The Ultimate Google Tag Manager (GTM) Bootcamp 2022 (

Learn Google Tag Manager (GTM) like a Professional! Implement Google Analytics w/ Event Tracking, Custom Dimensions, etc

Created by: Prateek Mehta

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Become confident and master Google Tag Manager!
  • Learn Advanced GTM concepts, like Variables, with ease!
  • Deploy third party tracking pixels, like Facebook Tracking Pixel!
  • Learn to use Google Tag Manager professionally!
  • Implement Google Analytics to track the entire user journey!
  • Learn best practices & become a pro!

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Course Description

Hello and welcome to the Ultimate Google Tag Manager Bootcamp (2019) training course. With over 65 video lessons, this is the most comprehensive course to learn Google Tag Manager (GTM), and it will take you from being an absolute beginner to having a thorough understanding of how Google Tag Manager works. I will also provide you a Testing Website where you can test your skills and practice because this course is extremely hands on.
There is nothing like being able to demonstrate your new skills after a course, and If you are ready to make an effort for it, you will find all the information you need right here in this course. Moreover, you will also get a certificate when you complete the course.

So why Learn Google Tag Manager?
A Tag Management Solution can help us add new code to our website in just a few clicks. This can save time, money, and resources for any organization. In this course, we will look at Google Tag Manager-- which is a free Tag Management Solution, and we will learn how to use it to implement Google Analytics on our website because while customers leave a digital trail of their activity on your website, collecting this customer data is critical for every aspect of your business.
However, collecting data is easier said than done. Tag Management solutions really shine in this domain by simplifying the process of tracking new things and by making changes to data collection as easy as 1,2,3... all this while cutting down the development time and complexity by 90% in some cases.
This is the reason why almost 317,000 of top 1 Million websites use Tag Management solutions, and Google being Google; owns a lion's share and holds 82% of Tag Management market share
But, please note that using the content in this course, you will be able to add any piece of code to your website using Google Tag Manager.

Who is this course for?
In this course, we will go from an absolute beginner to an intermediate level. So, you will find a lot of useful information in this course to become a Google Tag Manager Ninja.
Once again, there is nothing like being able to demonstrate your new skills after a course, and If you are ready to make an effort for it, this course is extremely hands on and you will find all the information you need right here in this course.
Moreover, all of this comes with an amazing 30-day money back guarantee & personalized help though the QnA section. Get certified today and start earning more.
Now, it's time to start learning. See you in the course.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who is interested in Web Analytics
  • Anyone who is interested in Google Analytics
  • Anyone who is looking for job in Analytics domain
  • Anyone who is interested in Digital Analytics
  • Anyone who is interested in Marketing Analytics
  • Anyone who is interested in Google Tag Manager

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Instructor Details

Prateek Mehta

Prateek Mehta is an analytical consultant, strategist, trainer, and a speaker. He has an impressive understanding of Data Analytics & Product Management with a strong emphasis on analysis of customer behavior to maximize conversions. He is a passionate leader with a proven track record of translating complex ideas into slick and successful executions.
His clients include Google, Genpact, Springer, Walmart, Times Internet, and many more.
Prateek Mehta has a BS in Computer Science from University of Houston, and he's completed his MBA from IIM, Lucknow.



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Another "click bait" title found in Udemy. This course has nothing "Ultimate" about it, the correct title should have been "Google Tag Manager for Dummies - A Theoretical Approach". The instructor spends tons of his (and our) time talking about all the theoretical aspects of GTM (which can easily be found in the training course provided by Google for free) and spends a little less than an hour explaining some practical issues. If you remove the obvious practical examples also shown by Google for free (such as how to setup Google Analytics via GTM and basic event tracking), then the practical examples of this course, are a little less than 30 minutes. And the thing is, that they are not so practical, since the test site the instructor is using is a localhost website. The testing of the implemented tags is not done via Google Analytics but instead, via Tag Assistant (who cares about that, when any user implementing these cares only about how these are shown in Google Analytics) and even the Facebook Pixel tracking section is a joke, since the instructor only copy pastes the html code and does nothing else to properly setup the Facebook Pixel (try doing it like he is instructing you to do so and it's never going to work). The only interesting thing I found is the Google Analytics Audit, but again, in practice, this has extremely limited practical implementation since the way the instructor proposes to do the audit is so time consuming almost nobody will have the time (or will get paid) to do this like he proposes. To summarize: about 70% of this courses material can be found on Google training videos for GTM for free. The rest 30% are either incomplete or have very few practical implementations. I wished I watched this course sooner so that I could get my money back.

Its a great and comprehensive course as the instructor has covered all the recent developments as well. I took another course on this subject and compared to this course, the earlier one seems incomparable.

This course is a must buy. Prateek is extremely knowledgeable and knows how to explain the domain extremely well. He simplifies even the most difficult concepts and throughout the course focuses on building your knowledge. The course is executed perfectly and is an excellent starting point for learning GTM.

As so far, this course is helping me to understand the concepts about GTM and how it works. Happy To Learning

By Jie on

The logic is clear and easy to follow. It is way better than what Google Tag Manager Fundamentals can offer. The practices at the end are very useful, since those are the basic elements that an organisation would like to track. It is perfect for beginners.

The course instructor has great teaching skills. It was really helpful. I was trying to read about google tag manager online but there is nothing much written about it. This course has helped me to gain in-depth knowledge on this subject matter and not only that, I can now implement it on my website.

By Roja on

Excellent course for both Beginners and Intermediate level. The trainer has explained the concepts in-depth. The unique part of this course is we can learn both theoretical and practical by applying immediately on the testing website.

This course is awesome. So far I have completed about 50% of the course and I have gained a lot of clarity on what GTM is and its applications.The course has been explained very well

The course is very well planned and explained. Also there is sufficient material and website for practice.The trainer has explained the concepts in a very simple and easy way.

This is a comprehensive course wrt google tag manager and the instructor has covered every substantial aspect.

I am glad I bought this course. I had a basic idea of GTM and wanted a course that's easy to understand and more importantly I should be able to apply practically.The instructor is great and also there is a practice website.

Good Course...