The Complete Web Development Tutorial Using React and Redux (

Master the professional web development techniques using React and Redux

Created by: Eduonix Learning Solutions

Produced in 2018

What you will learn

  • Master concepts behind Redux, Reactq and JSX
  • Learn to build apps using React and redux
  • Understand the concepts behind state containers
  • Create full fledged project along with the course

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Course Description

Faster and Better are two words that are constantly heard in the development world. Apps need to be built quicker, perform better and be scalable. This has resulted in technologies such as React and Redux to be created.
So, what are React and Redux?
React JS is an open-source JavaScript library that works as the V in the Model-View-Controller, allowing the system to render components that has additional components written as custom HTML tags. It allows incorporating HTML tags to make the developer's coding more flexible. Using a JavaScript syntax extension, known as JSX, the coding is more readable and easier to write.
Redux is slightly different. Although, inspired from Facebook's Flux technology, it is not at all the same. Instead, Redux is a predictable state container for JavaScript apps. It allows the developer to write apps regardless of the environment, resulting in more consistently running apps. It works by storing the whole app in an object tree inside a single store. In order for a change to be made, an action is emitted, which does not result in the state of the app to be changed but rather a new object to be returned. The developer writes a reducer, a special function, which determines how an action will modify the state of the entire application. This made the app easier to run and even test.
Do you want to learn how you can create apps that are fast and furious? Well, then here's your chance. This amazing complete course is the perfect place for you to not only become acquainted with these brilliant technologies, but also master them.
Breakdown React and Redux and learn them from scratch. This course includes everything you need to know about React and Redux. The course answers questions such as what is React and its basic features such as components, state, properties and lifecycle; what is Redux and its basic features such as state, store and reducers; and even how to combine them together to create a brilliant app.
In addition to theory, this React and Redux tutorial also includes building a complete hands-on WeatherCheck Application to get you acquainted with using both technologies in real world applications.
With so much packed in this course, let's get started and learn how to build faster and better apps with React and Redux.Who this course is for:
  • Students who want to master Redux and learn how to use it with react will find this course extremely useful

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This course was was an excellent course and fast paced, it's great for someone who has very little patients like myself. I was able to put in on 2x speed and finish in a weekend, while grasping most of information taught with very little struggle. I only got caught up on 2-3 parts of the course for short periods of time, but I mostly attribute that to the fact that I was watching the videos at 2x speed and missed minor details here and there. I was able to resolve and source the issues rather quickly due to my prior knowledge of React & JavaScript. I recommend the course for anyone who is currently pursuing a career in web development.If you have little experience with JavaScript I recommend reading up on it first as well as ES6.There are some things that could be done in order to make the code examples more concise, but nothing I would consider important.

The course was lovely, straight to the point. I had few stumbing blocks where some imports were no longer supported but with google i sorted that out and it went smoothly. I love the course.

Very good coverage of react with redux. The app from the last section was a nice and useful example. I do know now how to link react with redux. Thank you for this course.

The course is boring to death (the way the teacher speaks, explains, shows the concepts is boring as hell). A lot of staff is not explained at all (composition of middleware functions), use of Object.assing to name a few.

Got me up and running with react and redux quickly. And I like Brad because he doesn't annoy me like other instructors do. Excellente!

Instructor is to the point, no nonsense. He clearly explains the concepts and follows-up with a good demonstration.There are a couple occasions where I understand WHAT the instructor is doing, but not sure WHY he is doing it until after it's done. It would be nice to go into the demonstration with a clear understanding of what's being accomplished.

Well done. Good information. Wouldn't mind one more project in the course to really nail down redux.

I like it so far and it is very informative without being opinionated

Not very informative, too much time is wasted for general coding.

This is a really good training on react and redux. It really help me understand how to use redux in my apps.

Instructor should have taken one flow of real world example and then he should have proceeded further......

This course Provide me informative practical knowledge regarding react & redux. Great Tutorial For Web Developers.