Write PHP Like a Pro: Build a PHP MVC Framework From Scratch (Udemy.com)

Learn to write faster, easier to maintain, more secure PHP websites by using a model-view-controller framework

Created by: Dave Hollingworth

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Separate application code from presentation code
  • Organise your PHP code into models, views and controllers in an MVC framework
  • Use namespaces and an autoloader to load PHP classes automatically
  • Use the Composer tool to manage third-party package dependencies and autoloading
  • Handle errors and exceptions in PHP and display more or less error detail based on the environment
  • Understand how MVC frameworks work, making it easier to learn an existing framework like Laravel or CodeIgniter

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Overall Score : 94 / 100

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Course Description

Learn the basic concepts of using a model-view-controller framework that will makeyour PHP projects faster, easier to write and maintain, and moresecure.
Learn toStructure your PHP Code Like a Professional by Building a PHP MVCFramework from Scratch.
  • Model-view-controller(MVC) pattern concepts
  • Build an MVCframework in PHP from scratch
  • Separateapplication code from presentation code
  • Use namespacesand an autoloader to load classes automatically

Take your PHPProjects to the Next Level
Learning how to usean MVC framework puts a very powerful tool at your fingertips. Mostcommercial websites and web applications written in PHP use some sortof framework, and the MVC pattern is the most popular type offramework in use.

The gap betweenknowing PHP and using a framework can be huge. This course bridgesthat gap. By writing your own framework from scratch, you'll gain anunderstanding of just how each component works. Frameworks likeLaravel, Symfony and CodeIgniter all use the MVC pattern, sounderstanding how an MVC framework is put together will give you astrong background to more easily learn frameworks such as these.

Content andOverview

I designed thiscourse to be easily understood by programmers who know PHP but don'tknow how to use a framework. Are you putting database code and HTMLin the same PHP script? Want to know why this is a bad idea? Want toknow how to do it better?

Starting with thebasic concepts of MVC frameworks, this course will take you throughall the steps needed to build a complete MVC framework, a piece at atime.

Beginning with asingle PHP script, each lecture explains what you're going to add tothe code and why, building up the framework step by step. At the endof this course, you'll have built a complete MVC framework in PHP,ready to use in your own projects.

Complete withworking source code at every stage, you'll be able to work alongside the instructorand will receive a verifiable certificate of completion uponfinishing the course.
Who this course is for:
  • This PHP MVC course is meant for those who already know PHP but want to know how they can improve their code by using a framework. This course is not for you if you don't already know PHP.
  • The gap between learning PHP and using a framework can be large - if you've just learnt PHP and you're wondering what the next step might be, this course is for you.

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Instructor Details

Dave Hollingworth

Hi, I'm Dave Hollingworth. I'm an IT trainer and web application developer. I've been programming for over thirty years, and teaching IT since 1999.
I've developed enterprise-level applications on platforms ranging from mainframes to mobiles: from my first web application, a quotes system created for a major insurance company back in 1999 - the first of its type in the sector - to interactive learning management systems for online language learning.
I've taught courses ranging from basic use of email to advanced web application development, both online and in-person. I've been teaching on Udemy since 2012.
I'm passionate about technology, and love teaching it! I believe it's possible to explain even the most complex subjects in a simple, straightforward way that doesn't confuse the student.
I look forward to welcoming you onto one of my courses!



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Wonderful course from a wonderful instructor, very good response in Q&A section, now i move to the other 2 courses from Dave, thanks

Very detailed explanations on each topic. The instructor is always available for help and you get answers to your questions within 2 days. The course content and source code is kept up to date with new lectures and corrections where needed.

It taught me a lot and reinforced framework and database concepts I had covered previously. Things clicked all of a sudden about 1/2 way through.

This course is just amazing because of the way is taught. The trainer makes it really simple and never leaves the focus and objective of the course. 100% recommended if you want to write PHP like a pro.

Learned so much in a very easy to follow format. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to learn more about MVC.

At some point it is hard to keep up. Maybe more typing instead of examples.So you can type along (copy) and see what happens.

A very good course. We can find many free php courses, but this one is a great addition. In my case, he supplemented the missing knowledge about how to properly build and manage a php project. In addition to the MVC pattern, we also learn about the package and template management tool. I highly recommend. A large dose of specific practical knowledge.

Best course I have done on Udemy. Some promise a lot but this did what it said in a very clear and constructive manner. Thank you

Ausgezeichneter Kurs! HIer ist ein Instruktor am Werk, der wirklich sein Handwerk versteht. Bei der Einbindung von Twig 2.0 gibt es doch einige Unterschiede mehr zur hier hauptschlich vorgestellten Implementierung von Twig 1.0 und den zu 2.0 gemachten Zusatzanmerkung. An dieser Stelle wre eine berarbeitung des Kurses sinnvoll. Allerdings - man kann die Unterschiede anhand der Twig-Doku selbst erarbeiten, ist keine Raketenwissenschaft.Der Dozent spricht sehr deutlich und nutzt einfache Formulierungen. Auch fr nicht native-speaker sehr gut nachvollziehbar.Thank you, Dave, excellent!

The pacing is superb and all concepts are explained in very simple terms. I keep coming back to it. This is probably the fifth time??

Exceptionally good course, the instructor teaches the course matter in a steady an understandable way with short videos (not 10-15m sleeping videos). At the end you have a usable MVC framework and if you will use a professional framework like Laravel,etc..., this course will help a lot to understand how they work.

Excellent course, to refresh your memory and also learn new stuff on mvc frameworks. I struggled with some mvc parts but this course helped me find the light.If you already worked with mvc frameworks and just want to speed up the learning part you can use 1.5 playback speed to go faster.Dave, you are a great Instructor.Thanks :)