The Unity C# Survival Guide (

Created in partnership with Unity Technologies: Master C# with Unity in this Complete Guide!

Created by: Jonathan Weinberger

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Master C# with Unity
  • Beginner C# concepts (variables, if-statements, methods, etc.)
  • Intermediate C# Concepts (lists, dictionaries, abstract classes, etc)
  • Advanced C# Concepts (delegates, events, lambda expressions, design patterns, etc)
  • Interview Prep
  • Unity quick tips and challenges
  • How to program from scratch

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Overall Score : 92 / 100

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Course Description

This course is authorized by and made in partnership with Unity Technologies.

Have you been struggling to learn how to code in C# with Unity? If so, you have found the course you've been searching for! This course is designed for beginner to advanced or professional programmers alike. For beginners, sequential completion of the lessons is recommended, as it will teach you the basics of coding using interactive challenges and problem solving techniques. The course progresses in difficulty, and upon completion, you will have gone from a novice C# developer to an advanced, job ready, C# developer. For advanced or professional coders, this course is meant as a reference guide to help you survive in the workplace. Rusty on delegates and events? Check out the section of this course that focuses exclusively on them, and teaches you how to implement them into your projects. For seasoned coders, sequential progression through the course is not necessary; The Unity C# Survival Guide is flexible, allowing developers to use it for their specific needs. New content is frequently added, so you can rest assured that your survival guide is always up to date. This is the only C# in Unity programming course authorized by and made in partnership with Unity Technologies.

In This Course, You Will:
  • Master C# with Unity
  • Become a career-ready programmer in C#
  • Implement advanced coding logic into your own projects
  • Discover game programming patterns
  • Proficiency in abstract classes and interfaces
  • Learn best practice implementations
  • Practice typical job interview questions that programmers commonly face
  • And much more!

This course will take you through over 50 interactive challenges, designed to help you master beginner to advanced C# concepts. The first section, created for novice C# developers, covers variables, "if" statements, loops, and arrays.

The second section focuses on intermediate concepts, like properties, name spaces, enums, and dictionaries.

The third section focuses on advanced concepts, like abstract classes, delegates and events, lambda expression, and linq. This section ends with interview practice problems, compiled from industry professionals who work for Cartoon Network, American Gaming Systems, Facebook, Oculus and more!
In addition to the sections organized by difficulty, there is also a "Unity Quick Tips" section, dedicated on how to do anything in Unity, such as creating character controllers, explosion effects, and how to fire a weapon. The quick tips section also includes a Unity Editor overview, to help beginners get accustomed to Unity, and/or help seasoned developers learn about new features in Unity as Unity updates the editor. If you're looking for a "how to" section, this is a great place to start.

If there is something in the Survival Guide that is not covered, please send us a message, and we will add it to the course!

Why Learn C# with Unity?

We are entering a revolutionary period in Technology and at the front is Unity Technologies. Unity is no longer just a game engine, but a complete real time rendering platform that's powering applications within the fields of games, AI, automotive, film, architecture, construction, sales & services, marketing & training, medical, and so much more. The games industry is $120B. Now consider how all these new emerging markets are adopting Unity into their workflows and that number quickly jumps to a trillion dollar marketplace for C# developers. Not convinced? In 2018, companies like Coca-Cola, AT&T, GE, Facebook, Google, Uber, Nissan, Lexus, Tesla, Deepmind, AGS, Disney and many other large corporations adopted Unity into their workflows.

If you're serious about a career with with C# and Unity, I will help you reach your goals. I'll see you inside the course.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner C# Unity Developers
  • Intermediate C# Unity Developers
  • Advanced C# Unity Developers
  • Professional Developers

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Instructor Details

Jonathan Weinberger

Hi! I'm Jon. I'm a self-taught software engineer with over eight years of experience, and the author of Learn Unity Programming with C#. I've developed several Unity games for Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, the casino industry, and various indie game companies. I've also developed real world enterprise augmented reality applications for companies like GE, Coca-Cola, and ThyssenKrupp. I got my start in programming when I was 16 years old, developing private game servers for a popular MMO. When I decided to look at game development as a career, I struggled to find content that didn't just spoon-feed me the answers. After countless hours of learning concepts and trying to figure out the logic behind everything myself, I decided to start my own YouTube series that teaches developers to code from scratch through interactive challenges. It quickly became popular within the Unity community, and my educational career became a reality. I have a passion for teaching, and I love watching my students go from zero to hero, with some of them even landing big time game development jobs with companies like Oculus and Cartoon Network! Several of my students have gone on to create their own amazing titles and even start their own indie game studios! My favorite thing about programming is when you're developing a feature and the logic for how to solve a problem just "clicks." That "eureka" moment is what I strive to teach all my students!

