Unity Basics: A Monetised Android/iOS Game in 4 Hours. (Udemy.com)

Unity, Basic 3D Game Design with C# Coding. Monetise your games with Ad Support. Suitable for Beginners - Intermediate

Created by: David McDonald

Produced in 2018

What you will learn

  • Build a complete Android/iOS Games In Unity
  • Monetise Your Games With Ad Support
  • Code Functionality In C#
  • Understand how Shaders are used to create interesting visual effects
  • Polish your Games to be Market Ready.
  • Have the skills and knowledge to build your own Games.

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Overall Score : 92 / 100

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Course Description

In 2013 Dong Nguyen spent 2-3 days making a simple mobile game called Flappy Bird which went on to earn $50,000 a day in ad-sense revenue. In the last half of 2018, it's not uncommon for a single mobile game to pull in over 1 million dollars a DAY in micro-transactions and ad-sense revenue.
In this course, we will be be making a simple but addictive mobile game, that we will monetise with ads in only 4 hours. We will cover;
  • Installing and Using Unity
  • Mobile Setup
  • Variables & Functions
  • Materials, 3D Models
  • Player Movement
  • Mobile Input
  • Camera Movement
  • Adjusting Player Models
  • Project Management
  • Prefabricated Objects
  • Grouping Prefabs
  • Score System
  • Procedural Level Generation
  • Object Spawning
  • Randomised Game Design
  • Curved World Shader Implementation
  • Object Memory Management
  • Menu Systems, Menu Layouts, Menu Animations
  • Pause Menu
  • Saving & Loading Data
  • Unity Ads
  • Monetisation Design Principles.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner game developers looking at creating mobile games with monetization

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Instructor Details

David McDonald

My name is David, I am a passionate game designer living on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Founder of WHAAT GAMES, creator of Galaxy Cube. My main skill set is Unity and C# programming, although I am skilled in many other areas, including making inappropriate jokes at bad times and winking at strangers. I have been making commercial video games for roughly 5 years, I have been making non commercial hobby games for much longer and I have been teaching game development for 3 years on my youtube channel Lets Make A Game Together



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By Aldo Vela on 2 weeks ago

first builidng an app course I have taken. I am vaguely familiar with c# and intermediate with java/C++ so he explains it is well

By Grece Monkey on 2 weeks ago


By Matthew Bradshaw on a month ago

This was a good course for what it was. I am iOS developer but have no experience with Unity, C#, or making games. This was a good introduction into the process. He does go a little fast at times manipulating Unity, I had to keep pausing to catch up. Other than that, good course.

By Marlon Arciniegas on 2 months ago

I love the part when he responds every question that i have <3

By Jacqua mark Cooper on 3 months ago

I did not need this part to build my game.

By Gabriele Giles on 4 months ago

Very good course, special for beginners. Good explanation, hes not going to slow or fast, steady path. Love it.

By Matt Simons on 4 months ago

Loved the course, very quick, concise and to the point. No wasted time at all.

By Vinny Ly on 4 months ago

The last bit with the Ads wiring up is outdated but the rest are still relevant in 2019 (especially if you use the new Unity Hub to install and use Unity 2018.2.21f1). I still learned quite a lot of easy and powerful techniques from this course and it does put it all together in a good pace and logical way so that you can see the whole process and show how building a complete game from start to finish is possible.

By Daniel Schulz on 2 months ago

For me as a beginner to Unity a great course. But I think, it would have been a bit better to have more time spend for the advertisement implementation instead of the game making process, for me this was the main reason to watch this course ;)

By Joe on 2 months ago

So I learned how to use Unity and code in C# from a different course here on Udemy. I purchased this course so I could develop mobile games as well. The only complaint I have with this course, because I currently use Unity, is the explanations. Explaining the functions of code or game objects are a bit brushed over, but that doesn't change the fact that you still learn quite a bit and you end up making an awesome game.

By Martin Hrkut on 3 months ago

The course was really good. Fast (I finished it just in 2 days), simple and containing many concepts that are easy to understand. It is easier than other courses i tried in the past (and didn`t finished, because they were pretty slow and long comparing to this one).I kind of miss more information at the end - in the publishing part. I know the google play terms & conditions are pretty fast changing, but I think even the "old" process would be good to see - for better imagination about what it is all about.

By Tun Bilen on 2 months ago

This was a real nicely put together tutorial. Now, It was quite easily understandable for me since I've spent some time in Unity but I can assume some part of the coding was too advanced for some of the beginners. Tutor doesn't explain the code or the syntax much. He is just like "Don't worry this will work."This is not something you want to see in a tutorial. But I loved it. It didn't made a difference for me. Thank you for this.