Android LibGDX Game Development Masterclass (

Become a real games programmer. Create Games Using Java with the LibGDX Game Development Framework.

Created by: Tim Buchalka's Learn Programming Academy

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Create their own games for Android
  • Understand LibGDX and how to use it for games development
  • Understand and use Entity Component Systems
  • Understand Entity Component Systems and work with Ashley LibGDX extension
  • Understand how to create reusable components for future game development
  • Understand basics of data oriented design
  • Understand what are Entities, Components, Systems in game development
  • Understand different techniques of game development and find what technique is best for your next game
  • Understand how to create professional User Interfaces using Scene2D API
  • Understand asset loading and master asset management
  • Understand how to create useful utilities which help to debug your game
  • Understand how to write clean and maintainable code
  • Understand how to use particle effects
  • Understand how to deal with common exceptions and errors
  • Understand how to check collision be

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Course Description

Games developers are in huge demand, with many new and exciting opportunities becoming available to programmers who understand the technology.
Are you looking to become a games programmer, but don't know where to start?
Maybe you are looking for a really comprehensive course on games development, but cannot decide which course to take.
Maybe you have some skills with LibGDX or another games framework, but want to create Android games.
Whatever the reason, this course will teach you how to become a master games programming, using LIBGDX.

Keep in mind that LIBGDX is cross platform, meaning that you can then move games to other platforms
No previous experience is necessary. Goran Lochert, your course instructor is an expert games developer, who has worked on many games in many frameworks. He is also an official Oracle Java certified developer, and an official contributor to LIBGDX, the games framework used in this course to create games.

His skills and experiences with LibGDX are second to none.
As a result, you are learning from one of, if not the most experienced Java games developer on Udemy, meaning you can be assured that not only will you learn how to create your own games by following along in this course, but you will also learn the right way to create your game code.
The lack of proper programming techniques is one of the main reasons why games do not perform well, or end up really hard to maintain and update. In addition, learning the wrong way to design and create programming code, can actually harm your career, because employers expect games programmer to write professional code, following accepted industry standards. You will learn how to do that in this course.
Included, is well over fifty hours and hundreds of videos, making this one of the most comprehensive courses of it's type.
Nothing is glossed over. Goran goes into detail with each and every aspect of games development through the course, so that you actually understand how things work, and can then apply this to your own games projects.
Although the emphasis is on Android in this course, because the course uses LibGDX, which is cross-platform, your games can be deployed to many platforms (PC for one).
Learning how to become a games developer, and how to code the right way, can be difficult. By the end of this course, you will be able to create your own games, and know how to structure and code your games, the way professional programmers do.

If you are ready to join the games industry as a games programmer, then it's time to get busy learning!
Click the button to sign up for the course and get started today.
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone wanting to learn how to write games for Android

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Instructor Details

The Learn Programming Academy was created by Tim Buchalka, a software developer with 35 years experience, who is also an instructor on Udemy, with over 537K + students in his courses on Java, Python, Android, C# and the Spring framework.
The Academy's goal in the next three years, is to teach one million people to learn how to program.
Apart from Tim's own courses, which are all available here, we are working with the very best teachers, creating courses to teach the essential skills required by developers, at all levels.
One other important philosophy is that our courses are taught by real professionals; software developers with real and substantial experience in the industry, who are also great teachers. All our instructors are experienced software developers!
Our team is busy creating new courses right now.
Whether you are a beginner, looking to learn how to program for the very first time, or to brush up on your existing skills, or to learn new languages and frameworks, the Academy has you covered.
I've been a software developer for over 12 years (10 commercially), creating Desktop, Web, and Mobile applications during this time.
I am a fully certified Java Developer (Java Oracle Certificate Associate programmer Java SE 8), and have a lot of experience with Java, JPA, Java Enterprise Edition, Spring, Spring Boot, Maven, Gradle, and JavaFX.
In addition, I've been heavily involved in games development, and frameworks used to create g



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It's not for beginners for sure so watch out!!!Developer is great! He writes good and clean code.Sometimes nothing is explained, I just watching some live coding. It's almost the same if I download the source and trying to understand it on my own. Nothing happens in some videos for 15 minutes.But there is a lots of content which definitely worth the price and you can learn a lot of stuffs!

Bisher ist der Kurs wirklich super. Es sind Massen an Informationen, sehr gut struktiert enthalten.Vielen Dank!

Goran is a competent and capable developer. One can tell that he knows what he is talking about. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that some of the explanations are too vague. I had a hope to understand some of the concepts on a fundamental level but that didn't work out (e.g. I've heard multiple times that we should think in world units instead of pixels as this will save us some effort concerning calculations. Then in GameConfig class of ObstacleAvoidGame, we see WIDTH and WORLD_WIDTH constants. How do those relate to each other is not explained clearly explained). Please do not get me wrong as I think this is a good course and might help some people.

Simply perfect! I can't imagine how can a better course on Libgdx look!

Very detailed course with clear instructions and explanations. When I started on the second project "SimpleSnakeGame", I really felt like I understood everything that was going on.I'm currently working on the "CircleJumperGame" were we are introduced to game animations!

This is an Android game development course yet all sample apps are developed as a Desktop app. Not a single time is the emulator used. Im sure that knowledge learned here can be applied with relative ease but still... im pretty sure that in game developing a game for a smartphone i will not be using features like keys.isKeyPressed(Input.Keys.LEFT) since there are no actual keys. But since its a paid course for android game development, id asume to be able to follow along without googling the android alternative for isKeyPressed

It is very educative class about libgdx game development. always does good job delivering best quality content on Udemy, its a fact and this is my 4th course from them, best content always. Before doing this course i suggest that you do the course from same instructor Java masterclass, having done that course before this one really helps make things clearer.Instructor really put a lot of obvious effort to build this course. These arent easy concepts to understand and it will take you sometime to process it all but its worth it.And lastly, special plus to instructor, hes not native English speaker yet he explains everything crystal clear. I mean absolutely CRYSTAL CLEAR.So if you are into game dev, there isnt a good reason not to get yourself this course :)

This course is hardly a "Masterclass." It's one giant code-along - the instructor rarely explains why he's doing something.Might be good for other people, but I was expecting a conceptual breakdown of the different components to libGDX so that I am able to start from scratch on my own project and not feel lost as to how to begin. Instead, it's simply a bunch of code-along projects where you will rarely have an idea of why you're doing something, just that you should be doing it.

The course was a great way to become familiar with Java and have fun with the LibGDX game engine. The initial part of the course was a struggle because at the time there were issues with Gradle version control. At times, starting a project took a long time to get started because of errors in Gradle. That said, version control is part of the issues programmers have to deal with so overall the class was a nice class. Towards the end of the course the version issues seemed to have been resolved.

Really good intro to java, lots of info on libgdx project architecture with real life problems/solutions. Compliments on excellent course on otherwise complex subject! :)

Well organized course. For me was best section 3, when were explained fundamentals of libgdx. This section helped me a lot to learn libgdx. Sampler with basic examples was very helpful for me.