The Complete Python & PostgreSQL Developer Course (

Build 9 projectsmaster two essential and modern technologies in Python and PostgreSQL

Created by: Rob Percival

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Understand software and programming with Python from beginning to end
  • Create Python applications ranging from beginner, basic applications to advanced, useful and engaging applications
  • Learn how to extend Python applications by using a professional data storage which is PostgreSQL
  • Understand advanced concepts extremely useful in jobs and interviews, such as data structures and algorithms

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Overall Score : 92 / 100

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Course Description

Ever wanted to learn one of the most popular programming languages on the planet? Why not learn two of the most popular at the same time?
Python and SQL are used by many technology companies, small and large. That's because they are powerful, yet extremely flexible.
Python is used in the industry for things like embedded software, web development, desktop applications, and even mobile apps!
PostgreSQL allows your applications to become even more powerful by storing, retrieving, and filtering through large data sets easily.
This course is your one-stop shop for everything Python and PostgreSQL, and the instructor is constantly available to support your learning and answer questions.
Gallop through or go at your own speed
You'll gain immediate access over 160 lectures and more than 20 hours of content, each developed with ease of learning in mind.
Using my previous teaching experience I've created crystal-clear and original content which you'll find easy to understand - and more importantly - to absorb.
You'll find learning both quick and fun. And, I've used techniques proven to effortlessly lock that knowledge in, as you breeze through each comprehensive chapter.
Fun, fast, and effective
This course will get you from being an absolute Python and PostgreSQL beginner to an experienced software developer.
Don't believe me? I offer a full money back guarantee, so long as you request it within 30 days of your purchase of the course.
Are you ready to transform your world and become an uber-confident app developer?
I'll see you on the inside!Who this course is for:
  • Complete beginners to programming and Python. The course follows concise explanations with hands-on projects, and has been created with the beginner in mind.
  • Intermediate programmers can fly through the first couple of sections and quickly learn about PostgreSQL and advanced Python concepts
  • This course is likely not for advanced programmers, although it has a lot of useful information and can serve well as a reference!

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Instructor Details

Rob Percival

Hi! I'm Rob. I have a degree in Mathematics from Cambridge University and you might call me a bit of coding geek.
After building websites for friends and family for fun, I soon learned that web development was a very lucrative career choice. I gave up my successful (and sometimes stressful) job as a teacher to work part time and today, couldn't be happier.
I'm passionate about teaching kids to code, so every summer I run Code School in the beautiful city of Cambridge. I also run the popular web hosting and design service, Eco Web Hosting which leaves me free to share my secrets with people like you.
You wouldn't believe the freedom that being a web developer offers. Sign up and find out for yourself why so many people are taking and recommending this course. I genuinely believe it's the best on the market and if you don't agree, I'll happily refund your money.
Sign up to my courses and join me in this amazing adventure today. Hi, I'm Jose! I love helping students learn to code and master software development. I've been teaching online for over 6 years, and I founded Teclado to bring software development to everyonemy objective is for you to truly understand everything that goes on behind the scenes.
Coding is extremely rewarding. As you learn, things start to click and make sense. You can join the dots of all the things that weren't quite clear before. I'm here to make that journey quick and painless!
I can help you with Python and J

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This is really good for entry-level, beginners in everything. I didn't realize it was going to move this slow. I'm following along because I don't want to miss anything but I'm at an intermediate level entering this course so I find myself skipping through a lot. I am picking up little this's and that's along the way that I didn't know which is what I wanted too.

Jose is a good instructor. He has deep knowledge on the inner workings of Python. All the projects starts from a very basic skeleton and more stuff is added gradually as the course progresses, it's great! I did have some trouble with the Twitter app because it needed some effort to get consent from Twitter to use Twitter data.

The best Python course ever!The teacher does not only have full knowledge of the topic, but he's also motivating and his teaching methodology is top level.

This course is awesome!!! I have learned lot of new stuffs taking this course. If people are looking to gain knowledge on Postgres then they should definitely give this a go.

The overall course was great, I already knew Python, but I still learned a lot. The instructor is great and the content is very well planned. A small note is that the Twitter API project needs to be updated as some of the Twitter interfaces/Layout have changed.

I'm not done yet, I still have one more section to go. But so far it's an amazing course. Q&A works, Jose responds to messages and provides help, updates content, I feel there is actual interaction with teacher.Never had any problems following topics, everything is explained clearly, thinking and problem solving is encouraged - I actually enjoyed simple quick code-insert quizes throughout the lessons very much.It's not full 5 star, because I miss some important information I thought will be covered here - there's nothing on db migrations, ORMs, there's no installation tutorials for Linux systems. It's a primer to Python and intro to PostgreSQL, not a best practices for Python-PostgreSQL application building. Also... I haven't found any substantial information on Python project structure - how to organize modules, directories and such, I'd expect it will be at least mentioned in one lesson.

Jose clearly has in-depth understanding of various aspects of Python. He just does not tell you how to do something, but takes an incremental approach developing very basic solution and then improvising it iteratively to reach at the best possible way to do anything. He is excellent.This course will help you develop a website using HTML and CSS where you can allow users to login by authenticating using their twitter account (covers Oauth2.0), ability to search tweets (query strings) and display these tweets on a webpage and help you understand how bootstrap and custom CSS can be leveraged to improve your webpage. Of course, all your user information will be stored in Postgres. Then you will run sentimental analysis on these tweets. He also covers other topics such as unit testing, advanced Python and data structures !

First of all, thank you so much, Jose, for this fantastic course and for the fantastic way you teach. I have learned a lot in this course. What is the best part of it that you encouraged me to take alternative routes to get to the same destination.While I followed your database connection approach for a while, I then switched to Flask sqlalchemy and the technique that you taught me about the use of debugger, helped me iron out most of the issues I faced.I also implemented flask wtforms in my project and learned about the post method and mapping objects to the database. In short in this course Jose gave me the tools, confidence to go out there and explore the world of Python. TBH this is what an instructor can do, he teaches you some of the things and then gives you the tools to go out there and explore and learn more.I have given this course 5/5 but it deserves much more.

Very good course. I really like Jose as a teacher. He explains very clearly. Last section was little difficult and it could be easier to learn with more real world examples.

This course gets better as it goes along. Really enjoying it and learning lots from it.

I was so surprised at how thorough the course is! It covered all of the topics that I had questions on converting from Java to Python. It also gave me a great overview of PostgreSQL.

So far its been great. I have a much better grasp of OOP with Python, a much better understanding of Python as well, and now I am getting excited for being able to connect code to a database and store things.