Unity & C# - Build A Complete 2D Mobile Platformer Game (Udemy.com)

Learn How to Develop a Complete 2D Mobile Platformer Game in Unity C# From Start to Launch in Google Play Store

Created by: AbleGamesDev .

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Create a mobile platformer from scratch to launch in Google Play Store
  • Easily monetize your game with AdMob banner and interstitial ads
  • Master Sixteen Popular Platformer Game Mechanics like Background Parallax, Breakable Crates, Coin Pickup Effects and more
  • Create an animated 2D game character with behaviors like left/right movement, jump, fire bullets, pickup coins, crush enemies, water splash and more
  • Design/Update levels 10x faster using my Unity asset: Level Designer
  • Implement Level Locking/Unlocking with awarded stars showing below level buttons in the Level Select Menu
  • Create and work with Prefabs
  • Use the components of Unity 2d Physics like Rigidbody2d
  • Work with Colliders and Collision Detection
  • Understand best practices of Level Design
  • Create Your Own 2D Player Controller
  • Easily create and work with a custom binary database file
  • Program useful gameobjects like GameController,

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Overall Score : 88 / 100

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Course Description

Welcome To Unity & C# - Complete 2D Mobile Platformer Game Development Course! (Compatible with Unity 2018+)
Watch the promo video to see How You Can Begin Creating Your Own 2D Mobile Platformer Game in Unity & C# Now!
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"I am enjoying the course, it is one of the best on Unity I have seen, Everything is explained well and the game being built seems fully featured, other tutorials often leave stuff out that you would probably like to see how to do. I would recommend this for beginners and those with some experience with Unity and C#"

"I have only just finished section 2 of the course but it is already FAR better than any other Unity course or tutorial I have found (and I did a lot of looking)! This has been a great experience so far. I feel like I will finally be able to learn the skills needed to fulfill my dream of designing and building a genuine Unity mobile game that I can actually publish. Thanks for the great course! Update: Just wanted to add how impressed I am with the speed and detail of the instructor's responses to my questions. I had some issues (totally my fault) getting things working and even after we got them resolved, Sonny made sure to respond with detailed explanations with photos to make sure I understood why the issues occurred and how the solutions actually worked. Honestly I could not be any happier with the quality of this course and its instructor. It is seriously so good!"

"This course was very great, it has a lot of small challenges to get you to use some of the features you have just learned. It is very detailed and the entire game is build very professionally with very good order and small but important details. Well-worth the price, and this will take you from beginner to pro, in no time. Just imagine being able to familiarize yourself with every single step of the way from idea to final game and how to have that very same game ONLINE on the Google Play Store in just a day's worth (just short of 20 hours) of lectures. Nothing less than incredible"
How Can This Course Help YOU?
  • Are you looking for a Unity 2d course that shows you WHAT steps to take and also explains the HOW & WHY behind each step?
  • Do you feel that existing Unity tutorials don't contain the right content to help you with your goals?
  • Are you looking to learn how to monetize your mobile games in Unity?
  • Are you searching for a simple and easy to understand course which shows you how to build a mobile platformer game, step by step?
  • Do the terms sprites and sprite sheets confuse you?
  • Do you feel lost when it comes to C# scripting?
  • Are you baffled by the process of building mobile games in Unity which look good on different screens and resolutions?
  • Are Unity 2d concepts hard for you to understand?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then i have good news! Take this course and see for yourself that all of this is actually easy.

A few years ago i was just like you, having problems with creating 2d stuff in Unity and looking for tutorials on YouTube, trying to get my head around seemingly hard concepts. None could help me get to a level where i could just start making 2d games with minimum effort. Sprite sheets, Sprite Editor, Canvas, Buttons, C# Scripting, Game Menus all seemed a bit out of reach. But i persisted.
It's been 4 years since and it's all easy now. I've built numerous mobile games for clients as well as my own projects. I realized that this stuff was not difficult but there was not much documentation or ample video tutorials to explain things in an easy to understand manner. Right then i decided i will make an effort and share what i'd learned with others and the idea of AbleGamesDev was born.
Waste no time and join this course and see for yourself. I'll see you inside!
After Taking This Course:
  • you will learn the complete workflow of developing a 2d mobile game with Unity and C#
  • you will be able to double your Unity 2d level design speed
  • you will be able to create 2d characters and animate them
  • write scripts in C# to create popular game-play mechanics
  • learn and implement 16 awesome game mechanics for your Unity mobile platformer game
  • learn how to use AdMob ads strategically to monetize your game while providing a good user experience
  • learn how to create self destructing AdMob banner ads
  • learn how to create level select menu and show stars awarded for each level
  • learn to use binary files for storing and managing game data
  • learn the step by step process of packaging your game for Android
  • you will know how to launch your completed game to Google Play Store through Google Play Developer Console
  • you will learn tips and tricks and best practices to become better with Unity and C# scripting!

