The Complete Unity 5 Guide: Unity Game Development Made Easy (

Build Your Dream Unity Game; Learn Game Design, Game Development, C#, and Build Complete 2D & 3D Games with Unity Engine

Created by: Ahmed Swilam

Produced in 2016

What you will learn

  • A lifetime access to a pragmatic and fun learning experience that will takes you from a complete beginner to becoming a game development expert.
  • The most up-to-date Unity course; all the course materials have been recorded using the latest Unity Game Engine.
  • Learn how to think about your next game idea, how to design your game, and the elements that make a wonderful game.
  • Build 4 complete 2D, and 3D games from scratch.
  • Perfectly-crafted illustrated materials teaching you the required Math, Physics, and Graphics concepts to be a great game developer.
  • A modular structure that makes the course an excellent choice for both beginners and more advanced game developers. Are you already familiar with C#? Well, then skip the C# section, and go directly to the Game Development section.
  • New lectures and materials always added to the course.
  • Answers to all your questions in the course forums.
  • A 30-day money back guarantee; You

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Overall Score : 84 / 100

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Course Description

Are you looking for building your career as a game developer, or building a game studio that creates exceptional games? Do you want to build the next big game hit that will break the app store records? Do you want to entertain millions of people, and add fun to their lives?
If yes, then you have come to the right place.
This second-by-second crafted course is a complete Unity game development experience that will take you into a journey that starts by finding an idea of your game, prototyping your game, putting the structure and developing your game whether in 2D or in 3D, and then publishing it using the Unity game engine.
You will learn how to design your game, validate it, build it and see it live and working and play it with your own hands.
During the course, you will build a Candy Crush, Subway Surfers, 2D platformer in addition to 3D Balance Ball "like" games to practice what you are learning.
What do students say about this course?
5-Star Review: "Excellent content structure. Topics covered are explained in a way to really understand them. Up to date, and covers latest unity 5 features. I've never enjoyed the online learning course like this before. He catches all essential parts of game dev with well divided lectures. And overall lectures have good balance of the background knowledge and the real code. If you wanna learn unity game dev as quick as possible without missing any important points, this is the answer for you." by David Borg
5-Star Review: "This course covers unity fundamentals very well, helped me a lot to understand unity game development basics, and see many exercises. I am still going through the course, but until now everything seems great!" by John Evans
10 years ago, building games was a complex thing. In order to build a game, you had to get your hands dirty with physics, graphics, and math code. It was something only big companies can afford; companies that have millions of dollars to spend on creating their games.
But thanks to the Unity 3D Game Engine, now game development has become a breeze! Unlike the old age of game development, now an indie team of 2 or even 1 game developer can produce games and easily publish and market them.
Unity has become a part of the success of many popular games; Monument valley, threes, Odd world: New n tasty, bad piggies, and hundreds of other titles. The simplicity of the engine, in addition to the vast number of platforms it supports makes it a great choice to depend on.
Content and Overview
Throughout this hand-crafted course, you'll learn all of the Unity game engine's capabilities and establish a strong understanding of the concepts behind game development.
You will understand how to design your games, how to program in C#, experiment each of Unity's components, apply physics, add materials to your game objects, adjust lighting, cameras, play sounds, animations, and deploy your games on mobile devices. In short, you will be exposed to every single aspect that you will need to build fantastic games in Unity.
In your journey in this practical course, your learning experience will always be exercised with challenges. You will write complete programs, and build 4 complete 3D and 2D games from scratch that bridge the gap between theory and practice, and prepare you to be a great hands-on game developer after you graduate from the course.
This course assumes no previous experience. It takes you from the absolute beginner game development concepts, downloading and installing the Unity Game Engine, writing your very first C# program, and then goes into more detail to explore the entire Unity Game Engine's feature set.
Every single lesson in the course has been pre-directed and supplied with animated materials that help deliver complex concepts in the easiest way possible. Utilizing this, the course has been designed to teach you all the aspects and features that the Unity engine provides in an efficient way that saves your precious time. Why would you spend 50 hours to learn game development while you can do it in less than half of that time?
Built from the ground up with modularity in mind, this Unity course is perfectly suitable for both complete beginners and more advanced developers. Want to learn only 2D game development, not 3D ? Well, skip directly to the 2D game development section in the course.
Now, what are you waiting for? Join the course, and start building your dream game in Unity! Who this course is for:
  • Complete beginners with no coding experience that are willing to build great games.
  • More advanced game developers willing to enhance their skills.

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Instructor Details

Ahmed Swilam

Holding a Bachelors of Computer Science, I have spent the last 9 years as a passionate software engineer and an entrepreneur.
In the early days of my career, I developed a passion towards games. Since then, I started to teach myself how to build games, then I have established a game development department in the company that I founded in 2011 where we built a bunch of educational and fun games.
Games can change the lives of people; through games you can learn new things easily, enhance your way of thinking, cooperate with your friends, and most importantly, you can feel good; games add fun to our "sometimes" boring lives.
I believe that building more meaningful and engaging games means more chances for better human beings.
These passions have ignited me to start teaching people how to build their dream games in order to change the world.



