The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp (

Passionate instructor Andrew Mead teaches JS and actually makes it fun! You'll build 3 projects and complete more than 80 coding exercises. Andrew does a great job of explaining complex concepts in a simple and easily digestible way.

Created by: Andrew Mead

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Learn JavaScript by building three real-world web applications
  • Gain a deep understanding of how JavaScript works behind the scenes
  • Explore the latest cutting-edge features from ES6 and ES7
  • Test your skills and gain confidence by completing over 80 coding challenges
  • Learn how to deploy your application to the web so you can share them with everyone
  • Learn how to use Promises and Async/Await with asynchronous JavaScript
  • Get more done by learning how to debug and fix your code when things go wrong
  • Get access to a free 80 page PDF guide with lecture notes, code samples, and documentation links

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Overall Score : 96 / 100

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Course Description

Have you tried to learn JavaScript before?

JavaScript is the most popular programming language out there, but that doesnt mean its easy to learn. You end up wasting time on out-of-date courses and incomplete YouTube tutorials that talk about a JavaScript features without showing how to use them when building real-world applications.

Sound familiar?

I built this course to teach you how to build and launch your own JavaScript web applications.

The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp starts from scratch and builds up your knowledge of the JavaScript language. Yes, youll learn all the features of the language, but youll also learn how to use those features together to create a complete application.

This comprehensive course covers the modern ES6 and ES7 JavaScript features used in the real world. Youll gain an understanding of the latest cutting-edge language features.

Getting experience writing code on your own is a big part of learning JavaScript. Thats why Ive included over 80 challenges designed to get you writing code, adding app features, and solving a wide range of problems. These challenges will give you the skills and confidence needed to create your own web application.

There are no starter projects here. Youll see what it takes to launch a JavaScript application, from the first line of code to the final deployed application.

Whos this course for?

1. People who are brand new to JavaScript. You want to dive into the world of programming and learn JavaScript. This might be your first programming course, or maybe youve worked with other languages before. Either way, youre ready for this bootcamp.

2. People who currently use JavaScript but want a better sense of mastery over the language. You picked up little tricks and snippets of code because you needed to solve a problem. Now youre ready to master JavaScript as well as explore the latest from ES6 and ES7.

Youll learn JavaScript by doing, not watching.

This course is not about watching videos, its about writing code. From the start, youll be building out each project from scratch as well as completing over 80 challenges designed to test and reinforce what youve learned.

During the class, youll build three JavaScript applications:

1. The first app, a note-taking app, is our starter application. Youll learn the fundamentals of JavaScript and see exactly what it takes to build a program that allows users to add, edit, delete, and save their notes.

2. The second app, a to-do application, youll be building on your own. This will test your skills and ensure that you have the real-world experience and problem-solving skills that are essential for writing JavaScript code.

3. The last app, a hangman word game, is used to explore the world of asynchronous JavaScript. Youll learn how to set up applications that rely on data from third-party services that can offer up dynamic, real-time information such as the users current location.

Stay current in an ever changing world.

The world of JavaScript is always changing, and thats why I work to keep this course as up-to-date as possible. You can join knowing youll be learning the fundamentals of the language as well as the new language features that keep coming out.

This course uses the latest language features from ES6 and ES7.

Everything you need comes in one easy-to-use package.

Theres no need to worry if youre learning the right skills to land that JavaScript job or launch that JavaScript app. Ive mapped out everything you need to know in an interactive, easy-to-follow package designed to get you up and running in a couple of weeks.

By the end, youll be able to build and launch your own applications.

Theres no better time to learn JavaScript.

Youve made a smart choice, because JavaScript is the most popular programming language out there. This is no exaggeration. This popularity and growth means more jobs and opportunities than ever before.

JavaScript powers the web. That means every company out there uses JavaScript, and the demand for JavaScript developers is only increasing. Companies from Google and Apple to Udemy itself all use JavaScript extensively.

JavaScript doesnt stop with the web. It has quickly become a universal programming language capable of anything. JavaScript can be used to create desktop apps, server-side applications, native iOS/Android applications, and so much more. This course is your ticket into that ecosystem.

Get access to fast support if you get stuck.

Theres nothing worse than getting stuck ten hours into a course and not getting the help you need to continue. Getting stuck is part of the learning process. Thats why Im here to answer every single question that comes my way.

Ill work with you to get you unstuck and back on track. Its one of the reasons students love taking my courses. Dont take my word for it. Check out the student reviews below.

This is the absolute best course I've taken on Udemy. Andrew is amazing at explaining things concisely, and the flow of the course is perfect. He doesn't skip over anything and he doesn't over-explain anything. On top of all that, he responds to questions so quickly that you won't be stuck at any point." - Tanya Gamarian

"The lessons are of high quality and even more important, he actually takes time to answer your questions!" - Thomas Vercamer

I guarantee that this is the most up-to-date and engaging JavaScript course available, and it comes with a Udemy 30-day money-back guarantee.

