Learn Python Programming Masterclass (Udemy.com)

This Python For Beginners Course Teaches You The Python Language Fast. Includes Python Online Training With Python 3

Created by: Tim Buchalka

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Have a fundamental understanding of the Python programming language.
  • Have the skills and understanding of Python to confidently apply for Python programming jobs.
  • Acquire the pre-requisite Python skills to move into specific branches - Machine Learning, Data Science, etc..
  • Add the Python Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) skills to your rsum.
  • Understand how to create your own Python programs.
  • Learn Python from experienced professional software developers.
  • Understand both Python 2 and Python 3.

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Overall Score : 84 / 100

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Course Description

Whether you want to:
- build the skills you need to get your first Python programming job
- move to a more senior software developer position
- get started with Machine Learning, Data Science, Django or other hot areas that Python specialises in
- or just learn Python to be able to create your own Python apps quickly.
then you need a solid foundation in Python programming. And this course is designed to give you those core skills, fast.
This course is aimed at complete beginners who have never programmed before, as well as existing programmers who want to increase their career options by learning Python.
The fact is, Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world Huge companies like Google use it in mission critical applications like Google Search.
And Python is the number one language choice for machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence. To get those high paying jobs you need an expert knowledge of Python, and that's what you will get from this course.
By the end of the course you'll be able to apply in confidence for Python programming jobs. And yes, this applies even if you have never programmed before. With the right skills which you will learn in this course, you can become employable and valuable in the eyes of future employers.
Here's what a few students have told us about the course after going through it.
"I had very limited programming experience before I started this course, so I have really learned a lot from the first few sections. It has taken me from essentially zero programming skill to a level where I'm comfortable using Python to analyze data for my lab reports, and I'm not even halfway done the course yet. There are other courses out there which focus on data analysis, but those courses are usually targeted at people who already know how to program which is why I chose this course instead. " Christian DiMaria

"I have been puttering through your Python course . In that time, though, and without finishing it yet I've been able to automate quite a bit at my work. I work in a school system and unifying data from our various student information systems can be incredibly frustrating, time consuming, and at times challenging. Using your course, I've learned enough to write applications that turn massive text files into dictionaries that get "stitched" together like a database and output to properly formatted CSV files and then uploaded via SFTP to various systems for secure processing. Our teachers, students, and the tech department have greatly benefitted from this automation. I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for helping me learn this skill." Keith Medlin

"This course was great. Within 3 weeks I was able to write my own database related applications." Theo Coenen

And there are many more students who love the course check out all the reviews for yourself.
Will this course give you core python skills?
Yes it will. There are a range of exciting opportunities for Python developers. All of them require a solid understanding of Python, and that's what you will learn in this course.
Will the course teach me data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence?
No, it won't do that All of these topics are branches of Python programming. And all of them require a solid understanding of the Python language.
Nearly all courses on these topics assume that you understand Python, and without it you will quickly become lost and confused.
This course will give you that core, solid understanding of the Python programming language.
By the end of the course you will be ready to apply for Python programming positions as well as move on to specific areas of Python, as listed above.
Why should you take this course?
There are a lot of Python courses on Udemy Your instructors, Tim and Jean-Paul are pretty unique in that between them they have around 70 years of professional programming experience. That's more than a lifetime of skills you get to learn Python from.
You can enrol in the course safe in the knowledge that they are not just teachers, but professional programmers with real commercial programming experience, having worked with big companies like IBM, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu and Saab in the past.
As such you will not only be learning Python, but you will be learning industry best practices for Python programming that real employers demand.
And if that's not enough take a read of some of the many reviews from happy students there are around 100,000 students who have left around 19,000 reviews.
This is one of the most popular courses on Python programming on Udemy.
Here's just some of what you'll learn
(It's okay if you don't understand all this yet, you will in the course)
All the essential Python keywords, operators, statements, and expressions needed to fully understand exactly what you're coding and why - making programming easy to grasp and less frustrating
You will learn the answers to questions like What is the Python For Loop, what is Python used for, how Python switch the traditional syntax of code, and more.
Complete chapters on object-oriented programming and many other aspects of Python, including tKInter (for building GUI Interfaces) and using databases with Python.
Although this is primarily a Python 3 course, a python developer will need to work with Python 2 projects from time to time We'll show the difference in both versions to make sure you understand how things work differently in each version.
How to develop powerful Python applications using one of the most powerful Integrated Development Environments on the market, IntelliJ IDEA! - Meaning you can code functional programs easier. IntelliJ has both a FREE and PAID version, and you can use either in this course. PyCharm will also work just fine.
(Don't worry if you want to use another IDE. You're free to use any IDE and still get the most out of this course).

