Javascript Everything about Modular Programming (

What you'll learnCreate dependency free web application with javascript and author any type of applicationsunderstand pub/sub mechanicsmanipulate the module loaders with javascript and requireJSMaster the art of dependency free

Created by: Jean William Tchoumbi Eyidi

Produced in 2016

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DescriptionThis course gathers 10 years of web experience in order to achieve dependency free and high maintainability with javascript application with the process of modular loading and classes.This would require you to have some basic knowledge in javascript HTML and CSS and .this course will in the first place give you the tools to see what is underneath any web application as long as fixing the bugs that may occur. Then will guide you through the use of two libraries that will enhance the speed and quality of your traditional web should take this course if you are looking to stand out in your work environment by providing slick approaches to coding practices with javascript.Who this course is for:You should take this course if you want to create high maintainable javascript code

Instructor Details

Jean William Tchoumbi Eyidi

A results-oriented, trilingual speaking, and innovative individual with experience in Software engineering and 1 year in Project Management. Exceptional problem solving skills with the ability to transform all functional and non-functional specifications of the client into ready to use solutions. Knowledge seeker in the latest I.T software with a wide range of experience and expertise in PHP, JAVA, jquery, css3, HTML5, android, cloud computing, SEO, Wordpress, database administration, aesthetic in web design, and project management tools. Thorough understanding of the PM knowledge areas and processes of the project life cycle. Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to learn and adapt quickly to fast-paced environments.



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By Martin Gjata on 10/24/2017

Nice start but than the final sessions were disappointing

By Eric J. on 12/25/2016

Sorry to say but the accent was a bit hard to follow. Not clear at all on the contents of the index.html file of what it consists of at the beginning. Be nice if he could re-open each file to show the content & have his editor do a wrap to the window. Otherwise, a lot of scrolling back-and-forth. Jumps around a bit fast especially when hes using 4 panels in his editor. Gets a bit confusing\n\nOn the otherhand I liked how he uses this reference in his calculator function and class. Found it interesting on its usage. Also liked how the usage of modularizing the functions. The chrome developer tools for troubleshooting was also interesting. Thanks...

By MLR Rooney on 9/30/2016

This course primarily teaches require.js (requireJS). Basically, requireJS allows JavaScript files to (better) communicate with each other. Important, as a JavaScript application becomes complex. A great course for requireJS. I had to re-write (alter) the exercise files to follow along, but this helped me to better understand this course.

By Randy Friend on 3/14/2016

Very good overview with additional information on using Sublime Text more efficiently.