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Course Description

Machine learning (ML) is one of the fastest growing areas in technology and a highly sought after skillset in today's job market. The World Economic Forum states the growth of artificial intelligence (AI) could create 58 million net new jobs in the next few years, yet it's estimated that currently there are 300,000 AI engineers worldwide, but millions are needed. This means there is a unique and immediate opportunity for you to get started with learning the essential ML concepts that are used to build AI applications - no matter what your skill levels are. Learning the foundations of ML now, will help you keep pace with this growth, expand your skills and even help advance your career. This course will teach you how to get started with AWS Machine Learning. Key topics include: Machine Learning on AWS, Computer Vision on AWS, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) on AWS. Each topic consists of several modules deep-diving into variety of ML concepts, AWS services as well as insights from experts to put the concepts into practice.

Instructor Details

Blaine Sundrud

Blaine Sundrud, from Washington D.C., has been teaching technology for more years than he is willing to admit. After spending time teaching in the newspaper industry, he moved to the AWS Training and Certification Department. Blaine has taught classes globally on many different disciplines, such as Security, Cloud Architecture, DevOps, Big Data, AI/ML, and Theatre History. When asked if he can actually quote every line in The Godfather, he smiles and changes the subject.



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By Benjamin R on 28-Sep-19

Very sloppy. Typos in the slides, cases of duplicate videos appearing in the same week, and quizzes where none of the answer choices are correct. I've come to expect better from Coursera. This was a huge disappointment.

By Ayush T on 12-Oct-19

I'm using Coursera for more than 2 years and this is my first bad experience with a Cousera's course. This course seems just like an extended advertisement for AWS. This course neither contains any practical exercise for students to try on AWS nor any strong technical details about ML.

By Erik L on 31-Oct-19

DO NOT TAKE THIS COURSE if you're not already a machine learning expert!This course only shows you how to use different Amazon Web Service applications. It will not teach you anything about the basics of machine learning. This is what I thought by the way...

By Jurgen S on 5-Oct-19

Good overview of ML with some deep technical sections as well

By harshit s on 3-Oct-19

A very good guide for understanding the full Amazon web services flow but lack of proper implementation

By Michael on 27-Sep-19

The course seem to be balanced between those who are in machine learning already and want to use the AWS tools, and those who want to use machine learning tools but not the go deep into data science. I enjoyed the course, but it will be more helpful if you could separate the courses and give those already into machine learning, more hands on to the AWS tools and remove the repetitiveness in the concept we already know. Coming from ML Course (Stanford) by Andrew Ng. Week 4 and 5 had a lot of useful concepts that we can use. Over-rally it was worth every pen.

By Munawar P V on 24-Sep-19

A fair start to an overview of machine learning and aws services with hands-on exercise. There is lot of space for improvements on course and quiz contents (Some videos and quiz options are duplicated). Rather than an end quiz, few quizzes in between the long videos would ab better. A hands-on project for completion assessment can also be included. Recommendation rating for healthcare professionals (myself being one): 2.8/5 (where 0= never recommend , 5= highly recommend)

By Snehal B on 22-Sep-19

Dan Mbaga, Kirsten Dupart and Denis Batalov were quite instrumental and to the point. I appreciate these sessions but would want Coursera to allow free users to submit the quiz at the end of these courses (as of now, it shows a button to upgrade).

By Andrew H on 29-Sep-19

Excellent course content and explanations.

By Keerthi C on 19-Oct-19

Very good course for beginners

By Narayanasamy K on 20-Oct-19

Its great course. Its very practical and explained in simple way such a very complex stuff. It would be great to have hands on using qwiklabs. If it provide qwiklabs access it would be best course in Coursera. Thanks to all the instructors and did fantastic job.

By Daniela on 1-Oct-19

Me encant la introduccin a detalle de la nueva era de Inteligencia Articificial.