Does the course get updated?
It's no secret how technology is advancing at a rapid rate. New, more powerful hardware and software are being released every day, meaning it's crucial to stay on top with the latest knowledge.

A lot of other courses on Udemy get released once, and never get updated. Learning from an outdated course and/or an outdated version of Python can be counter productive and even worse it could teach you the wrong way to do things.
For example if you apply some parts of Python 2 to Python 3 code, you will get completely different results.
We cover differences like this in the course and also continually update the course as well.
What if you have questions?
As if this course wasn't complete enough, we offer full support, answering any questions you have 7 days a week (whereas many instructors answer just once per week, or not at

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Instructor Details

Tim Buchalka

Tim's been a professional software developer for over 35 years. During his career he has worked for major companies such as Fujitsu, Mitsubishi and Saab.

His video courses are used to train developers in major companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Paypal, VW, Pitney Bowes, IBM and T-Mobile just to name a few (via the Udemy for Business program).

What makes Tim unique is his professional programming career - many instructors have never programmed professionally, let alone had a distinguished professional development career like Tim.

Tim has trained over 537,000 students how to program, way more than a typical IT Professor at a college does in a lifetime.

In fact, Tim's courses are often purchased by students struggling to get through a colleges programming courses.
"I am learning a lot about Java very quickly. I wish my college courses worked this way, they drag the same amount of material out over months." - Thomas Neal

"I love this guy. I'm in school for java right now at a local college and I bought this course hoping it would help clarify the fuzzy areas of my coursework. There's no comparison. Every time I get lost in my text book, I watch a couple more of these videos and I'm right back on track. He explains everything so perfectly. It sinks right in." - Kristen Andreani

"Tim is a great instructor, I have more courses from him and all are great. This one really helped me with my understanding of Java from the very beginnings. In fa



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pitty it is not completed yet , like the chapter of Lambda expressions

This is a great course. It got a bit hairy at times, but the instructor always made sense in the end. I am happy I took it and I feel like I learned a lot!

If you can endure this course and really focus on the sometimes detailed vocabulary he's using probably one of the best courses on Udemy. Great job

Occasionally had issues with the code working for me, but managed to figure out work arounds for my system. Learned a lot of information in a condensed amount of time.

Yes great, learning so far, like the structure of the training, also the questions are replied to in good time, .....plz add more code examples for selfstudy in the resources.

Absolutely amazing course. Takes anyone from beginner to pro if they just stick with it. When you buy this course (which you should). Make sure you follow along and type it alongside Tim. Also don't forget to re-watch videos after you are done so the concepts stick. Read the resources he gives you, and then you'll be zero to hero in no time.

first, I would like to thank both experts making me learn python quickly and interestingly...few suggestions are to make video background light so it can be visible clearly...further please add some graph-related topics so it would be more useful....give more study materials to learn the related topics ...final very very thanks Tim sir and co for kind reply whenever I asked doubt ...thank you

This was my first Udemy course I finished. I appreciate the huge effort that was put into these videos.Unfortunately I still find myself inconfident in Python programming...The pop quizzes came very handy in the early sections of the course and I missed them, because it was a great tool to review the current lecture and to test myself.

it helped me learn a lot and me being a beginner did not face any problem understanding the lectures.

The order of topics chosen is very dissatisfactory. Long excursions are made into subjects that don't particularly help the learner much (in my opinion). Well chosen examples, a crisp, taut flow of topics would offer faster and better progress, which is not the case here. As an example, the authors obsess over examples using tkinter before coming to object oriented programming. If one had to focus so much on specific modules, choosing something that like traceback (error handling ), sys or openpyxl (excel sheet handling)would have been more useful, since these are things one requires on a daily basis as a programmer. The tutors are good, but the order of topics and the examples chosen make the course boring and unengaging.

As we are starting from basics, it would be good if the teaching goes from that level. sometimes I find difficulty to cope up with Tim's speed since I m still a beginner.

This particular Python class is a "must have". It is, by far, the best Python course in which I have enrolled. It has tremendously increased my programming background. The instructor, through his lectures, wonderfully showcases the power, the simplicity, the elegance of this curious language to the curious mind. The lectures were clear, well-crafted, well-focused, and deeply engaging. Tim B is an "A grade" Python instructor. He knows his stuff and delivers confidently the "Python good". It is perfectly redundant to say that I highly recommend this course to anyone eager to learn Python in a very serious and meaningful way.