I am the Authorized Unity



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By Mack Carruthers on a week ago

A stellar guide with excellent explanations and demonstrations at a pace that never overwhelms. I would have liked to have seen more in depth explanations and demo's on the advanced sections but it's still a fantastic starting point.Thank you Jonathan! Great work!

Great course, with lots of useful information. Works great as a reference guide. The Instructor is very clear with the explanations.

By ????????????? ????????? on 3 months ago

Greate course!I like the most the very first lectures and second part of the course. They containe things that are not shown in most other course.And I like sections about events, lambda, LINQ and delegates very much. These lections are more detailed than I saw in other cources.

By Mit Sengupta on 4 months ago

Jon is an excellent teacher! I thoroughly learned fundamentals of C# plus. He also exemplified the need to use what in particular circumstances while developing games with Unity.

By Bishesh Chakraborty on 2 weeks ago

Quite basic C# exercises... and the course title makes little sense to me. WASTE OF MONEY cuz all this content (and better) is out there for free.

By Michele Fanfoni on a month ago

Jon explain things in a very clear way. This course is probably the best about C# programming in unity.However i'm giving 4 stars because on the site i could not find the challenges promoted inside the course, and it seem reading around that challenges are only for subscribers (so you have to pay for it) and in the course this is not written anywhere. Also, someone asked for it like 1 month ago on the forum and here too, but noone is answering. this sucks quite a bit, considering that the challenges that are in the course are really nice and helpful! Add them to the site and this is a 6 course!

By Brian Denton on 3 weeks ago

Learned a lot, good overview of C#, with some good Unity tips. Liked the section on Events. Would like to see more on C# templates ('<'/'>' brackets), since this is used frequently in Unity.

By Nick Castle on 3 months ago

I really love the course. The reason it gets 4 starts instead of 5 is because a few things. One I know your trying to make money/get subs but please make resources free. It's off putting to some who don't have the means after they just purchased the course. Second I felt that there's not enough challenges. So it the beginning of the course its starts off very strong then fades overtime. I believe the last section on LINQ is where the challenges pick up again with multiple challenges in one section. Over all the content and explanations are well thought out and very helpful for a beginner. I took this course while reading the Microsoft documentation at the same time. It help tremendously. C# has a lot a features and this course does its best at going over each item.

By Rob George on 3 months ago

After dabbling with Unity for quite sometime and finally finding the time in my life to put my head down and learn/re-learn & understand it all, this was a great course to instill confidence (from the challenges) and move on and finish projects.Though I'm sure I'll experience the need for some of more advanced aspects of this course, I was a bit disappointed in the final few sections with the teaching examples. Going over functions for the sum of a + b is hardly real world. I would have much rather preferred some sort of gaming example code rather than adding two values.When it comes to the coding challenges, even though GameDevHQ is readily available for all, I would have also appreciated more challenges throughout the course, they're an integral part of learning and I felt the course simply abandoned them about 1/2 way thru.I'm a big fan of Jonathan Weinberger courses and will be joining GameDevHQ and subscribing!

First off the teacher is awesome, knows pretty well what he's talking about, and how to explain everything. Also, there are a good amount of challenges in the course for you to make sure you're learning everything.I was not familiar at all with C# from Unity, and now I feel like I can start working on some ideas I have for games, and use this as a support plataform in case I ever get stuck and need any solution for it.10/10

By Virtumetrics on 4 months ago

Definitely a more productive learning within this course than other more long winded ones. General flow of teaching is good, but sometimes concepts are used before they are taught later in the course and this can jar a little as you struggle to understand something being used that you have not been shown how to utilise. By the end I found these small issues did not affect the completion of my learning and application. The extra challenges offered after each module are not accessible, so after hearing the offer after every module it got a little grating.

By Darius Dreiner on 4 months ago

Only part wise. Many Knowledge is used before explained probably.Interesting but not that important if you already used to program java or c# outside of unity. Even if youre not so experienced.