Instructor David McDonald

David McDonald

Web Developer, Designer, and Teacher

My name is David, I am a passionate game designer living on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Founder of WHAAT GAMES, creator of Galaxy Cube. My main skill set is Unity and C# programming, although I am skilled in many other areas, including making inappropriate jokes at bad times and winking at strangers. I have been making commercial video games for roughly 5 years, I have been making non commercial hobby games for much longer and I have been teaching game development for 3 years on my youtube channel Lets Make A Game Together

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Attempting to follow with help from outside resources, but instructor does a poor job of detailing steps he is already familiar with but the new to Unity individual would not know. General comments such as 'save it' or actions taken without telling what he is clicking on or manipulating to get shown results makes this hard to follow. I repeatedly have to find answer on the web to explain code issues the instructor does not bother to explain.
- Review by Deborah Harland

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  • Unity Basics: A Monetised Android/iOS Game in 4 Hours.(2018)

  • 4.5 (207 Reviews)

    • icon Provider: Udemy
    • Time: 4h

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