Foundation Javascript and Object Oriented JS [WEEKLY UPDATED] (

What you'll learnwrite their own javascriptsmodify existing javascriptcreate objects and accessing their propertiesJavascript and it fundamentals and complexitiesWill help you design highly interactive and attractive websites using JavascriptWrite error free Javascript codesCan easily make attractive projects related to JavascriptLearn trendy and clean web designs

Created by: Ankit Shrivastava

Produced in 2018

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Description**********************************************************************UPDATE: Introducing ODINA WEEKLY for this ultimate course on Javascript.Don't know about our new initiative? Here it is....ODIN WEEKLY is the initiative taken by ODINA ACADEMYA LLP.What will you get under this program?1. This course will get fresh new content every week for at least 2 years. We will continuously add new content in this course every Monday of the week. This way the course won't get old or outdated and every change in technology will be updated here.2. We will update all existing students through Educational Announcements about the addition of new content with their titles mentioned.3. If you're not free every week, you can come back to course every month and learn new concepts without paying extra.4. You can ask through discussion board for the topics to be covered in upcoming week (suggestions are always welcome).5. All current and new students enrolled in this course are eligible to access ODINA WEEKLY.6. You don't have to pay extra, once you're inside you'll get unlimited content for rest of the life.TIP: Look at the curriculum below to know about the topics added recently.**********************************************************************Learn - the amazing web designing language " Javascript"This course on Javascript will help you develop the required creative and technical mindset for Web Developing and Web Designing. This course covers all the essential concepts needed in making Web Development and Web Designing more interactive and more effective. This course covers all the simplicities and complexities of the Javascript.This course will also help students with their college projects and in developing complex seeming interactive and attractive websites.It will help you build beautiful and eye catching websites using Javascript. It will help you develop a creative mindset in the field of web developing and web designing.This course is structured to target both the beginners and the intermediate level learners. Since this course can also be taken as crash course, it will help to brush up your concepts and create a complete and better insight into javascript.Enroll and enjoy the real feel of web developingWho this course is for:This course is fit for complete newbiesPro JS developers should not take this courseIntermediate level developers can learn objectsCore, Intermediate and Advanced level learnersWilling to launch career in Web DesigningPeople who are not actually coders but are interested in making their own interactive and attractive websitesPeople interested in Web Designing

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Ankit Shrivastava

A highly skilled and professional in Web Development. Currently working as senior software engineer in IT company, India. I am active in various programming fields like C, C++, C#, XHTML, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Ruby, Python and lot more. I am also running web development institute in capital of India. I am professional in PHP and doing the same from last 4 years.

Being a mentor on different institutes, now I decided to teach digitally. I am a tireless seeker of knowledge. Along with teaching and learning side by side, various modules.

I am a bachelor in Computer Science. I work on backend in my company.

I am always eager to work on WordPress projects and I think they are made for me. But what the heck in a way I am still learning which I enjoy the most. I worked in various software company so and I love working with passion and enthusium.



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By Gimja Neftalem on 6/8/2019

I'm going to buy every course out there that comes from him, simply because he's the best tech teacher I've ever listened to.\n\nEven if you don't understand a lot of Javascript, you'll increase your understanding of fundamental concepts by a lot.\n\nI could go on and on on how good this course is, but I won't.\n\nDo yourself a favor: click on the buy button.

By Swathy B on 5/14/2019

very clear explanation

By Riley Williamson on 5/6/2019

This is matchless way of presenting the language features.

By Sam Barnes on 11/16/2018

This course helped me grasp the core fundamentals of Javascript on a new level. He explains things in such a refreshing, straightforward way. He debunks all the jargon that makes JS seem tricky, shows you that actually it's not actually that complex.

By Arne Tobiassen on 11/12/2018

Ive been having this course sitting on my to-do list for a year or so.\nWell, Im so happy that I finally took the time to go through it. Im not a complete beginner but this course really helped me clarifying some topics which still looked a bit mysterious to me and which other books or tutorials didnt mind delving too much into. So many aha! moments, with lots of practical coding examples. I can see myself going through parts of this course again from time to time to grok more and more concepts as my practical JS knowledge grows. Thank you, I really loved your course!

By Aleena Hill on 11/9/2018

Very comprehensive course. The best I have taken on JS, and one of the best software courses I have ever taken. It provides an in-depth look at not only JS but many different software engineering concepts. I learned a great deal about how to think and approach problems like a software engineer. The instructor also breaks down and DE-mystifies a lot of industry terminology, which I think is outstanding. Very well worth your time and money. You will get so much from this course. Highly recommended.

By Camelia Burrowes on 11/8/2018

The course is very good and he is an awesome instructor. Thank you very much.

By Onuoha Chukwualuka on 11/6/2018

Many Thanks, great lectures, learnt a lot!

By Mahmud Kishiev on 11/6/2018

I wish I'd taken this course years ago. I've been coding for more than a decade but was always mystified by particular mysterious corners of Javascript. After taking this course I finally feel I have a full understanding of the language. Thank you so much for creating this course!

By Awet Asfaha on 11/6/2018

Covers several advanced javascript features. Been using javascript for a very long time. Had no idea there was such a thing as advanced javascript concepts.

By Karen J. Choate on 11/5/2018

The lecture is simple and clear

good content, updated from time to time high quality support.