Make a GAME (Unity)

This 27-video series on YouTube covers all of the basics of crafting a video game in Unity. It goes through the most elementary aspects of Unity and concludes with you finishing a full game project. It was developed by Brackeys and can be completed in roughly nine hours.

Created by: Asbjorn Thirslund

Produced in 2013

What you will learn

  • Getting started with Unity.
  • Basic game mechanics.
  • Controlling the camera.
  • Level design.
  • Quality settings.
  • Animation.
  • Sound.
  • Graphics.
  • Musical manager.
  • Physics.
  • Publishing.

Course Description

unity Awards Best YouTube Tutorial

Make a Game is a series designed to help people get started with Unity and game making in general.



    • Anything available on YouTube is completely free and infinitely repeatable. It's always a pro.
    • Course makes a strong effort to guide true beginners through the development process.
    • Lessons are very easy to digest.
    • Entirely GUI-based game development. This is not a place to learn coding.
    • Number of views rapidly dwindles as you get into the series, suggesting that completing the course is harder than it seems.
    • Videos were filmed on an older version of Unity. Some discrepancies may come up.

Instructor Details

Asbjorn Thirslund

Asbjorn Thirslund has years of experience with video production and social media in general. He built the Brackeys network including the Official Brackeys YouTube Channel from ground up. The network has since become one of the fastest growing tutoring networks in game development. He also writes editor extensions for the Unity engine.



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By Huknar on 2/24/2018

I suspect this opinion will not be very popular but I do not think his tutorials are good.His videos are more-like bite-sized, fast track info-dumps and will not teach you good concepts, but quick, usually not the best methods of achieving things.For me, tutorials that go into considerable depth of the how and why, while really exploring the ideas they are teaching are the best for learning.

By LEL_MyLegIsPotato on 2/24/2018

If I would not be so lazy I probably watch all those videos and make all those games by myself and then my skill in Unity would go +100. I really recommend his videos to you no matter if you are a beginner or an advanced unity user!

By Glader_BoomaNation on 2/24/2018

If you're new to Unity3D then they may be useful. Especially since they're non-technical usually. But as much as I see them pop up on the front of my YouTube page I've not seen one useful or beneficial to me.

By Moegain on 1/3/2019

I was curious about Unity and spent the day building a 3d game alongside his beginner's series. He is a great teacher

If you are a beginner , I would recommend Brackeys Tutorials for you. They are just great for beginners to Intermediate.

By Larisa B on 10/15/2016

For 1 year I've been studying unity from your tutorials and a few others. I managed to create my first game and I'm very greatful that people like your are doing this awesome tutorials for noobs like us.

By Tyler Wilson on 6/12/2014

First video I've watched on Unity that really made me feel confident that I can do this! I liked, favorited and subscribed to show my support.

By Ben Carlin on 12/2/2014

Best beginners guide to Unity. Thanks so much.

By Drey on 1/22/2016

I've been trying to find a decent tutorial on game development and I think I finally found it. You have a nice voice, there's a very friendly atmosphere and I like how you actually teach how things work.

This is where I started learning Unity, back in 2013. You're vids helped me learn a lot about Unity.

By Judd Zhwinberg on 1/16/2016

Thank you. I have been trying to start figuring out how to make a game and you finally opened up my eyes to something awesome.

By NNUBBSY on 10/20/2013

I've always wanted to learn how to make games and you are an awesome teacher, even if it is just beginning. Thank you so much for making these videos. I feel like i'm learning so much.