know. Thank you.

A lot of effort has been put into creating this course. A lot of content also.

The other Development Island course I took I enjoyed tremendously.The Complete Modern Javascript Course with ES6(2019) has all the ingredients for a beginner.The tasks / challenges are set at the right level for a beginner and move on to more challenging tasks which will cater for more competent javaScript coders.There are good examples and many short do-able challenges.The challenges / tasks do start off at a appropriate level but increase in complexity. The type writer app is a good example. It is complex but well worth completing.Take your time watching the videos and practice as much as you can with your own code as well.

At this point, it is a little too slow. However, I am reserving final opinion until after the last ES6, OOP, ...

I'm only about a quarter of the way through this course but more than happy to give it 5 stars. Baffling why this guy doesn't have more students - tons of material here, with good explanations and - crucially for me when it comes to coding courses - a nice sprinkling of challenge exercises to help you gauge whether you're really 'getting it' or not. If you want to learn Javascript we all know you have a ton of options but this course deserves to be on your shortlist in my opinion.

This course covers far more ground than any other JS course I've done. If you take this course you can start knowing nothing and finish with some really advanced knowledge, a professional standard application that can be used as a portfolio piece to present when applying for jobs and an appetite for more study.I will buy any future courses from this tutor

Very clear and detailed approach. Included some important information which I did not find elsewhere, which was great. The diagrams are always very helpful as well. Very nice course.

Very comprehensive course that takes you thru every step of the JavaScript language, then leads you to and thru a practical professional project

Just Amazing Course with good and clear things. It's help me to learn more new things with Particles Step By Step.Thanks !!

Overall, I'm now more opened and prepared to continue with more JavaScript higher order functions just by paying attention to this lovely course. Great Job Sir...!!!

Estou gostando muito do curso.O contedo excelente! J estudei em outros cursos online como codecademy PRO e freeCodeCamp e arrisco a dizer que o contedo desde curso est mais completo e muito mais didtico para iniciantes do que outros.Para estudantes estrangeiros como eu, o instrutor tem um sotaque bastante fcil de entender e isto facilita muito acompanhar as aulas(tenho nvel de listening intermedirio e n�o tive dificuldades)Enfim, recomendo 100%