Vue - The Complete Guide (w/ Router, Vuex, Composition API) (

Vue.js is an awesome JavaScript Framework for building Frontend Applications! VueJS mixes the Best of Angular + React!

Created by: Maximilian Schwarzmuller

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Build amazing Vue.js Applications - all the Way from Small and Simple Ones up to Large Enterprise-level Ones
  • Understand the Theory behind Vue.js and use it in Real Projects
  • Leverage Vue.js in both Multi- and Single-Page-Applications (MPAs and SPAs)

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Overall Score : 96 / 100

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Course Description

Hear what students are saying about the course:
He knows how to teach. Splits every details into smaller parts and makes another video for each part. For this reason you don't feel yourself boring while watching videos because lots of them about 2-3 mins not more. One of the best teachers in Udemy that I saw.
The instructor uses an easy-to-follow approach that builds knowledge easily and incrementally.
Very well laid out tutorials that are easy to follow but also run at a pace that doesn't get boring.
About the course
No matter at which Metric you look (Google Trends, Github Stars, Tweets ...) VueJS is the Shooting Star in the World of JavaScript Frameworks - it simply is amazing!
Frontend Frameworks are extremely popular because they give us this reactive, great User Experience we know from Mobile Apps - but now in the Browser! No wonder that Jobs requiring Frontend Framework Skills like VueJS are amongst the best paid ones in the Industry!
You may know Angular 2 and ReactJS, well, VueJS combines the Best of both Frameworks and makes building anything from small Widgets to big, Enterprise-Level Apps a Breeze and a whole lot of Fun! And if you don't know the two mentioned Frameworks: That's fine, too, this Course does not expect any knowledge of any other Frontend Framework - you will learn it all throughout this Course!
### This Course covers it all! ###
We'll start at the very Basics, what Vue.js is and how it works before we move on to more Complex and Advanced Topics but I'll be honest: It's too much to fit it all into one Sentence, so here's what you'll learn in this Course:
  • What is VueJS and Why would you use it?
  • Setting up a Development Environment and Workflow
  • The Basics (including the basic Syntax, Understanding Templates and much more!)
  • Interacting with DOM (Rendering Lists, Conditionally attaching/ detaching Elements ...)
  • Using Components (and what Components are to begin with)
  • Binding to Form Inputs
  • All about Directives, Filters and Mixins
  • How to make your App more Beautiful with Animations and Transitions
  • How to create an awesome Single-Page-Application (SPA) with Routing
  • How to improve State Management by using Vuex
  • How to Deploy the App
  • And much more ...
And all the accompanied with many Exercises and multiple Course Projects - because it isn't just about seeing Code, it's about using and practicing it!
### Is this Course for you? ###
Now that you know what this Course is about, let's see if this Course is for you!
Here are three Types of Students who will love this Course:
Student #1:
Has some JavaScript Experience and is interested in what this Language can do. He heard and read that JavaScript allows you to create nice Web Applications and enhance existing Web Pages. VueJS is your choice!
Student #2:
He already has some Experience with other Frontend Frameworks like Angular (2+) or ReactJS. But either due to interest or disappointment of the existing Frameworks, he seeks some Alternatives - VueJS might be what you were looking for!
Student #3:
Has Experience with backend Frameworks/ Languages but now also wants to enter the Frontend World. VueJS is an awesome choice here, it's fun, it uses native JS and it's extremely powerful!
Bonus: Student #4
Is disappointed by Angular 2+. Does a good Framework need 2 hours of setup? No, certainly not - as VueJS will prove to this Student!
Let's dive into VueJS right now!Who this course is for:
  • This Course is for Everyone interested in Frontend Development and Major JavaScript Frameworks
  • This Course is for you if you want to create Reactive Applications, which run in the Browser
  • This Course also targets Students who prefer a native JavaScript Framework which makes Getting Started much simpler than Angular 2
  • Displeased with Angular 2? VueJS is for you!

