Master Photo Sharpening in Adobe Lightroom (

Learn the professionals approach to photo sharpening and noise reduction in Adobe Lightroom.

Created by: Robin Whalley

Produced in 2016

What you will learn

  • Produce well sharpened photographs ready for screen or print viewing.
  • Evaluate photographs to produce an appropriate sharpening and noise reduction strategy.
  • Identify sharpening and noise reduction problems as well as understand how to avoid these.

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Overall Score : 90 / 100

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Course Description

Are you like most of the photographers who use Lightroom to process their images?
Typically, people fall into one of two categories:
  1. They accept the detail settings in the Detail panel, or
  2. They push a few of the sliders around, not really understanding how the software was designed to work
There are then a few exceptions. Those who understand how Lightroom works and who know how to deploy its tools. These are the people who can produce the best quality photography, and the quality will show.
Did you know the sharpening and noise reduction routines in Lightroom were designed around a professional workflow? If you don't understand this workflow you won't fully master the tools. In this course, I share this simple workflow together with the essential foundations of sharpening and noise reduction. Once you understand a few simple points you will be well prepared to learn about the different tools. You will understand how you should use them but most importantly when and to what levels.
The course is designed around a practical, example image which is provided for you to download. The intention is for you follow the videos, using the same image and then compare your results with my finished image (also provided). There is then a second full length example with which to practice. At the end of the course you will have an advanced level of knowledge, required to sharpen and apply noise reduction to photography.
The course is intended to for the intermediate level photographer who is comfortable importing and processing images in Lightroom.Who this course is for:
  • This course is intended for photography enthusiasts who wish to develop the quality of their work by applying a professional approach to sharpening and noise reduction.

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Instructor Details

Robin Whalley

Robin Whalley is a Landscape Photographer based in the UK. His photographer and writing have been widely published and his books can be found on Amazon. He is an experienced trainer having delivered courses for different organisations over the past 20 years. Robin prides himself on his ability to take complex subjects and break these into understandable chunks for students. His objective is to help you achieve great results, fast and enjoy the journey of learning.



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First class, clear and concise instruction, at a pace where I can digest. I have learnt so much from this course & giving me the understanding, that I so much craved. Thank you Robin

Inhaltlich gut, strend sind die fehlerhaften Untertitel (--> habe ich also ausgeschaltet).Prima sind auch die beigefgten Powerpoint Dateien mit den Kernaussagen.

Good course enhancing my skills further. What would make it even better is having a few extra photos done with different shots. Like a nightphoto or concertphoto with lots of dark areas etc to show how to approach each image.

Starting with very little knowledge in Lightroom, I now have a much better idea of how I can do to get better photos.An exemple with a portrait would've been appreciate though.The only thing that annoyed me was the fast circular movements with the pointer to show us where to look during the explanations.In general, I am more then happy to have taken this course.

More examples would be precious for understanding and then applying concepts

I want to see interactive, how to.

The course is excellent. Great explanations which put into practice will greatly improve the quality of my photography.

The techniques taught in the course are great for taking your photography to a new level. I struggled with figuring out how pros (and some hobbyists) were able to achieve such pinpoint sharpness in their photos. Finally found a course that explains these techniques well.

Overall it was a good course and I learned a couple of things.I feel the worked example could have been even better with a more appealing landscape image instead of a building.

This is a very good, straight to the point course which I will certainly recommend to friends. The instructions are short and precise, the author obviously knows his craft and the overall experience is great.One or two additional examples would make this course fantastic.

The course delivered much more than i expected and there was opportunities to apply what i learned into practice.