Golang - The ultimate guide to microservices in Go [Part 1] (Udemy.com)

Everything you need to get serious about microservices design & development in Golang: From design to production metrics

Created by: Federico Len

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Install, configure and setup Go
  • Analysis and design of REST microservices.
  • Different architectures and patterns for implementing them in Go.
  • Test as you Go. Ensure the quality of your work.
  • Advanced concurrency patterns.
  • Parallel execution on Multi-Core VMs.
  • HTTP frameworks, comparison and appliance.
  • Consuming external APIs. Test them. Mock them. Measure them. Use them.
  • The ultimate and best way of mocking different layers of your application.
  • Debugging and completely testing your application.
  • Create native webservices.

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Overall Score : 92 / 100

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Course Description

In this course I'm doing the very same I've been doing for the past 6 years: Analysis, design and development of high-performance microservices in Go.

This is not an introduction to Go's concepts, you have free resources for that like the Go Tour (I strongly suggest you to take it!). This is real-life and industry experience revealed in 13+ hours of video and resources that you will not easily find online.

We will cover everything you need:
  • Native web server.
  • HTTP frameworks.
  • Benchmarks.
  • Package organization.
  • MVC pattern.
  • Interfaces.
  • Dealing with dates.
  • Unit, Integration and Functional testing.
  • Mocking different artifacts of your application.
  • Consuming external APIs.
  • Mocking external APIs responses
  • Different concurrency designs based on each requirement.
  • Parallelism when we have multi-core VMs.
  • Stress-test our applications
  • Metrics, logging, debugging, profiling.
  • And a lots of more... EVERYTHING you need to work with this amazing technology.
Who this course is for:
  • Software engineers.
  • Software developers.
  • Technical leaders.
  • Architects.
  • Anyone who wants to get serious about microservices in Go.

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Instructor Details

Federico Len

My name is Fede and I'm a Software Engineer from Crdoba, Argentina. I work in IT since 2004 and for the past 6 years I've been working for the biggest e-Commerce company in LATAM. My day-time job is basically analysis, design and development of real-time and high-performance microservices. But that's not even the best part... I really love what I do and I'm so freaking good at what I do because of that.

Since I had a lot of experience in these topics and I'm always learning new ways of teaching these new concepts, I can ensure that you'll get the most of them: because I love what I do, because I'm not a fake, because I work with these topics on daily basis I can bet my butt on what I know and because I have all of these concepts so deep in my head that I can share them without forcing the process. You will learn a lot, I will learn a lot and we're going to enjoy the journey.

If you have any doubt about this, drop me an email and we can figure out together what you need and the best approach to get it.

I'm sure you'll enjoy these courses as much as I've enjoyed working on them every day! Godspeed!



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Thanks for your tutorial, I think this is the one I was expecting to learn. However, before starting this course, the learners need to have a good understanding of go programming language. Otherwise, you will get lost.

This is a decent course but with some caveats. He's constantly correcting his code. He does this really quickly. Sometimes it's really old code. This makes it easy to see a bug in your code but not in his. This adds time to the course as I just seem to be bug fixing quite a lot. This is even more prevalent due to his habit of doing a lot of up front coding in multiple files before doing any sort of testing.The above affects everyone. On more of a personal note, I don't agree with all his design decisions. Some appear quite naive, like scoping variables globally, or writing mocks for his tests directly in production code.Ultimately though, I did find a lot of value in the course, and I've bought another one of his courses since starting this one.

One of the most irritating part of this course is1. Audible noise2. Number of times you do the backspace to correct the typing mistakes3. Code development is not systematic at allKindly correct these to avoid distractions while learning something.

Excellent! This course is perfect for an intermediate Gopher looking for a deep dive in MVC patterns, microservices architecture, testing, and backend developing in general. The single best Golang course I've come across in Udemy.

Federico Len, so far as I am concerned, has developed one of the most effective courses on Golang I have found anywhere, and it's not the programming language that makes it so great, it's Len's detailed explanations with diagrams to guide you through the context of the situation in which you are placed, a concept for the solution he's chosen and the thorough communication as he goes through the process. The courses are longer, but Len's energetic style and fast pace kept me locked in. One of my questions lead to a solid presentation on Oauth (awesome!). No course about microservices would be worth it without discussions about real-world architecture, which is also included. I'm excited to see in which direction this series traverses.

Very informative course. Learnt a lot about Go and how to build and test microservices. It was well explained and covered a lot, more than I expected.

Amazing examples and explanation. There's a lot of attention to detail, and the code demonstrations are very easy to follow. I would give 5 stars, however, the recording quality could be better, sometimes the microphone has some static, and the typing is very loud.

Amazing course, real world project, design of microservices, testing, diagrams, presented and explained brilliantly by a real world developer, I have been looking for courses like this for over a year, I am enrolled to many golang courses both on udemy and via other resources, and this is by far my favourite golang course.... period. I am also working through his unit testing course, and the content is just as good, looking forward to part 2 of this microservice course and I hope Fede releases more real world go project courses in the future. Thank you Fede !!!

After completing this course I'm feeling more confident in writing microservices in Go. The best part is, equal attention is given to writing test cases and not just building business logic.

Excellent class, it guides students how to make a basic mirco-service step by step.I'm looking forward for the next parts.

Just fantastic lectures. Well-structured, detailed-explanations..

A great introduction to API development with Go! Fede is active on the Q&A section and is willing to help everyone with their questions even though they aren't completely part of the course. I am excited to take his next course and hope he continues making courses that go deeper into these topics. Thanks, Fede!