Don't just take my word for it, See What Students Are Saying:
"This course is fantastic! Not only does it teach a lot of important Unity features, coding and game design concepts but it also challenges you to think for yourself and do problem solving. The teacher Sonny is very pedagogical and inspires you to be creative."
"This was an excellent course. Sonny does a great job of clearly explaining everything he does. I'm a beginner to Unity & C# and this course was perfect for me - I learned a ton. Sonny also is very quick to respond to any questions or requests for help. I strongly recommend this course and will definitely look for other Unity courses that Sonny teaches."
"Really good course for anyone who wants to learn making games in Unity because it covers whole Unity Game Engine pretty well. Congratz on Course and Ty."
"Most useful course for the beginners who are new to Unity and for the people who aspire to become a Gamedev. And most importantly, the Instructor(Sonny) is so helpful in clarifying your doubts then and there."
"I am midway the course and the content is very engaging, the tutor is very easy to follow and detailed for you to understand

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AbleGamesDev .

Do you feel lost when it comes to Unity games development? Do you have an app idea but don't know how to take it to the app stores? Do you dream of building exciting VR/AR apps/games? Is there a designer in you who is longing to become a programmer or vice versa? AbleGamesDev can help you with these goals.

My Motto is simple: "Making complex topics easy to understand, fun and immediately usable"

You can logon to my YouTube channel for some sample videos on Unity2d game programming.

I have over 15 years of experience working with multinationals as well as startups developing software with the last 5 years spent building over 20 mobile apps/games. The experience gained is invaluable and I'd like to share it with those willing to learn.

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By Andrew Corbett on 4 months ago

Great course and great teacher. Would love to see some additional chapters with more complex material based on your previous learnings.

By Dinesh S on 4 months ago

Thank You for wonderful course. I learnt all the tricks to develop a 2d platformer game.

By Thomas on 5 months ago

I had such an amazing time with this course ...just love it.....had a bit of everything in it ...Well done ...would love to do more of this type of course..

By Bassel Rawda on 6 months ago

I've started learning Unity 2D game development on my own for about a month. This course helped me structure my train of thoughts and made every aspect of this tool clear. I encourage anyone interested to learn 2d game development to start with this course !!

By Blakeleedesign on 3 weeks ago

This tutorial is great however, your painter is too buggy. At least it doesn't work well with my mac in unity2019. Also, please try to explain how the code is working instead of just reading our.

By Maria Lopez on 8 months ago

Lot of bugs, errors, if you are beginner maybe good start with this course for learn basic things but that sure you can not finish nothing your own game because you have to solution alone the errors and that is not fair because we payed for this course and I think the minimum if there are lot of error or something not clear then answer to your question. I have waited one answer 20 days but still not arrived reply. For this 1 Star. But if the teacher answer because is his work then I give 5 stars for this course! But I see the teacher just put this course up and after 1 years forgot this course... Just the problem is there are new students and no mean that the teacher have to forget this course.

By vishesh nasir on 3 months ago

The instructor seems to have good knowledge of the tool. he very nicely explains to pain points and good development practices. the only negative side (and a big one) is his use of a personally created plugin (Level Designer). it started crashing in the middle of my development and no matter how much i tried, i could not Debug. obviously there was no online help available. got stuck and had to abort. now just watching the video. good video content though

By Christopher Greening on 4 months ago

He is very clear and seems to explain the right questions that I am thinking of as he goes through. So far I have pretty much known everything he has went over but it was a nice refresher and I can tell he will definitely be teaching me some new things very soon.

By Ruoshui Yan on 3 months ago

This course is kind of outdated as of August 2019, some of the course material does not match the current version of unity. So sometimes it took me a long time to figure out what to do in the current version of unity. Or I just even cannot find it myself. So I asked in the Q&A section. But the instructor did not reply anymore. The course seems dead.And the download link does not work so I cannot do the assignment...And one more thing, as another comment said, "This course relies far too heavily on Level Designer, a 3rd-party tool written by the author. As a result, this tutorial feels much more like an instruction manual on Level Designer than a fleshed-out Unity tutorial." I feel like I am being cheated somehow. Unity is keeping updating but this tool is just as-is, will eventually be outdated if no longer updating (the instructor said he will update it often but it has not been updated for almost 2 years!) and many parts of the course we learned will be completely useless. I think the instructor overcomplicate the level-designing process with the so-called "level designer". I do not find the instructor-called "hard" way so hard. I sometimes even believe the instructor overcomplicate the "hard" way so the students believe using his "level designer" would be easier. What about the designers who do not take this course? Does it mean they can hardly make a game with different levels? And the instructor seems very proud of his masterpiece and wants everyone to praise it... but I find it hard-to-use and it contains several bugs after using it several times... It ruins the course... I just double-speed the videos about "level designer" and use the so-called "hard" way to design the levels. It is actually faster and easier for me...However, other parts are awesome. I indeed learned many things about unity and general game making.I will keep this rating until the instructor replies to me...

By Kata Duran on 3 months ago

The course is great! Sunny is a wonderful teacher! Thank you so much for this course.

By Yangstone70 on 9 months ago

It was a great lecture for me as a complete beginner to understand the whole process of making apps and deploying them in the Google-PlayStore using Unity. I give my great thanks to Joe, the teacher of this course. Only wistful thing was that this course was somewhat outdated from the latest version when I found it. Especially, I found those things in the course of making level design. I hope Joe keep it up-to-date or make a new one. Very Thanks~

By Bmac on 9 months ago

Initially used the tile system developed by the tutor, but decided to use the inbuilt Unity tilemap system instead. Enjoyed the lessons, not too much discussion of C# basics which was good, otherwise could have slowed down the course.