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By Glenn on 5 months ago

it was a good match for me

By Jino Lee on 3 years ago

FYI, I am about half way through the course.Pros:I am a kind of a guy who likes to know everything there is to know before I begin anything. And the instructor does exactly that. He goes over every aspect of the engine and apply parts of those knowledge to shape a game step by step, where most of other courses only explain what's needed. If you are like me, this course would help you build a great foundation.Cons:However, this approach can get a bit boring at times since it feels more like a college lecture rather than a game building course. Secondly, although the lectures usually short(mostly 5-8min) to keep it a bite size, many of them are poorly cut multi-part pieces of one big lecture. So don't get wowed by the number of the lectures.Final thought:All in all, this is a great beginner course to start learning Unity. If you are a new comer who likes to lay some solid foundation about Unity, I highly recommend it.

By Damian Duda on 3 years ago

I learned a lot of things that were missing in official tutorials. I'm glad I get this course, every aspect of editor is explained in detail. I will update rating after I complete whole course so I will tell something about code aspect of the course. Ahmed did great explaining editor possibilities in good order, mixing it with actual game making. Also though I sometimes have problems to understand English by ear, I understood everything Ahmed said, his voice is very clear and won't put you to sleep just like voice in the official Unity tutorials do.Update 1: I'm disappointed a little about particles section. The effects created doesn't work as it is expected to work- clouds doesn't looks like clouds at all, candle fire spawns with random offset making it sometimes look like it were floating next to top of the candle not in the center of it. It's theoretical guide how particle settings works in general but it won't teach you how to use them to make realistic effects- you might want to see some tutorials on the web or try to tweak them in your own way- it takes some time at first but you'll get use to how particles works in unity- and it's a great fun!Update 2: I'm really happy about audio editing lessons, same with animations. Didn't even know about some of those function, it seems you don't need to buy plugins for Unity on every step, it already has bunch of useful options, you just need to discover them, and this guide is helping a lot with that.Update 3: The UI and coding tutorials at the end were really helpful.Despite some details this guide were very detailed and useful, especially when learning about UI, Audio and Animations. Coding tutorials at the later parts of the guide were also very good- you will understand the basics of logical thinking you need to aim to when creating your own game. This is unique course I will recommend to beginner (design game, learn editor and unity's c#) and some more advanced users (if you want to learn most of Unity editor functionalities).

By Patrick Maciel on 3 years ago

Great explanation about the basics of most of components and functions in Unity 3D.The content of this course is huge and the Ahmed Swilam (the instructor), help us understand each component individually.The only problem for me is the "copy paste" code, because even if the code is explained, you end up not absorbing as much as if you were watching someone type it and explaining simultaneously (my personal opinion).Anyway, thanks Swilam, for the awesome course!---Obs.: Need subtitles.

By Wilkysingh on 3 years ago

The course is awesome in terms of explaining the bits and bytes of unity platform.I would have given 5 rating but sticking with 4 as it lacks in game examples .If more 3d and 2d games project have been covered it would have been a great learning tutorial.Still it is very good.

By Hector Najera on 3 years ago

The best Unity 5 3D course you will find in Udemy. I learned so much from this Instructor. Also, the content is huge!!. Which is pretty good. It is worth the money i paid !! :)

By Thomas Wedel on a year ago

Awesome course!, shows you EVERYTHING you need to get started as a game developer, experience c# developers can skip c# section as it is pretty basic, however is perfect for new C# programers.

By Michael Russell on 2 years ago

I was very disappointed with this course for the following reasons:1. The 2D and 3D games produced in the game are extremely simple and boring.2. I appreciate that English is probably not the instructors first language, but I found him to speak in a very robotic manner. Though tolerable, was dry and emotionless. However, another Udemy instructor for Unity, Raja, also has English as a 2nd language, and his course is very engaging.3. The instructor will talk in one lecture about the game we're designing, then talk in the next lecture about something else entirely. Making the process of learning very disjointed.4. You can find much better unity tutorials and literature for free such as on YouTube or a simple Google search for pdf books.5. I've done dozens of Udemy courses, and several Unity courses, and this one is by far the least inspiring and the most generic.6. The instructor just repeats excessive amounts of concepts, but rarely applies most of them. And so I forgot most of them since they weren't needed. Unity documentation is better, and free.7. This course is only 17.5 hours long, yet there are many Unity courses that are 30 or even 40 + hours long.8. He only produces 4 extremely simple games. Yet other Unity courses, where they teach 6, 7 or even 10 games that are all unique and very technical.I don't like to leave such a harsh review, but I hope the instructor learns to create a genuinely engaging course next time.In short, don't waste your time and money with this course. I completed 69%, and rarely review courses until completion, but I simply can't be bothered to continue with this extremely boring course.

By Tony Mowday on 2 years ago

While the Unity content I am finding straightforward, I am really struggling with the C# logic. As the course progresses, I am gradually getting a better understanding of the structure of the coding, but could not write anything from scratch.I am experiencing a lot of distortion of the sound track, breaking up constantly. As its not a problem in anything else, it would appear either there is a problem with the recording or the site.

By Logan Jarrett on 2 years ago

This isn't a bad little reference, I generally like the teaching style, but what I didn't like was that it feels really disorganized. Also I felt like despite all the videos it contains, there are some really important concepts either missing or skimmed over, like in the raycasting video, layer masks (and bit masks) weren't talked about at all. This is a very important part of raycasting needed to do most raycast functions in most games.

By Steve Y on 3 years ago

Wonderful course. Lectures are divided into digestible chunks. Learned a ton! :)

By Thomas Starup Jrgensen on 3 years ago

There is something about your teaching that makes every concept stick to my memory much better than i am used to. Excellent course so far.