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Instructor Details

Maximilian Schwarzmuller

Experience as (Web) Developer

Starting out at the age of 13 I never stopped learning new programming skills and languages. Early I started creating websites for friends and just for fun as well. Besides web development I also explored Python and other non-web-only languages. This passion has since lasted and lead to my decision of working as a freelance web developer and consultant. The success and fun I have in this job is immense and really keeps that passion burningly alive.
Starting web development on the backend (PHP with Laravel, NodeJS, Python) I also became more and more of a frontend developer using modern frameworks like React, Angular or VueJS 2 in a lot of projects. I love both worlds nowadays!
As a self-taught developer I had the chance to broaden my horizon by studying Business Administration where I hold a Master's degree. That enabled me to work in a major strategy consultancy as well as a bank. While learning, that I enjoy development more than these fields, the time in this sector greatly improved my overall experience and skills.
Experience as Instructor
As a self-taught professional I really know the hard parts and the difficult topics when learning new or improving on already-known languages. This background and experience enables me to focus on the most relevant key concepts and topics. My track record of many 5-star rated courses, more than 700,000 students on Udemy as well as a successful YouTube cha



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By Daniel Gonzalez on 2 weeks ago

Great professor with good explanations

By Petro Vdovukhin on a month ago

Almost finished the courseIt's great! All topics are covered with simplicity and attention to details. From time to time I coming back to recall some knowledge again here, not in google or official site itself. I think it's a best compliment :)

By Shahulmydeenali on 2 months ago

It really great which we could understand the core concept of VUE from that he moved deep in to it .its really great and worth to learn in a short period of time

By Vincentius Pramudito on 3 months ago

Super awesome! I can understand for each section in this course. Max teach so deep and detail so I can explore my project on my creativity. Good job Max..

Max is one of the most talented teacher here in Udemy. His approach made the most complex concepts in Vue easy to understand. I am really grateful for taking this course with him, and I highly recommend it.

By Cody Wehunt on a week ago

This was an excellent course with a ton of valuable information. It went a bit to fast at times, especially towards the end of the course. The information was presented very clearly and a lot of supporting information and files were provided. Very impressed.

By David Murcek on a month ago

Overall the course was good. Max always explains things in a straight forward manner and prompts the viewers to employ their own style to things like naming, css, use of different tools and using plugins they are comfortable with. The projects are very helpful because in building functional apps you see how Vue works in practice rather than just technically.My only real gripe is with the assignment format. The submission is redundant as it asks you twice to provide reflection on what was hardest/what you learned. Also, the need to provide feedback to three other students is pretty useless as everyone's solution is essentially the same with only slight variations. When the other students' solutions are essentially just like yours, what is the use of three times saying, "that is just what I did."Also, though I completed everyone of the Time to Practice modules, they all remained incomplete and I essentially did not complete the course because of this. It shows that I had 10% of the tutorial unfinished even though I had completed every module of every section.While the assignments were generally redundant in their submission guidelines, there were parts that could have used regular prompting. For example, when you needed to download the Resources and install the packages before beginning the section, a little reminder in the first module of the section would have been helpful as sometimes I was just moving forward and suddenly had to stop, download the resources and install the packages, then back track and start over.I would make serious revisions to the Time to Practice parts. First, it should the steps required to complete the assignment modules should be made clear, and it should be completely clear whether you completed the module or did not. Though I saw a message saying I had successfully completed it, I did not receive a check for it. Second, I would remove the feedback portion as it is of little value considering that I had little to offer as feedback and got very little helpful feedback considering that there was, essentially, a single approach to completing the exercise.

By Jesse Philander on a month ago

This has been an amazing ride. Max definitely explained every single so delicately well. I most certainly know a lot more now about vue than what I did know before

By Juan Pablo Rubio on 4 months ago

It is amazing.. the course is complete and clear, although there are several topics which I have had not idea before and I have been able to understand and assimilate the knowledge, language is easy and clear, the metodology is great!! it takes you little by little from easy things to complex projects.. well not complex but instead more realistics applications..

By Sh Phipps on a month ago

Excellent course. He does a really good job explaining new ideas but also as he codes, reiterating ideas he's mentioned before so you are reminded of them, and don't get confused as you keep building.

By Adrian-Calin Bunziac on 2 months ago

It was very helpfull to me! I am now ready for my first "real life" Vue Project. Certainly is worth beeing recommended to all those interested in diving into Vue. Thank you, Max!

By Sergey V on a week ago

What I like the most about this course - are exercises.The only minus is: the course uses old cli (info about new cli was added to the end of the course)