Vue Vuex Firebase Messaging App (Slack Clone) (

Learn Advance Vue JS VueX and Firebase techniques to build Modern Realtime Web Application

Created by: Ryan Dhungel

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Intermediate level Vue Js
  • Learn to use Vuex in Vue Js Project
  • Build Slack Clone
  • Build Advance Realtime Messaging App
  • Intermediate level Firebase Realtime Database Usage
  • Social Login with Google
  • Social Login with Twitter
  • Securing Routes
  • Custom Firebase Database Rules
  • Public Channels
  • Private Channels - One to one user based chat
  • User online/offline status
  • Notifications
  • File upload
  • Deploy to firebase hosting

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Overall Score : 86 / 100

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Course Description

Welcome to build Modern Realtime Web App with Vue.js VueX and Firebase Realtime database.
  • We will be using Vue js, a progressive javascript framework.
  • We will use Vuex to manage the data for our application in one centralized place.
  • We will be using Firebase which is a real time database by google.
  • We will be using Bootstrap4 for styling.
Firebase is popular backend service that makes authentication and data storage easy. And it all happens in real time!
The application you will learn to build in this course, will be an Advance Messaging App, a slack clone.

In this application, users will be able to communicate with each other in a group environment where they will all be inside a channel.
There will also be a feature where one user will communicate with another user in one on one basis and this will be private messaging.

By the end of this course, you will be much comfortable to work with firebase and obviously vue js and vuex.
The skills you will learn from this course is applicable to the real world, so you can go ahead and build similar app or build something different. no matter what, the concepts you will learn in this course will be extremely very helpful to you.


Authentication with Google and Twitter
Easy integration of VueX with Vue.js
Flexible firebase realtime database
Channels and Private messaging
Image Upload
Application scalability
Writing custom database rules
Users online/offline status
and much more :)

So... are you ready for the adventure??Who this course is for:
  • Someone with basic knowledge of Vue JS who wants to build Advance Realtime Web Apps with Firebase

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Instructor Details

Ryan Dhungel

Ryan Dhungel is a Web Developer from Sydney, Australia. He builds Web apps using JavaScript, Node JS, React JS, Vue JS, Laravel and other emerging platforms.
He also wants to make the entire Web Development process enjoyable and productive at the same time by producing well explained practical Tutorials and Training packages for fellow developers.



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Good demo, does not give much explanation about the 'why' or the reasoning.

I like the way its explained, and its pretty cool to do a Slack-like project.

By Alex on

I enjoyed the course however there are parts of code that were not covered in the video and had to figure out what additional code needed to be included

The course is comprehensive and covers several use cases. However, it's missing a critical episode between the end of Section 6 and the beginning of Section 7.The missing code is provided by a user in Episode 45's Q&A

Awesome tutorial, very happy with the end result.

Overall course is good for those who is familiar already with Vue.js and JS/Bootstrap/CSS/HTML. I was able to get application running on Firebase! Also for potential student it'd be great to know in advance how database, storage and its rules are set in Firebase (besides just a docs a Firebase video tutorial recommendation would be great) and how it is deployed with JS on frontend. Overall my thought is maybe just to add more comments or talk in video that explains code especially in last 2-3 sections of the course.

We need the Push Notification even in case the browser is closed?Mainly because of Push Notification, I subscribed this course.Please let me know if this is covered.-Thanks

Excelente curso

This is a good tutorial. Good exercise.One can tell Ryan is an experienced web programmer.

Simple and straightforward, love it so far :)

This was an incredible course. It is somewhat advanced so having some Vue.js background is helpful. The course builds a messaging app with all the bells and whistles using Firebase (Realtime Database not Cloud Firestore) database for messaging and Firebase storage for images, as well as Bootstrap4 and Vuex. It is very well explained and most everything works smoothly. The source code for each section is included. When youre done youll have a useful and beautiful messaging app deployed to Firebase. Read the course description. It is all as promised.The only thing the course needs is more sign-in methods. Only Google and Twitter sign-in methods are covered. For Twitter, you now need a developer account and have go through their review process. Email/Password authentication is not covered; although, it should not be too difficult to implement - see code in Q&A.Finally, the instructor is actively supporting the course in the Q&A section.

So far it's useful to go through the process of building the chat system and follow along with the coding. What would be really useful is some background on how things work. So, for example, instead of just typing some rules into firebase it'd be really nice to step back first and have some chat about what firebase is, how rules work, what they do, what we need to do for the app,and so on. That way I could take the skills I have and apply them to a different project. Right now all I really know from the course is how to do is to build this one.That said, I'm happy to pause the video each time a new thing comes along and go watch an hour of it on youtube for the background info. If you're happy to do that then it works really well. :-)