Web Scraping with Python: BeautifulSoup, Requests & Selenium (Udemy.com)

Web Scraping and Crawling with Python: Beautiful Soup, Requests & Selenium

Created by: GoTrained Academy

Produced in 2018

What you will learn

  • Python Refresher: Review of Data Structures, Conditionals, File Handling
  • How Websites are Hosted on Servers; Basic Calls to Server (GET, POST Methods)
  • Web Scraping with Python Beautiful Soup and Requests
  • Using Selenium to handle JavaScript and AJAX
  • Diverse Web Scraping Exercises
  • Source codes (*.py files) for all Exercises can be downloaded
  • Q&A board to send your questions and get them answered quickly

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Overall Score : 84 / 100

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Course Description

Web Scraping (also termed Screen Scraping, Web Data Extraction, Web Harvesting, etc.) is a technique for extracting large amounts of data from websites and save the the extracted data to a local file or to a database.
In this course, you will learn how to perform web scraping using Python 3 and the Beautiful Soup, a free open-source library written in Python for parsing HTML.
We will use lxml, which is an extensive library for parsing XML and HTML documents very quickly; it can even handle messed up tags. We will also be using the Requests module instead of the already built-in urllib2 module due to improvements in speed and readability.
Finally, we will use Selenium alongside Beautiful Soup to crawl AJAX & JavaScript driven pages.

The course cover the following topics: accessing web pages programmatically; scraping web pages to extract the required data using Beautiful Soup to parse web pages; interacting with web pages to do different things with them programmatically; and using Selenium for web scraping and when we need it.
By the end of this course, you will be able to understand how websites and servers function, diverse data extraction techniques, and methods of handling and organizing data.
This Web Scraping course covers the following topics:
  • Review of data structures (Lists, Dictionaries, Tuples, File Handling)
  • How websites are hosted on servers
  • Calls to the server (GET, POST methods)
  • Review of HTML and CSS
  • Requests Module and BeautifulSoup Module overview
  • Parsing HTML using BeautifulSoup
  • Filtering elements using BeautifulSoup and navigating the Parse Tree
  • JavaScript and AJAX overview
  • Selenium and the need for it
  • Selecting elements using Selenium
  • CSS selectors
  • XPath selectors
  • Navigating pages using Selenium
  • Practical Projects

Who this course is for:
  • Those who want to learn how to use Python for web scraping and data extraction.

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By Mohsin Hafeez on a month ago

Good course, I got good information about the topics required to do web scraping. This can be used to refresh your python basics as well.

By Heidi Khnemann on 2 months ago

I definitely got a good introduction to requests, beautifulsoup and selenium. However, the pacing of the videos was often very slow in my opinion. As an example, sometimes the same steps were explained/shown over and over again (for example when the instructor goes through the instagram exercise). I liked that there was one project where you could give/receive feedback from other people taking the course. The exercise was pretty basic, though, so the solution was kinda straightforward. It would have been better to have a more difficult exercise where we could get feedback on, I think. Also, I didn't get any feedback yet. Another problem: I could not complete the main project because an instagram account is required which I don't have. The instructor offers the login details of an instagram account, but it's not possible to login because of suspicous account activity (kinda makes sense).

By Ajay Chinni on 4 months ago

Completed (35%)Pros-1.Good Content2. Even though he was teaching basics till now still it was engaging.Cons-1. Small font1. Problem in understanding his accent sometimes.2. No exercises after every section.

By Harshada on 5 months ago

The last part hurries up a bit. May it should be broken down into smaller chunks. Also there should be additional tutorials on functions.However, it gave me the right kind of motivation for starting Web Scrapping

By Manas Paul on 5 months ago

This Tutorial really awesome. Really I have learnt web scrapping from this tutorial. Author is really good, quick replied. Great example with proper totpic. I will recommended that, if anybody are interested web scrapping first you need to read this tutorial. Thanks for this.

By Sushma Dewangan on 5 months ago

YES! nice course for beginners i got to learn alot about scrapping from Waqar Ahmed sir...

By Basudev Nayak on 4 months ago

I appreciate to your teaching skill.I request to give me some question for practices.

By Rudy Tehern Herrera on a week ago

Aun tengo expectativas. No me ha gustado mucho porque necesito entender que dice, tengo limitantes con el idioma ingls.No puedo comprender lo que hace y dicen. Si extienden estos cursos tan valiosos a la comunidad latina, deben considerar grabarlos en espaol. O tratamos de entender y leer lo que dicen en los sub ttulos o vemos lo que transcriben pero es imposible comprender la lgica de la enseanza. Por favor quiero aprender, compr cuatro cursos porque mi deseo es mejorar mis conocimientos y habilidades en AI, Machine Learning, y web Scraping, Python. Necesito ayuda urgente

By Weilan Yu on 3 months ago

Not bad. It's easy to follow and the codes are understandable.

By Martin Sokolowicz on 3 months ago

Fue una buena eleccin porque lo estaba necesitando, pero el curso en s me pareci que deja mucho que desear.

By Dean on 3 months ago

Well taught by thorough instructor

By Ravali V on 10 months ago

The course is amazing . Learnt about web scraping from scratch. But the last project could be explained with a complicated website like yahoo finance website etc which contain lots of data which is quite challenging to scrape