Unity Game Development Using uScript (Udemy.com)

Unity: Learn how to develop and create 3D Unity games with NO programming involved using the plugin uScript.

Created by: Scott Wilson

Produced in 2014

What you will learn

  • By the end of the course you will be able to rapidly create your own video game prototype
  • You will know the ins and outs of the popular Unity 3D Engine
  • You will know how to implement game mechanics such as player movement, shooting, spawning enemies, game scoring and simple UI
  • You will know how to build your game for several platforms including PC, Mac and Web players

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Overall Score : 94 / 100

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Course Description

Do you have a passion for playing video games and are you itching to create your own? Look no further, this course in Unity Game Development is for you. At the end of the course you will be able to build fully functional games for PC, Mac, Mobile and more. In this course we will be developing a 3D game to the prototype level using the industry leading engine Unity3D and a powerful plugin called uScript. uScript is an easy to use visual scripting interface which allows anybody to create complex games with ease. This course is intended for people who are wanting to dive into a career or hobby in video games. It is also intended for developers who are uncomfortable with learning complex and tedious programming languages. People such as level designers, artists, sound engineers and game designers. With uScript it is easy to start developing your game with absolutely no programming involved. In this course we will be learning from short and snappy videos, step by step video guides so that you will know all the processes used in game development. You will be building your very own games in no time. So Are you interested in learning how to make games or simply hate using programming languages, I assure you that this course is just for you. Who this course is for:
  • Newcomers to game development
  • Non programming game developer such as artists, sound engineers or game designers who can't spend the time or money on learning another discipline
  • Programmers who want to make tasks easier in game development. This is especially important for level driven events in games

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Instructor Details

Scott Wilson

I have been playing games since the Sega Genesis and have always been interested in Creative and Digital Media since my early teens. I was first interested in graphic design while doing GCSE and A Level Art during Grammar school. This progressed into a strong interest in traditional film, stop motion and cell animation studies. I then decided that video game development was a creative medium I enjoyed the most.

At the age of 18 I moved to England and trained in AAA game development at Staffordshire University where I learned how to develop games from Design Mechanics, animation, 3D modelling, game engines, level design and motion capture. I graduated with a Distinction in a Masters of Computer Engineering Degree.

During my final two years of university I worked extremely hard not only on my University projects but also as a remote freelance artist with independent studios throughout the world. With enough hard work I managed to get top marks in my education while working in industry.

I am currently a senior lecturer in Game Development where I teach students of all ages from 18 - 60 the many aspects of game development. As well as this, I enjoy working on my own indie titles in my spare time.



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By Andrew Fleetwood on 10 months ago

i believe this will help me go far

By Paul Martin on 3 years ago

uScript is an amazing visual programming tool that makes Unity usable by programmers and non programmers alike. uScript however, lacks video tutorials, and this short course really helps visualize the concepts in uScript. I believe that uScript + Unity is a very powerful combination for the production of games and for modeling 3D environments.

By Josefina Santa Cruz on 4 years ago

The course is not what you would expect. The instructor claims that you will build a video game prototype, but by the time you reach the final chapter, you find out that the prototype is still very buggy. An actual prototyping serves to provide specifications for a real, working system, but this course ends up very far away from a working system, it's just a few concepts stitched together that with a lot of work and changes could become a prototype from which you could work on to create a fully functional video game. Also, during the lectures, the instructor commits a lot of mistakes, making the course feel improvised and unprofessional, he even claims in one of the videos that "it was his first time doing this particular thing", reason for it to not work properly. Latter, he fix this issue, but it's a clear sign of improvisation and not a mistake done on purpose for the student to learn from, as he doesn't explain why it didn't work giving me the feeling that he actually doesn't know the reason. Wich leads me to my conclusion. You just see what he does with an eventual explanation of why is he doing what hes doing, there is no real teaching here, at least not for me.

By Matthew Todd on 4 years ago

Excellent instructions at a easy to follow pace. Works in Unity 5.0 with only a few objects being in a new menu location. Great introduction to the uScript utility. Again easy to follow his pace for me. Though you can always pause and catch up. If he gets past you.

By Bk on 4 years ago

After being frustrated with Playmaker, I was convinced there had to be a better alternative. Uscript is it. If you want to learn a powerful visual scripting tool, get a foundation course in game design AND understand the philosophical foundations of scripting in unity (which Uscript inherently teaches) - this is the course for you.

By Toby Ahearn on 3 years ago

I purchased uScript along time a go, but it's only since this course that I feel like I really understand it.

By Charles Garrett on 4 years ago

A great introduction to uScript, after you complete the lesson you will have a pretty simple and working game prototype.

By Vaessen Luc on 2 years ago

Le cours est clair, progressif et donne des astuces pour se sentir l'aise avec Unity. Il reprends tout 0 au dbut, mais passe rapidement uScript et en donne une excellente introduction.

By MIK3K Last Name on 4 years ago

Just completed this course (first udemy course I finished 100% and ready to attack the other I bought). Excellent course for uScript if you have a basic understanding of Unity. Most important for me is the way uScript is so easy to follow the logic (I even have problems learning how to use playmaker). Now I have a good understanding of not just uScript but how the parts of a prototype game fit together. Very excited to move on and build on this foundation!Scott is very easy to listen to and stay interested through the entire course, pace might be a tad slow if you have a good knowledge of programming already but perfect for me. I think the second to last video seemed a little rushed because Scott changed the uScript graph for bullet audio pitch but the game or scene window was blocking the uScript editor window but it was easy enough to figure out as he was talking about what he was doing.

By Jerri Palmer on 4 years ago

This should be required viewing for anyone wanting to learn uScript. I have been using it since 2013, but the official tutorials are so lacking that I gave up for a year to try out Unreal Engine's Blueprints. I gave uScript one last shot because of this tutorial and I'm glad I did. Many thanks to Scott!

By Peter Day on 4 years ago

First class professional instruction in a well paced course which keeps you focused right to the end. The step by step short video format makes it easy to revisit any point that you may be struggling with. I recommend this course to any student of game development.

By Gabriel Bishop on 2 years ago

Clear examples and consistent approach. Starts with UBER basics so perhaps not the best place for anyone with unity development(if you fit this profile be sure to skip ahead).For someone who doesn't see themselves as a programmer, and wants a low barrier entry point into the shark-infested waters of game development, this is an excellent start.uScript seems to be a pretty powerful tool especially for rapid development, but it lacks a large body of resources and references. Their documnetation is pretty decent. But this course definitely fills a much needed void in the learning of uScript.Be warned uScript (or any other visual scripting tool) is not a magic wand. You still have to know a few programming basics such as ints bools and what variables are. To be fair this course does a fair job of explaining theses concepts as they become relevant to the project.Anyway, nuff said. Great course If you are new to Unity and/or uScript give it a shot. You've got nothing to lose