The Complete PHP MYSQL Professional Course with 5 Projects (

Learn PHP MYSQL by building 5 Projects including PHP Regular Expressions & CMS | Become a Full Stack Back-End Developer.

Created by: Jazeb Akram

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • All PHP Fundamentals and Building Blocks with practical implementation in Projects
  • Form Validation with most Secure way using Regular Expressions
  • Making web pages dynamic with the variety of PHP Techniques
  • Employee Management System CRUD Application in PHP From Scartch
  • Complete CMS ( Content Management System) with Admin-Panel
  • Getting Started with Bootstrap 4 FrameWork from scratch without using any Bootstrap Template
  • Using PHP Sessions in a more sophisticated way and pass information easily on different modules of Project
  • Stunning Blog with Commenting functionality
  • Powerful Web Forms which will be Free of Hack
  • Build Professional CRUD
  • CMS Based Projects
  • Full Coding Exercises
  • Login Logout Admin System
  • Tips / Tricks
  • Sending Email using PHP
  • Bootstrap 4.2.1
  • PDO
  • URL Tracking
  • Security Techniques on Public pages
  • Font Awsome

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Overall Score : 86 / 100

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Course Description

Have you ever wonder why their are so many PHP Mysql Courses but they offer very little practical skills. Even though if you search on Udemy the longest course will only offer 1 big projects. Sometimes its difficult for beginners to understand the long project right after learning basics due to lack of practice.Furthermore, big courses just give presentation to projects they never ever let students see their actual content. For example the basic videos, Free starter content etc. However this course is Scam-Free course. Students can watch more than 2 hour of initial content free of cost to decide weather to buy this course or not.
This course is designed in more logical way from easy to complex modules step by step. Here is description of the course
Road Map:
Building Blocks Fundamentals 5 Hour 30 mints of Content

  1. Regular Expressions 25 mints
  2. Complete Contact Form + Email 1 Hour of Content
  3. Dynamic Web Pages (Directory Project) 1 Hour of Content
  4. CMS Based Employee Management CRUD 2 Hour + 30 minutes of Content
  5. CMS + Admin Panel with Stunning blog + FREE Bootstrap 4.2.1 12 Hour of Content
This course will focus on all the Fundamentals , Building blocks and Advance Concepts of PHP in complete details which are essentials for beginners. In this Course students will build project after every section to see the real world representation of PHP.
  • Getting Started with Bootstrap 4 FrameWork from scratch without using any Bootstrap Template
  • Latest Bootstrap 4.2.1 Essentials Practically in a Project
  • Using PHP Sessions in a more sophisticated way and pass information easily on different modules of Project
  • Full Coding Exercises
  • Login Logout Admin System
  • Tips / Tricks
  • Code Re-usability
  • Strong Security Techniques on Public Pages
  • PDO layer for Database Operations
  • Enhancing UI UX in admin Panel so that the Admin can manage the different Components of CMS / Blog easily
  • Enhancing UI UX in Public Panel so that the Public / Users can easily interact with the different Functionalities of Blog easily.
  • Using PHP Sessions in a more sophisticated way and pass information easily on different modules of Project
  • Login Logout Admin System
  • URL Tracking
  • Font Awesome
  • PHP 5.6 and 7 Supports
  • Admin Info Update
This course offers you a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, in case if the course does not meet your expectations you can get a full re-fund immediately . Also i will answer all of your questions on top priority.

Now if you want to learn PHP and start your professional career, Take this course now
This course is for complete beginners and for those who want to build projects in PHP.


Who this course is for:
  • Complete Beginners
  • PHP Aspirants
  • Designers who want to Start Back-End Programming
  • College Students

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Instructor Details

Jazeb Akram

Jazeb Akram is a developer and web designer with the great passion for building beautiful new Desktop/Web Applications from scratch. He has been working as a Freelancer since 2011.He designed various Applications for many web design companies as an Out Sourcer. Jazeb Also have a university degree in computer science along with many research activities
You can read his full portfolio on his website jazebakram



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I enjoyed working on the final project and learned quite a lot about mySQL and PHP. It went much easier once I found the source code. Thanks!

Great, Jazeb explains it very well. I like this course, maybe one of the best ones I have taken...

Amazing course for me i am totally a beginer bt now i know lot of thing about php.And thank you Jazeb for your Great Effort!!!!

I am very much thankful to udemy and Jazeb Akram for his excellent Teaching Experience. I am trying my best to implement the same for my starting project.

i feel that the end of the project was a little bit rushed so i am not giving 4 or 5 stars , howerver still very entertaining project .The quality of lecture and audio is good , and i made a lot of progress so i recommand this courses .

Yes. Its Great course for beginner. Good Explanation and Exercises

Jazeb has great patience in showing you how to code every step of the way. I listen to him carefully and try to make my own notes as well from what he teaches. He is not afraid to make the mistake and correct it, I learned how to decode from that. I love him.

I have been looking for a complete php MyAdmin Mysql training package and hope this will satisfy my need. I'm also looking for web app which I think the Bootsrap training here will suffice the need.

Complete disappointment in this course. Codes were messy and, the course is not properly structured. Tutor was all over the place with little or no attention to detail. I regret investing my time and energy into this course having been following the lectures for weeks now.

Great Job, Jazeb! Thank you, sir! :)

A bit excessive with the bootstrap towards the end but overall a good course.

The course uses a lot of Bootstrap functions and attribute coding that I will need to learn elsewhere. I follow what is happening, but am just thinking, how would I know that to color text using Bootstrap I need to use text-... Finally go to using database connections and coding which I am really interested in learning.