The Complete React Js & Redux Course - Build Modern Web Apps (

Go from Beginner to React Js Expert by building an Instagram Like Web App with React 16, React Router, Redux & Firebase!

Created by: Codestars by Rob Percival

Produced in 2018

What you will learn

  • Learn the modern way of building web applications
  • Master React's Compositional Model
  • Build an Instagram-like Web App from the ground up!
  • Build Interactive Web Pages with self-contained Components
  • Manage your Application's Data with Redux
  • Get web development jobs on freelancer sites

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Overall Score : 90 / 100

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Course Description

React has rapidly become one of the most powerful tools for building Web Applications. Top sites using React include Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Airbnb, and more!
This course is perfect for entrepreneurs or startups looking to bring their ideas to life and React developers command some of the highest salaries in the development world.
Master React and Redux in this fun and exciting course with top instructor Rayan Slim. With over 15,000 students, Rayan is a highly rated and experienced instructor who has followed my "learn by doing" style to create this amazing course.
You'll go from beginner to extremely high-level and your instructor will complete each task with you step by step on screen.

By the end of the course, you will have built a sophisticated Photowall Web Application with React, Redux and CSS. This powerful application will impress even the most senior developers and ensure you have hands on skills in React and Redux that you can bring to any project or company.
This course will show you how to:
  • Build a sophisticated Photowall Web Application with React, Redux and CSS
  • Use Redux to manage your data, make it more predictable and easier to debug.
  • Connect your application to Firebase, a powerful database.
  • Use React Router to navigate through your application
  • Create Class Components
  • Use JSX to build your User Interface
  • Use Props to pass Data
  • Compartmentalize your web page into Components
  • Update Component State to ensure responsive and interactive applications.
No experience required. This course is designed to take students with no programming/web development experience to accomplished React developers.
This course also comes with all the source code and friendly support in the Q&A area.Who this course is for:
  • Web Developers
  • Front-End Developers

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Codestars by Rob Percival

Best-selling Udemy instructor Rob Percival wants to revolutionize the way people learn to code by making it simple, logical, fun and, above all, accessible. But as just one man, Rob couldn't create all the courses his students - more than half a million of them - wanted.
That's why Rob created Codestars. Together, the instructors that make up the Codestars team create courses on all the topics that students want to learn in the way that students want to learn them: courses that are well-structured, super interactive, and easy to understand. Codestars wants to make it as easy as possible for learners of all ages and levels to build functional websites and apps. Hi! I'm Rayan, a full time software developer based in Ottawa, Canada.
I first ventured into development when working on a start-up. Since then, I've built countless web and mobile applications as a freelance developer, meanwhile expanding my repertoire and exploring new avenues in Deep Learning & Data Analytics.
In my free time, I love to teach! Hi! I'm Rob. I have a degree in Mathematics from Cambridge University and you might call me a bit of coding geek.
After building websites for friends and family for fun, I soon learned that web development was a very lucrative career choice. I gave up my successful (and sometimes stressful) job as a teacher to work part time and today, couldn't be happier.
I'm passionate about teaching kids to code, so e



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Great course to start off Reactjs. Gets a bit confusing in the middle especially in the complex parts but after re-watches was able to understand the concepts

I can see the instructor is not answering questions at the Q/A section. There are people who have asked questions more that 20 days ago but he did not reply them. The instructor should be more committed if he wants his students to be successful in this course.

Magnifica explicacion, muy buen instructor, me gusta como va indicando posible errores y soluciones asi como soluciones que no son optimas

Great insights of the subject, am being a JavaScript proficient learning some useful concepts along with React.

One of the first Udemy courses I have actually completed! Loved it and well explained ,I have been programming for a while but this helped clarify redux and firebase with great examples. Many thanks for putting this together.

A very good course for beginners looking to learn React and Redux. The instructor explains the concepts in a clear and concise way. Good value for your time.

This was an excellent introduction to React and Redux. Just the right length to introduce you to essential concepts, get your feet wet and develop momentum. The instruction was thorough and the project well-staged through front-end implementation to database integration. Thank you for an excellent course!

At first the course was awesome, then as the course started progressing, it was difficult to keep up with him as he was moving so fast. I had to pause it a lot of times. Overall though I enjoyed it and felt as if I got a good base to start learning.

The course is good and includes a lot of resources in it. Although, it's a little outdated and React changed a little, as well as redux and other components (even firebase changed), and I wish I knew that beforehand. But it's good knowledge, and after all, it works!

Good course, sound is low volume and hard to hear at times

Good practical hands on for React beginners.

Course started off very slow paced, but got very existing at the end. Took a long time to finish this course since I had to re-visit the videos again and again to fully grasp the Redux concepts. It's true that Redux has a steep learning curve, but Rayan does a very good job of explaining it.