I cant wait to see you on the inside!

- Andrew

Who this course is for:
Learning JavaScript for the first time? Already using JavaScript and want to master the language? This course is for you!
This course if for anyone who wants to use JavaScript to launch an application, switch careers, or freelance as a JavaScript developer.

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Instructor Details

Andrew Mead

Andrew is a full-stack developer living in beautiful Philadelphia! He launched his first Udemy course in 2014 and had a blast teaching and helping others. Since then, he's launched 3 courses with over 110,000 students and over 18,000A 5-star reviews. He currently teaches JavaScript, React, and Node. Before he ever heard about Udemy or thought about teaching, he created a web app development company. He's helped companies of all sizes launch production web applications to their customers. He's had the honor of working with awesome companies like Siemens, Mixergy, and Parkloco. Andrew has a Computer Science degree from Temple University, and he's been programming for just over a decade. He loves creating, programming, launching, learning, teaching, and biking.

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By Steve Cote on 2 months ago

very comprehensive course easy to follow, deep explanations and lots of practices.

By Friedrich Siever on 4 months ago

The instructor was very knowledgeable and spoke clearly and explained everything in detail. Following his teaching style was very easy. I may take another course from him.

By Chen Kang on 4 months ago

An amazing course by Andrew. He explains almost every topic in a understandable way and I can probably say that this course is the best javascript course on udemy right now. I wanted to code every day because of how fun it was. I feel confident in continuing my Javascript journey now. If you wanna learn javascript - i recommend this course Pros Topics and concepts are explained in a understandable manner which makes you understand where and how they can be used in other contexts QandA gets answered within 24 hours The projects you create are interesting and fun Challenges are just right in difficulty and really fun Cons - The bonus webpack section is outdated and it doesn't work if you follow his videos. You have to install the latest babel/weback and edit a preset which made it frustrating - The bonus section doesn't prepare you for not being able to access the function files from your app-file. Andrew just assumes you have his exact code, which made me have to rewrite alot of code on my own - this keyword wasnt explained very well, a very important topic in JS. Thats all Thank you Andrew for this amazing course.

By Mkarandziej Karandziej on 3 months ago

Great course Content delivery with example code and exercises help retain important concepts. React and NodeJS next. Thanks.

By SUZIE KIM on 5 months ago

I was a complete beginner to coding. I tried looking at other online courses but they were just hard to understand or not engaging. Andrew achieves both of these which is good for me because i find it hard to stay inspired.

By Thomas Doan on 4 months ago

I'm a beginner, trying to get into a Full stack JavaScript boot camp, and decided to take this course. I'm surprised by how well this format of Discussion, Example, Challenge, and Walk-through is working for me Andrew is a great teacher and the videos are easy to pick up if you have 30 minutes extra to do a lesson and a challenge. You will always learn something new

By Alaz Tetik on 7 months ago

Great course which i can recommend to everyone who wants to learn JS or organize your knowledge about JS . Very well organized, pdf book allows U to easily check out things which U fx don't remember at the moment. Definitely gonna check other courses of Andrew. Thanks Andrew

By Tom Hendra on 5 months ago

I bought this course about 2 months ago and now finished it. This course covers tons of information about JavaScript and it's also updated. I recommend for beginners or intermediate level developers who want to expand knowledge. Learning process was fun because of challenges. Thanks Andrew.

By Christopher Stepowski on 4 months ago

This is the second Andrew Mead course I've taken, and I recommend it to anyone interested in learning or improving on their JavaScript knowledge. If you already know some JavaScript, the first few sections may feel sluggish, but there's enough content and practice exercises on the later sections to make it worthwhile. Andrew explains the tricky concepts pretty well, and builds up from simple examples to more elaborate applications. Thanks to Andrew for providing all this stellar content, and thanks to Adam for the helpful responses in the comment section

By Jason Bancroft on 4 months ago

Andrew did a great job breaking down a lot of useful topics into easily digestible pieces. I learned a lot and am excited to dive in to nodejs.

By Boudewijn Timmers on 16 days ago

This was a very good course, especially for someone that is not familiar with programming in other languages.

By Eirik Rindal on 5 months ago

Andrew and the team have done a fantastic job. I can recommend the course to any beginner and anyone who wants to take their JavaScript to a new level. Asked questions are answered very quickly. The CSS chapter is a bit long in my view, for the fact that the course can not and does not convey CSS. Nice would have been a more detailed explanation of some patterns and the structuring of the code. All in all, I can only congratulate Andrew and the team on this course and warmly recommend it to everyone else.